Crime and corruption accompanies Muslims into Europe

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Islamic kindergarten in Vienna, Austria, government funded of course. Some ask the question: Why? But that's only part of the problem.

What else would you expect? Here are just three recent stories.

In Vienna's Islamic kindergartens, subsidies worth millions were apparently embezzled. The office is investigating a man behind several support teams. The controversy over the Muslim Kitas has taken on a completely different dimension.

“FORMAT” reports that Abdullah P. has controlled kindergarten associations and created strawman reports to gain unwarranted funding.
Specifically, there is a suspicion of fraud, misuse of aid and falsification of tax office documents . "The state police commissioned surveys," says Thomas Vecsey, spokesman for the Vienna prosecutor's office, to "FORMAT".

To gain access to the funding, so-called public utility receipts were forged. These confirmations are issued by the tax office for associations. They are a precondition for the disbursement of stimulus funding and other kindergarten subsidies by the City of Vienna. According to FORMAT exclusively, the total estimated damage presently is for an amount in the euro seven-figure range.

The criminal complaint also states that the actual damage could not reasonably be estimated due to lack of information and the tangled structure of the entire 'organization'.

The Municipal Department 10 (Vienna kindergartens) had submitted the matter on 20 May 2015 to the prosecutor's office in Vienna. The suspicion of fraud was verified by investigation by the anti-fraud unit of the Treasury.

According to a study by the Integration Ministry to various abuses and lack of controls in Muslim-run kindergartens, the mood between SPÖ (Social Democrats) and ÖVP (People's Party) was tense, reported the

This afternoon there will be a meeting between the Minister for Integration Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and the SPÖ City Councillor Sonja Wehsely. The Vienna SPÖ had announced to publish a guide for all religious denominational care facilities.

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The question should be: Why are there even Islamic kindergartens in Vienna, and further, why should the government be subsidizing them? Answer: Because the Social Democrats run Vienna.


Click on link to watch the video. Recommended!

Refugee crime in Braunschweig – up 50%

Refugee crime in Braunschweig in Lower Saxony, a city of 250,000 - first balance sheet!!

  • The shop thefts have tripled;
  • Total Crime is up by 50 %;
  • 1000 crimes since August 2015;
  • Shopliftings, and a large number of injuries;
  • The break-in's around the first admissions office have increased;
  • The supermarkets in Kralenriede are the focus of the shopliftings - the evening open hours have been reduced and security guards have been added;
  • More than 850 police missions, often with 25 vehicles at a time;
  • The residents suffer significantly from many break-ins and thefts, as well as vandalism.


The criminal clans in Berlin represent a significant problem, which is played down by the authorities. The parallel justice within family clans is a big problem: "Increasingly, members of these clans rely on their own judges and arbitrators." Islamic scholar Prof. Dr. Mathias Rohe has now published a study on the topic.

The State authorities in Berlin have not adequately controlled violent extended families and clans with several thousand members, according to the "Studie Paralleljustiz" presented by Prof. Dr. Mathias Rohe and Justice Senator Thomas Heilmann (CDU), reports "Spiegel Online".

These groups create a climate of fear in Berlin, according to the study. The transitions to organized crime are common. Most affected are parts of Neukölln, Wedding, Moabit, Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg.

"There is no institutionalized Parallel Justice in Berlin," said Rohe. Some approaches to it are, however, seen in Salafist circles. "In mosques no one cares a damn about German law." Rohe interviewed 90 people of mainly Arab-Kurdish families and clans and people from the Islamic-religious milieu.

On the role of self-proclaimed "magistrates," the study says: These are greatly overrated. Rohe found less than ten people outside of court law in Berlin. "The existence of any Sharia courts in Berlin can not be proved." However, there were cases of parallel justice as in witness intimidation or threats of violence. They mostly occurred in closed, patriarchal families, adds the professor.

Prosecutors and police activities Berliner heavily in the fight against Arab clans in the city: one would wish for investigators expanded opportunities for law enforcement, otherwise be the entire Mafia structure in Berlin not to crack, says Rohe. So family affiliations would not even recognized, for example. But the term "criminal communities" is not defined from the perspective of the police, writes the "world".

CID (Criminal Investigation) experts for organized crime repeatedly discover money laundering and drug traffiking against members of the clan because of raids. Multiple individual family members from Arab extended families have been placed under police surveillance. Individual acts could give partial knowledge, but the different structures can be difficult to access legally.

The suspects are mainly of Arab origin, recorded during the period 2011-2014 in 26 organized crime investigation complexes.
They invest their money mainly in the purchase of residential and commercial buildings in Berlin and Brandenburg: "The LKA (State Criminal Police) has suspected cases in which proceeds of crime, even in the area of ​​organized crime (OC) (...) was invested in real estate. " Information about cases of this kind came from real estate agents and banks that sign up under the Money Laundering Act.

"Suspects may be required to furnish proof that money and high-priced assets have emerged from legitimate business," the Senate writes. This is a proven practice of the Italian judiciary and would be welcomed by the local police with open arms.

Especially female victims

"Increasingly, members of these clans rely on their own judges and arbitrators," said Heilmann (CDU), according to the "BZ". "Mostly, the rule of law lost control there. This must not happen, we have to prevent it." [Yeah, sounds like Merkel. All they ever say is, We have failed so far. We must do better. -cy]

Their victims are especially women, who have no say in the clan. "We especially need to better inform the people about the possibilities of our constitutional state," says Justizsenator Heilmann. "We have long endorsed multiculturalism, without seeing the drawbacks," says the senator, according to "Junge Freiheit". He added: "Now we realize that we were not good enough in the integration We must now catch up." [What an idiot and liar who does'nt speak truth to the German people. Just one of the traitors who needs to be voted out. -cy]


This is one of the stupidest articles I've ever read. Germany has no choice but to bring in Muslims from Africa and the Middle East and spend billions to train them to become Germans? Then why is there unemployment in Germany? It would be cheaper/easier to train them for new jobs. Considering the IQ and education of the immigrants, they positively cannot be better than the unemployed Germans. Then get busy increasing the German birthrate by allowing real pride in being German to exist again! And tell the Jew to go to hell if he doesn't like. That would do it.

Of course, the first thing is to get rid of Merkel. Merkel muss weg!!

BERLIN (Reuters) - The influx of refugees into Germany is both a boon and a burden for the economy: it needs huge numbers of migrants to rejuvenate an aging workforce, but must financially support many for years until they learn the language and gain qualifications.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has refused to put a cap on refugee numbers to a country where the population of around 82 million is set to shrink by 15 percent by 2050, according to government forecasts, with the workforce falling by 30 percent.

The country needs about half a million migrants a year until 2050 to counter that fall in the workforce, a study by think-tank the Bertelsmann Foundation found. [Be sure to read "who we are" and enjoy the pictures of the lovely people involved in the BF.]

According to a study by Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) published on Friday, Germany's cost for the million refugees expected this year would be 55 billion euros. [IfW is an international organization, founded in 1914 (!) and its president is an American (!) Dennis J. Snower. But it is funded 100% by the German Federal and State governments.]

Matthias Luecke, the author of the study said that one assumption in the estimate is that 30 percent of refugees would return to their homeland, and another 20 percent would have trouble finding a job. "Overall, there are naturally significant uncertainties around the estimates, especially the number of incoming refugees and the rate at which they can be integrated into the labor market," Luecke said.

In contrast to other studies that only point out the positive potential of refugee contribution to the economy, the IfW research found the refugee influx would not have an overall positive impact on prosperity, because the social welfare expenditures would counteract overall gains in prosperity.

[You betcha. And more than they're willing to say. Remember how the neo-cons talked about the costs and time of the Iraq war? This is the same deal.]

What if "Nationalist Police" was the name on the back of orange jackets worn by young men who went around town demanding that people stop participating in un-German activities like building monuments to WW2 deserters and supporting Israel. They would be in jail before you know it.

So Muslims in Germany are protected; Germans in Germany are not.

According to a survey by the opinion research institute TNS Research for the SPIEGEL, 54 percent of German citizens fear that the large number of refugees could threaten the internal security of the country. 51 percent believe the number of crimes will increase and 84 percent think Germany will be permantly altered. [Only common sense, isn't it.]

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