Donald Trump: "I am a truth-teller, and I will tell the truth"

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-03-02 14:17

At a very presidential press conference at Mar-a-Lago last night, Donald Trump made some interesting statements that should not get lost in opposition campaign rhetoric.

Asked about his statements on Planned Parenthood - saying that it has done a lot of good for women's health, apart from the abortions which he agrees must be stopped - he said that might not be a perfect conservative view,

"but I am a truth-teller and I will tell the truth."

Wow. This sure stood out for me as a very encouraging statement. I think he is sincere about it, too, and this is exactly why the Republican Establishment (and Democrat too, plus the equivalent groups in Europe and the UK) are so fiercly opposed to his nomination and election as President. The Truth! To them, truth must not be considered  important in the scheme of things because who knows where it will lead?

This was an amazing statement. Has anyone else put themselves on the line like that? Trump also answered the establishment criticism that he is a divisive figure who creates chaos. He said:

“Look, I am a unifier. I know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe. But believe me, I am a unifier.”

About the talk of a contested party convention this summer in order to keep him from gaining the nomination, Trump said,

I have millions and millions of people [supporting me]. We're a democracy. I think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party.

Bill Kristol, the Jewish Neo-Conservative who played a major role in pushing George W. Bush to get us entangled in "wars for Israel" via the very costly invasion of Iraq in 2003, is leading the charge to deprive front-runner Donald Trump of the convention nomination.

Kristol said following the Super Tuesday vote results:

You have to beat him in Florida and Ohio, the first two winner-take-all states, which means there has to be a de facto agreement between the opposition candidates — between the resistance to Trump, which I am proud to be a part of, because I think he’d be a terrible nominee and a terrible president…

This is a conspiratorial action, right out in the open, which, if not criminal, is certainly an assault on democracy by Jewish elites at the top and running the media. But it's the Jewish way of doing things for centuries; it doesn't change.

Fight against Jewish control and political criminals like Bill Kristol. That means vote Trump, support Trump, talk up Trump, do activism for Trump. As a truth-teller, he's the only hope we've got. It has been brilliantly suggested that Donald Trump is the Andrew Jackson of our time. If you don't know what President Andrew Jackson did, look him up.


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There's a lot of misinformation about Planned Parenthood. Only about half of Planned Parenthood's clinics offer abortions, and if you check their website you will find that they do offer various services related to women's healthcare, in addition to birth-control.
I heard Rush Limbaugh deny that last week, but he was wrong.

Butt-in-ski Mitt Romney is giving a speech Thursday, the day of the 12th GOP Debate, to try to waylay the progress of Donald Trump to the nomination. These old has-beens and fools, these  reactionararies and big-donor suck-ups really do prefer 8 years of Hillary Clinton to losing control of what they consider their party. Hope the grass-roots doesn't fall for it and it backfires big-time on the big shots.

Time for a new Republican Party that is forming in response to Trump.

I'm not so sure. Could this just be a complicated deception designed to give the idea that the republicans aren't again firing the most popular candidate? They can expect loud objections when they try to ditch Trump, but then all the goys will be cheered when right wins out. Then Trump goes and panders to them anyway. I sort of expect it. Various things, like the wall: one thing the world does not need is another one of those f-ing jewish walls - they always want to build walls everywhere, in everyone's country, and known Jewish sleezbags like Chertoff of course will benefit. I'd like to see him out at 5:00 a.m. feeling like puking, along with a few others, to begin dismantling the existing section of the stupid multi-billion-dollar thing according to my instructions. (We'll leave a little section to line them up against when they're through getting their genocidal piece of shit out of my presence.)
We should be building high-speed (conventional) rail (with linear induction) to Mexico City. - Actually, the opposite way - fr. Mexico-north - because this place needs to get fu-d. (...and don't think the Mexicans aren't making fools of us infrstructure-wise right now.) It's ripe but the jews will do anything to prevent all but the usual Backwardation. It took fifty years of it to get it to where someone like Trump actually looks good by comparison, though must admit he really does - an indication of pretty exactly where we stand. But how 'bout that  torture comment - There's something Ron Paul would never say as a seasoned politician - besides being against the law (and in defending Hitler it's always necessary to point out he was the only combatant who took the law seriously) it's still another piece of Jewish Backwardation propaganda designed to make people think we're all animals and that behavior like that from the richest nation in the world is acceptable. It's definitly not, any more than the Jewish Jurist Death Penalty Racket. 'course the Sunday they came out with that NY Times art. about the generations of hard-working Paul and related families from the Penna. hills - all with Nazi blood on both sides - was the end of Ron Paul.

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