Critical review of Jim Rizoli's video interview of Mark Weber published at CODOH

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2016-02-28 12:52


Corrected edition cover of the book
Ernst Zundel was prosecuted for in the
1988 Canadian "False News" trial.

Hadding Scott's critical review is titled:

Mark Weber: Squishy Semi-Revisionist Shirker
An aid to comprehension for viewers of Jim Rizoli's interview of Mark Weber

Scott's opening explains why he thinks his review is necessary.

Anybody who has not taken a particular interest in Historical Revisionism is likely to find little to criticize in Mark Weber's statements to Jim Rizoli in this interview. Such a viewer will likely be impressed that Weber speaks well of Holocaust Revisionists and defends their right to raise "questions."

If Mark Weber were a professor at a university or a mainstream public figure, that would be a net benefit. The problem is that Mark Weber does not occupy any such position but is the director of the Institute for Historical Review. He is supposed to be a leader in Holocaust Revisionism, not a spectator benevolently defending that movement's free-speech rights.

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