Fake news becoming more irresponsible as elections loom large

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2018-09-08 14:52

This restaurant in Chemnitz, Saxony claims it was attacked by masked antisemites armed with rocks and bottles during the "riots" on August 27.  It was first reported on Sept. 2 by Die Welt.

By Carolyn Yeager

IN THE U.S., WE HAVE THE WASHINGTON POST'S BOB WOODWARD GOSSIP-BASED book on Donald Trump, along with an anonymous, very similar sounding letter published in the NYTimes, both seeking to destabilize the President and his administration. Would you say that the establishment media and the Democrat Party are one and the same? I would say that.

In Germany, the establishment press is currently playing up the “neo-nazi” angle in the Chemnitz protests [against the street murder of a German by migrants] in exactly the same fashion as the US media played up the protests in Charlottesville, Virgina in August 2017. The important Bavarian state election will take place on October 14 in which everyone fears the AfD will gain even more power. Today, a Deutsche Welle (DW) purported “news” article states that,

“The unrest has triggered a nationwide debate about right-wing extremism and xenophobia in parts of German society.”

A nationwide debate within the pages of the ruling left-wing media based on comments from the pro-migrant political party leaders, would be a more accurate way to put it.

When far-leftists gather to protest and demonstrate, it is portrayed as a peaceful assembly or “the will of the people.” When those on the right come together in this way, it's called a riot, a threat to the safety of foreigners and to the constitution! It is always said to be based on “hate” and xenophobia of Germans. Parallels are always drawn to the 1930's; antisemitism never fails to be brought up and Jews are asked to comment on their level of fear.

Dziuballa says he was hit in the shoulder by a rock ...ooh, it's sore.

Today in DW we see just such a featured article with a big photo of a kosher restaurant in Chemnitz named “Schalom” which has reported (according to Die Welt am Sonntag) that “around a dozen masked individuals stormed the premises on August 27 (13 days ago but no one knew!), shouting "Get out of Germany you Jewish pig." Who wears masks in Germany? Usually the antifa. But DW assumes only neo-Nazis as the culprits, who “allegedly threw stones and bottles at the restaurant, damaging the building's facade and shattering a window.” No damage to the facade is visible in the photo provided. To try to add to the seriousness of the encounter, it is also claimed that the owner, Uwe Dziuballa, was injured from a rock hitting his shoulder.

Authorities are investigating – will we hear any more about it? Probably not, but this gives an excuse to give voice to the new German commissioner for anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, who tells us “If the reports are true, then we are dealing with a new level of anti-Semitic crime.” IF – if, if, if.

"'It calls to mind the worst memories of the 1930s,' Klein added, referring to the rise of the Nazis and their murderous campaign to wipe out millions of Jews across Europe,” DW writes. They also repeat that “Far-right groups staged riots in Chemnitz after the fatal stabbing of a German man on August 26” even though the chief of the domestic security agency has expressed doubts on that score. So what does DW then say about Hans-Georg Maassen? They write that his comments “sparked controversy.” Does Maassen have long for his job?

It is depressing to realize that most people get their news & views from these complicit establishment sources, both in Germany and the United States. They don't realize that there is no independence between the major media and the major political parties – they are one and the same.


Maassen will appear before a special Parliamentary committee next week to explain himself. Several far-left leaders have already announced they have lost faith in him and will no longer listen to him.


Yes, it is depressing to realize that most people get their news & views from these complicit establishment sources. 
Where is the proper place to get correct information about U.S. governments and U.S. citizens Powers in government?

Alan, you've been clear about what you think the U.S. government's proper role is for a long, long time. Why not just say what you think or where you go for news. I mainly go to Fox News. 

Hello Carolyn,
you'll be interested I think. German legal system is closing some kind of loophole now. Engaging in 'anti-semitic speech' outside of the federal republic while being a german citizien is going to be charged the same way such crimes are dealt with inside of germany.
Respecting your work very much

Thanks, I saw this report awhile back, but have not done any further investigation as to the status of it. Do you know where to look?

this one is from 26th September. You need to apply a translating program. https://www.lto.de/recht/hintergruende/h/bmjv-entwurf-stgb-strafbarkeit-volksverhetzung-aus-dem-ausland/ Could give you a comprehensive description, in case you don´t have such a tool available for you. Regards ulf

I translated it. This all comes from the Left. All I can say is, this is why we need to support the AfD and make it the majority party. They would not go this far.

Jews and Leftists are pushing this anti-Semitism thing hard, much more so than ever. Legal sense or justice be damned. We need to have the courage to defend the right to be antisemitic if that is one's choice. For that, the 'specialness' of jews and their history has to be denied.

Happy Evening Carolyn,
left-wing or right-wing, up or down, in Germany every path is leading tp one and the same place in Upper-Silesia. In the coming Weekend an association with the name given in the subject-line is going to be introduced:
Of course this will be denounced as a tactical move and smears will continue to be directed at the AfD. 
No good news for this years anniversary.
 Kind regards

No, not good news, but in Germany, inevitable. This is just a Jewish attempt to keep their hands in everything. There are probably a few sincere Jews who really love and identify with Germany. But if so, why don't they stop identifying as Jews and go all the way in becoming authentic Germans?!

You're right that it won't change any minds.

Not surprised to see Beatrix von Storch prominent in this. She strikes me as only being in the AfD because she hates Muslims so much.