Ex-mayor convicted of holocaust denial is fully aquitted by state's highest court

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2016-08-03 12:55

Hans Püschel at a Forum in Hohenmölsen (Sachsen-Anhalt) in 2011.

IN SAXONY-ANHALT, A FORMER EAST GERMAN STATE in the Federal Republic of Germany (right), the highest court threw out a financial judgment against Hans Püschel, who is a former mayor of Krauschwitz, a small town of 600 people.

Püschel had been convicted in 2013 in a criminal court and fined a total of 3,000 euros for controversial comments written in a blog about the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” in central Berlin and on the influence of Jews in German society.

This decision was upheld by a higher regional court in 2014. But the state's highest court overturned the regional court's findings and nullified the penalties. It wrote in its judgmet that it found no evidence that Püschel had “trivialized” the Holocaust in general.

The supposedly illegal parts of his writing were quoted by dw.com as:

"If we put a thousand hunks of concrete in the middle of Berlin for murdered Jews, then at least 3,000 belong there alongside them for murdered Germans."

And a reference to

"the dubious to virulent and devastating influence of Jews and Zionism on Germany."

Jews express shock and outrage

As expected, those asked for comment include the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and a pro-”Holocaust historian” in Berlin. Josef Schuster told Die Welt newspaper:

“Attempts to rewrite German history and mock the victims of National Socialism are an unacceptable trivialization of the crimes of the Nazis.”

He is apparently referring to the idea that Germans were murdered en mass and that they should be memorialized. That's not accepted history according to Jews!

Christoph Jahr, historian at Humbolt University, said he could not comprehend the court's “very benevolent tone” and he could only describe its decision as “scandalous.”

Oh my, how awful to not punish this man for speaking up for Germans. What a precedent is being set! Püschel, for his part, said he was not celebrating the verdict and lamented the unpleasant consequences in his life because of the prior convictions. "There is no pleasure when one gets into trouble everywhere - even within his own family - because of his beliefs," he said.

He is reported to have made further statements about his displeasure at Jewish participation in Germany society today.


Hurray!!  ...but Haverbeck is still in jail. It's hard to believe there will not be the typical Jewish backlash and moneyed attempts to reverse the decision. I can hear their overbearing lying and defamation now. Hope for the best.

Ursula Haverbeck is not in jail. She remains free as she is appealing her sentence. I don't think the German judges have the nerve to actually put her in a jail cell. The state just wanted a conviction, to save face.

Excellent.  Too much truth serum coming through the dikes?

Glad to know she's not in jail. Seems times are changing, but am suspicious the powers that be are now comming out against those they've just fed all that Cool Aid, or allowing others to. What are they up to?

Everyone needs to see this: German mom has multicultural encounter with son's muslim 'friends'.

It's actually scary. They are not afraid because they don't have to be. Please pass it around.


(excuse my bad english, please) Ursula has to stay in 3 prozesses in September and Oktober. It is possible, that the judges will put her in the jail.
Think of it, that Horst Mahler has to be sit in nearby 12 years by this judges.
They have no respect before older men nor wife [women], or before the right to speak out a mans meaning. The BRD is only a vasall or colony, an occupied land of the USA, of the secret world leaders/ globalysers/ zionists - thats the problem.
Obama was so bold to say this in Rammstein, his greatest base out of USA.

Thank you very much, Hans, for this update on Ursula.

I only say they won't put her in prison because the whole world knows about and loves her and there would be a massive uproar, I think. (Maybe not in Germany.) Not so with Horst Mahler. What I have posted about Ursula here has brought outstanding response from readers who don't usually come to this site.

Please keep us advised in September and October so we can get it out to the world. I agree with everything you say. Yes, it's sickening to see the manner in which both Obama and Netanyahu speak about Germany as their "closest ally." We know what it means.

So much is happening in Sept.-Oct.-Nov. -- it could change the world.

All the Jews who convinced the US with their lies about tne non existent military nuclear program of Saddam Hussein and pushed it to attack Iraq should be hanged in the US. Without them would be no ISIS, destroyed Middle East (excluding the chosen) and immigration crisis. Which was all planned. http://www.hist-chron.com/judentum-aktenlage/zionismus/op/Kalergi/ENGL-K...