Filthy old liars "testify" in Detmold show trial

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2016-02-11 12:04

"Doctors painted an iodine swastika on my knee!" So-called witnesses who testified against Reinhold Hanning today gave a news conference yesterday. Left to right: Erna de Vries, 93; Justin Sonder, 90; Leon Schwarzbaum, 95. Read some of their unbelievable testimony below.

By Carolyn Yeager

A man who was 20 years old in 1942 and the equivalent of a sergeant in the SS Administrative Service at Auschwitz is being tried for 170,000 counts of “accessory to murder” because of a coordinated attempt by Jewish groups and German prosecutors to increase the reach of the law in “Holocaust” cases.

“Survivors” of the Auschwitz camp who are now in their nineties are the “witnesses” against the 94 year old Reinhold Hanning. One is Jew Justin Sonder, who would have been 16 in 1942 and suffered no ill effects. But he uses defamation (without fearing any repudiation) to keep the fake holohoax alive: “It is never too late to bring the perpetrators to justice. There was no such thing as a harmless SSman," he insisted.

"I'm often asked if there were SS men in Auschwitz who showed compassion," the 90 year-old from Chemnitz said. "No, absolutely not!" 

Image Right: Reinhold Hanning as a young soldier in the service of his country.

Deutsche Welle and most news outlets won't repeat the nonsense spewing from the three main “witnesses” (too unbelievable) but Britain's Independent has. Listen to this:

But three former Auschwitz inmates have spoken of the horror of the death camp and underlined prosecutors’ claims that anyone who was a guard there was automatically complicit in mass murder.

Half-Jewish Erna de Vries, 93, was 19 when her mother was sent to her death in the Auschwitz gas chambers. 

Shaking with emotion, she told reporters: “I was certain I was going to suffer the same fate. 

“I was sent to the camp death block where everyone was waiting to be gassed.”

She added: “It was stinking, grossly overcrowded and full of overflowing buckets of excrement. All I wanted was to see the sun before I died.”

Ms de Vries said she only survived because the Nazis had decided at the last minute that half-Jewish prisoners should do forced labour instead of being sent to their deaths. “I have very mixed feelings about seeing a former camp guard,” she admitted.

Berliner Leon Schwarzbaum recalled how he saw truckloads of naked Auschwitz prisoners being driven screaming towards the gas chambers. “It was a living hell, the unbearable smell of burning flesh was ever present. The flames from the crematorium chimneys were huge,” the 95-year-old said. Mr Schwarzbaum managed to survive by being selected for work outside the camp.

Justin Sonder, now 90, was 16 when he arrived in Auschwitz. He was operated on without anaesthetic by camp doctors, who cynically painted an iodine swastika on his knee. “After the operation, I was convinced I would be considered unfit and useless and sent to the gas chambers,” he said “I owe my survival to the doctor who did not put my name forward,” he added.

The more these people tell of their “memories” in their own words, the bigger their lies become. We know that, in the real world, no fire was coming out of chimneys nor was there any smell of burning human flesh. In fact, it's been proven that homicidal gas chambers are a myth; none existed, and what are shown to be that are fake. It's total rot. Are these witnesses cross-examined? No, because if they were, they would be revealed for the disgusting liars they are.

The whole point of these new trials – two others whose cases are likely to go to trial this year are a 93-year-old woman charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder on allegations she served as a radio operator for Auschwitz's commandant in 1944, and a 94-year-old man charged with 1,276 counts on allegations he served as an Auschwitz guard – is to benefit the Jewish Holocaust Industry by extending the prosecutorial ability of the courts. From Deutsche Welle today:

Until recently, participation in the Holocaust was not a crime, and defendants could only be convicted for a specific provable act of murder or torture. But the way the mass executions were carried out virtually absolved everyone involved of a specific prosecutable act - at least according to the interpretation of most post-war German state prosecutors.

It was only with the conviction in 2011 of John Demjanjuk - a former guard at the Sobibor death camp - that this interpretation changed.

The main spokesman for the Jews is Christoph Heubner, executive vice president of the Berlin-based International Auschwitz Committee, a self-appointed group. Heubner insists on the continued importance of Auschwitz trials – even in the face of arguments that Germany has raked over its Nazi history often enough. "The legal reappraisal of the history has not yet been finished - a social reappraisal is something very different," he said.

The growth of the “Holocaust” false narrative is like a pestilential cancer into the entire European body. It is Jew Hate and Jew Lies against everything White. It's time for a revolution in Germany to free it from the Israel and U.S.-imposed "Holocaust" false narrative. Please THINK and support this revolution with all your means.


How do you reach such a closed society ? After 70 years of guilt tripped brainwashing as well as the unjust legal strangle hold they have on the German people.
I keep thinking that to reach German communities here in the US might be a good idea. Then you would have a financial base to work from.
Unfortunately most people are idiotic, gutless sheep that only care about one thing.
Do i have to say it ?
Great job Carloyn and we'll get there.

Today's Deutche Welle article on this case contains two outright falsehoods that they could never prove to be true, but are continually repeated. They are:

A key part in the case against Reinhold H. is that he was at the death camp for what became known as the "Hungary Operation," the three-month period from May to July 1944 when over 430,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz and over 300,000 were gassed on arrival.

And this:

Estimates still vary, but roughly 6 million Jews and other minorities - including, Roma people, homosexuals, disabled people, Communists, and Soviet prisoners - were systematically murdered in the Holocaust during the Second World War.

It's getting weirder and weirder - just exactly what the Holocaust was, is becoming more difficult to determine. It's become a word thrown around very carelessly.

They are going to charge a 93 y.o woman with 260,000 counts of accesory to murder.
A radio operator.
What next ? Will they come here and postumently charge Charles Lindbergh wth the same thing as he opposed our involvement in the war.
Because of Lindbergh hundreds of thousands of jews were gassed to death that could have been saved had we entered the war sooner.
Oh the sufferink.

The Local-Germany reports that Ursula Haverbeck, 87, was not allowed to enter the courtroom yesterday where Reinhold Hanning is being tried because of physical harrassment toward her.

She was first shielded by police, then led away by them to a car in which she drove or was driven away.

So we see that her civil rights were denied by Jews and Holohoax believers, based on pure EMOTIONAL hatred, not on law. No charges, naturally, against those who physically harrassed her to prevent her from entering. This is not justice, but this is Germany.

I was interested to learn tha the correct translation of the word "Devil" as it appears in most Englsh versions of the New Testament is actually "False Accuser"..... The original Greek states False Accuser.
These 90 plus year olds really are Devils/False Accusers and will soon have a very nasty confrontation with their Maker. I hope so anyway!

That's disgusting about Haverbeck, and that City of Dresden had the "chustpa" to cancel public gatherings, the whole lot has gone crazy, brainwashed by the kikes. The lies corroborated, rehearsed and spewed out in that courtroom should be enough for the defender to move for summary judgment - everybody participating knows it. It is beyond belief. There they are gloating about it - may they burn in Hell.

And the British newspapers are having a field day repeating every word these old farts are saying with nary a doubt expressed. The Daily Mail, the Independent, the Guardian ...

How infantile can it get? The German press is not as bad - they try to keep a little decorum.