Fake news at work in Danube search for mythical Jewish bodies

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2019-01-18 12:50

Cast-iron pairs of old shoes placed on the bank of the Danube in Central Budapest in 2001 serve as a "memorial" to the made-up story of a massacre of 20,000 Jews shot into the river by the Arrow Cross militia in 1944. Problem is there are no remains of bodies or of bullets.

By Carolyn Yeager

IF A SINGLE BODY WERE FISHED OUT OF THE DANUBE RIVER that could be shown by DNA testing to be that of a Jew from 1944, it would appear in big headlines all over the world: “Victim of Nazi Holocaust massacre discovered!”

But when an official search is undertaken by Israeli authorities and finds nothing, it is ignored by most media outlets, or made into a brief news item quickly forgotten.

This is the case with the joint effort to recover the remains of victims that were allegedly shot into the River Danube in Central Budapest at the time Hungarian Jews were being deported to Auschwitz.

Israel's ZAKA Search and Rescue conducted the search with the cooperation of the Hungarian government. Divers used a sonar device that can descend to a depth of 150 meters and scan within 130 meters, identifying objects. Yet nothing was found. Zero.

They intend to repeat the search one more time. But Mazsihisz, a federation of Jewish communities in Hungary, has asked the Hungarian and Israeli governments to drop their efforts, calling the search “pointless” and “disturbing.” What it actually is is embarrassing!

Mazsihisz put out the unconfirmed, unproven statement noting that while “thousands of [Jewish] people had been shot into the river,” many others [non-Jews] may be resting in the river also. “Their bones have probably been scattered … some washed away as far as the Black Sea.” They added the usual objection when they know nothing will be found: “Disturbing the resting site of the dead is a complicated and sensitive issue.” And “It would disturb the peace of the dead, whether Jewish or not, and would also violate the halakha [Jewish religious laws].”

What is the source of this unfounded myth?

Where did the story of the twenty thousand murdered Danube Jews come from? In 1944-45 accusations against the Germans were flying everywhere without regard for any basis in truth. Jews and Polish Resistance forces were building up a case to take to the post-war peace talks that they knew would take place. This was just another of the many unverified claims that were touted by the newspapers on the Allied side, and of which reports were written and signed.

There has never been any evidence for this story, but those who nevertheless push it shamelessly copied the thousands of shoes displayed at the Auschwitz Museum as magical 'proof' that all the wearers of those shoes were put to death in gas chambers—by placing cast iron shoes along the bank of the Danube in 2005 and calling it a memorial to those 20,000 who were told "to step out of their shoes before being shot.” How nice that they so willingly complied and that this tourist attraction was able to be created 61 years later!

In 2011 human remains were discovered during construction work on a bridge overlooking the Danube and DNA tests found that 9 of 15 'samples' [not bodies] were from Ashkenazi Jews. This gave Chabad-affiliated Orthodox Jews in Hungary, like activist Slomo Koves (friend of Elie Wiesel), hope that some proof could be found for the old myth of the 20,000 murdered Danube Jews. This myth is currently at the heart of an ongoing, polarizing debate in Hungary about how government should address the issue of WWII complicity.


Wait a minute, you're telling me shoes are not evidence.... hey, I have more shoes than that by the front door..... does that mean........

Perhaps it was George Soros who was pushing the Jews into the Duna?  I recall a story being repeated back in 1997 about this hoax.  The person who had everyone captivated with the details abut the many Jewsish women stripped naked and tossed in for a final cold swim, including his friend;s own mother, had some of the listeners in tears.  Some of us had looks of disbelief, but he continued on about the horriific deeds done by the Nazis.  He was inconsistent between what bridges the Jews were dumped, whether they were shot or just pushed, whether it was on the Pest or Buda side, the name of the Horvath Bridge, and what season it was.  Finally, an older gentlemen asked what her dear friend's mother's name was so that he could start a memorial fund in honor of her memory.  Others echoed similar sentiments.  Then the older gentlemen querried, "but son, her mother was speaking to high school students in LA several years ago about her terrifying experiences and since your friend according to her CV is only 47 years old, how could her mother have birthed her if you speak of her as being drowned in 1944?"  Needless to said, the audiance was shocked and the speaker soon fled muttering something about mistaken identity!  The old saying is that the victors write history, never the vanquished.

This audio-video is dated TODAY, Jan. 21 at Deutsche Welle (DW) website. They ignore that nothing was found, blame it on pollution, and talk about the "murders" as if they are a sure fact. There is even a female survivor who tells her preposterous story. https://www.dw.com/en/inside-europe-israeli-search-for-holocaust-remains-in-danube/av-47164759

It's hard to fathom the LIES these Jews can tell, and probably believe themselves. It's their culture.

It's also true that DW will promote every single lie against Germany about 'Holocaust' without any question or any concern whether it's true or not. The thing to remember is that the holohoax is more a media creation than anything else. The media takes seriously its responsibility to keep pumping it out there.

When I read the phrase 'shot into the river' the mental images that came to mind were catapults and "shot from a cannon" as in a circus. I read the article and gathered it was some kind of riparian einsatzgruppen-type mass execution. 20,000 Jews obligingly lined up on that quay, removed their shoes, were shot by firing squad, fell into the water and sank straight down. Nobody ran for it? Nobody could bribe his way out? Are there any pictures? Sorry, but I have to call BS.

No pictures. That's important.

And yet the pathetic brainwashed Germans are taught not to ask a single question. At a 'holocaust' memorial gathering in Bavaria Wednesday, the AfD was inappropriately attacked by the hideous witch Charlotte Knobloch who called them "a party of hate and exclusion" in her speech, at which point they got up and walked out of the chamber. You can watch the video at the link. They are criticized for doing so, while Knobloch got a standing ovation!

We, with our Free Speech, are going to have to do the waking up and then liberate the Germans. We Americans must not allow the Jews and Radicals to make any further inroads on our freedoms.