Covid-19 is a PCR pandemic, says good German expert

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2021-02-02 13:58

Must watch video - PCR Pandemic: Interview with Virus Mania's Dr. Claus Köhnlein. Australian doctor Sam Bailey talks to the brilliant and common-sensible German medical man about the reasons for excess mortality, Covid-19 PCR testing, parallels with the HIV epidemic, why coronavirus vaccines are being promoted and more. Click here for video.

By Carolyn Yeager

WHAT IS PCR? It stands for a "polymerase chain reaction" test, which is described by the Cleveland Clinic as "one that is performed to detect genetic material from a specific organism, such as a virus. The test detects the presence of a virus if you are infected at the time of the test. The test could also detect fragments of virus even after you are no longer infected."

Pay attention to this: "the presence of a virus," which means all viruses in your body that are currently present "at the time of the test." I don't know how many it might be, but I know there are A LOT.

This test is used because it's "the most accurate and reliable test" available for detecting the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes the "disease" of COVID-19) in a human body. Yet, it's accuracy is poor. That's because of how it works. This is the process, again according to the Clevelend Clinic.

  1. When a laboratory technologist receives the sample, they perform a process called extraction, which isolates genetic material from the sample including genetic material from any virus that may be present.

  2. The PCR step then uses special chemicals and a PCR machine, called a thermal cycler, which cause a reaction to occur that makes millions of copies of a small portion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s genetic material. During this process, one of the chemicals produces a fluorescent light if SARS-CoV-2 is present in the sample. This fluorescent light is a “signal” that is detected by the PCR machine and special software is used to interpret the signal as a positive test result.

Hmm. This is called the "gold standard" test for diagnosing COVID-19 because of it's "accuracy and reliability." Yet all it shows is that SARS-CoV-2 genetic material is present somewhere in the body. But as Dr. Köhnlein clearly explains, "We have to find virus in huge amounts in the sick tissue" (such as the lungs), not just present in a small amount somewhere in the body.

This is why COVID-19 is a "PCR pandemic" or "testing epidemic" - because test results indicate it in healthy people who are then forced to isolate themselves and sometimes treat themselves with medicines that are useless or possibly get in the way of their own immune system's peak functioning. As you can see, this is criminal if knowingly misinforming/misdirecting the public for profit or political advantage.

Dr. Köhnlein calls COVID-19 a self-limiting disease ... exactly what we called most viral diseases (otherwise known as childhood diseases) that I grew up with. Fortunately for me, there were few vaccines then--all that was recommended was bed rest and liquid diet, with which the vast, vast majority got over it in a few days and were better off for it. Another of natures's aids is that we experience symptoms that make us want to stay in bed and sleep, so everything works out. Until the money-mad men get involved with their government-backed laboratory "cures," that is.

I'm not against science at all, but I also believe strongly in COMMON SENSE, which is purposefully being given a bad reputation as "unscientific" by the global organizations such as WHO, which I think is one of the many offshoots of the United Nations (UN). These are the true "world controllers."

As Dr. Köhnlein concludess in this video, the most important health practice we could follow is not to do anything to supress our built-in immune function. I add that the next most important practices are to aid our immune system by following a wholesome lifestyle, which is to simply avoid that which is unwholesome, be it in food, drink, environment, social and sexual habits. Finally, avoid hospitals and conventional medical practitioners to the extent possible (not totally - I'm not an extremist - broken bones are a major exception!). 

Let's educate ourselves and one another, in order not to be putty in the hands of the world-controllers.

P.S. As I write this, I just got another phone call advising me of where to go to get my (free, I assume) COVID-19 vaccine. The pharmacies are all advertising the regular flu shot at the same time. I have never in my life gotten a flu shot, nor have I had the flu since high school. Just saying.


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Here's a better link to the second article:

From today's news on the current Senate debate about the 1.9 Trillion "Covid" payout:

Republicans say that plenty of federal money has already gone to helping schools reopening and that this just constitutes "moving the goalposts." But Schumer said in the Senate on Wednesday that more needs to be done.

"The $1.9 trillion budget resolution is designed to meet the needs of a country that has been devastated by disease and recession for nearly a year," he said. "[Treasury] Secretary Yellen told the Democratic caucus yesterday that it is her belief that if Congress fails to dedicate the necessary resources to meet the needs of the American people and survive this crisis, we will see long-term scarring in our economy, and our country would be mired in the COVID crisis for years."

Does this make sense? Is it a Covid Crisis or a budget/economic crisis? It's already been shown that the majority of the individual "Covid relief" checks given out have gone into the stock market and inflated the stock bubble. "They" [Dems, Media, Internationalists] intend to keep "Covid" mutations going indefinitely. That susceptibility is the first thing to get rid of, in your own mind. Think of Covid as nothing more than a mind-virus that's been planted and spread by all the global organizations (including CCP) and corporate billionaires working in unison.

The further truth is: the plan is to bankrupt the USA, so to weaken our populist resistance to these global organizations and alliances--our independence as a still free people. Don't fall into negative, "it's too late" thinking. We are not helpless. Even the people in Europe are not helpless. That's a meme meant to demoralize; a common tactic used in war against the enemy. All it takes is for the people to "wake up," without falling into enemy-planted conspiracies like Q-Anon and so many others. Stay sane. Stick with common sense. Using common sense is enough.

This is my first encounter with this extraordinary German young woman, but won't be my last. No one can tell me that I did not help birth her into the world, i.e. "call her," kept the flame of Truth alive for her. I feel like a proud parent!

Finally, a young German for whom the brainwashing has lost it's effectiveness.  What assurance and incorruptibility she exudes. She's a fitting, if somewhat ironic, successor to our beloved German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler. She may not see it that way, but I'm sure he does. The Fates are kind, after all. The German race will carry on and once again lead the world in good deeds. I can now rest in peace. I've seen a better future on the horizon.

Go Naomi!

I got a lot out of Dr Köhnlein's video, even though I had to force myself to watch it. Normally I stay away from medical-themed videos, as anything to do with doctors and disease unsettles me. But to judge by Dr Köhnlein's description of the career of medical practioners, the work of a doctor these days consists not of cutting people open but of prescribing from an enormous variety of drugs - which is something you or I could do quite easily, I'm sure.
Dr Köhnlein reminds me of something I read on 4Chan a while back by a German poster: he said, 'My people are no good at lying'. That's always stuck in my head, and I remembered it when I saw Dr Köhnlein. He believes telling the truth is paramount. And the only time he shows visible signs of anger is when he recounts some of the lies told about covid, which is significant, as Germans don't show anger that much, being a stoic and patient people: it's possible that it takes lies to make a German angry.
The German habit of truth-telling can disconcert other Europeans. Indeed, there's a point at which the virtue of frankness becomes a vice. I've read a WWI-era propaganda book, 'Out of their own mouths ; utterances of German rulers, statesmen, savants, publicists, journalists, poets, business men, party leaders and soldiers' (1917) which illustrates this. Any friend of Germany will read parts of it and groan, 'Did you really say that?'. It's as though Germans have swallowed a truth serum (like the character in Jim Carrey's 'Liar Liar' (1997)). In this amusing quotation from a German newspaper editorial, the anonymous author admits that Germans - to their great chagrin - may have lied at some points since the start of the war, but normal service of truth-telling shall resume, and resume quickly!

Retaliatory lying
Under the constraining necessity of present conditions, we are often obliged to stray from the right path; but when the arms of our soldiers shall have overthrown those who are likewise lying, we will gladly go back to our habits of veracity.
'Kölnische Zeitung" (Dec. 28, 1914) ; cited in "Juges par eux-memes," pp. 88-89.

So I find Köhnlein's video inspiring, as it shows that Germans still possess the same irreducible and stubborn characteristics of a hundred years ago. It's as though Germany's defeats in two world wars count for nothing.

I'm glad you forced yourself to watch Dr. Koehnlein. I believe this global medical tyranny we're now under is the most obvious threat facing us now. COVID is not going away - they won't let it. It will "mutate" into some other named version that will require we continue to wear masks and isolate ourselves from one another. Most people are like putty in their hands. It's going to be a HUGE battle and we need all hands on board.

You mention the German habit of 'frankness.' Since I was a little girl I often blurted out 'truths' which made adults around me react with surprise. I took it as that I had said something inappropriate though I didn't know why. Yeah - I still do it!

I've recently concluded for myself that my single most important life goal, over and above other important desires, was always to know (learn) the truth about myself and that which attracts my interest. To KNOW. I'm satisfied that I've done pretty well with that.

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Well, what do ya know...Youtube has taken down the video. They really are evil.