Eight questions to ask Mark Weber on radio shows and other personal appearances

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2013-12-11 18:52

This is a Plan of Treblinka drawn by Samuel Willenberg in 1984. (click to enlarge) It is one of the various maps of the camp published after the war which are found in the book Treblinka: Extermination Camp or Transit Camp? by Mattogno and Graf. All the "plans" have many inaccuracies. (This one from S. Willenberg, Revolt in Treblinka, Warsaw 1989, p 6)

By Carolyn Yeager

If alternative and pro-white Internet radio hosts persevere in bringing Mark Weber on as a guest, he should have to face tough questions about the ridiculous and harmful positions he has taken on homicidal gas chambers in German WWII transit camps.

Weber is Director of the Institute for Historical Review, which through the first half of its existance was a Holocaust Revisionist-promoting organization. Under Weber's direction, it discarded that focus and now exists as a rudderless, drifting entity, accomplishing nothing other than caretaking the archives that contain the work from its better days.

On Dec 4th, Mark Weber stated to a caller, Jim, on Dana Antiochus'  program on Renegade Broadcasting that "over two million but less than six million jews" were killed by the Germans, at least a million of these in homicidal gas chambers. Dana decided to side with his guest and interrupt the caller Jim's persistent disagreement with a brief rant on why "numbers were not important." It's at the last 10-15 minutes of the program -- listen for yourself. 

French cartoon depicts how the "sondercommando" workers removing dead bodies from the "gas chamber" would also succumb to the poison gas fumes, along with the German guards. (click to enlarge)

Therefore I decided to put together some questions that should be asked of Mark Weber the next time he is being interviewed on a radio program with call-ins. If being faced with questions like this drives Weber away from appearing on call-in programs, that is well and good - for a director of an "institute" like the IHR cannot be afraid of questions. Of course,  it's necessary for listeners to know in advance when Weber is going to be on. One can't call in to an mp3 download. So a little help in letting people know would be appreciated.


1. Please account for the 2 million jews you say you believe were killed by Germans. If you can't, why do you believe it?

2. On what basis do you say there were homicidal gas chambers at the transit camps Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor? You have said you “get it from David Irving” or that you "agree with David Irving on this."

In that case …

3.  What are the proofs given by David Irving? How familiar are you with them; how well have you researched them yourself? Why do you rely on David Irving rather than on genuine revisionist researchers like Carlo Mattogno and Juergen Graf who wrote books on this subject?

4.  Why has David Irving still not published his promised book on this topic?

5.   David Irving has also come up with a theory that Reichsminister SS Heinrich Himmler conceived and ordered the gassing of Jews in the above mentioned camps without Hitler's knowledge. Do you subscribe to that also? If so, can you explain how it could have been accomplished?

6.  Why is it that no holocaust revisionists are  part if the IHR any longer, nor do they want anything to do with you? You used to work closely with many of them, and probably had at least some correspondence with all of them. Now you are alone at the IHR with your four hand-picked board members, though you don't seem to mind. Can you explain that?

7.  What is your answer to those who call you a traitor and a coward? So far, you have simply not answered those charges.

8.  Since the IHR no longer functions as an institute, but only as a place for you to solicit donations that, for the most part,  go to maintain your personal upkeep--why aren't you willing to step aside and allow revisionists to bring the IHR back to being a real institute again?