In France, holocaust revisionists are now treated as dangerous criminals

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2015-03-14 12:18

By Carolyn Yeager

What happened to Liberty, Equality and Fraternity among Frenchmen and women?

Answer: The Jews got more powerful, and bolder.

Vincent Reynouard, condemned for having the wrong view of history as it pertains to WWII and "Holocaust," has now been refused a bank account. Depriving him of all rights as a citizen is the work of that group of non-French who only 200 years ago were struggling for their citizenship rights by denouncing bigotry against their own differences from the majority of French people. Now they have gained such a controlling place in French society that they are able to stop native Frenchmen from expressing views on any subject that might threaten their power base.

In a video released yesterday (in French), Reynouard reveals that his bank informed him it was going to close his account. Is not the right to have a bank account a basic right of citizenship, necessary for carrying on one's business in modern society ... and not a privilege to be taken away for political reasons? This signals that questioning the "Holocaust" is intended to be utterly stamped out, not just discouraged. Also that the private sector is being forced to carry out the policies of the political governmental sector. And it also signals that Vincent Reynouard's work in this field is effective, ie. successful, and as he is a younger man than Robert Faurisson and not likely to pass from the scene soon on his own -- he must be stopped.

Reynouard rightly speaks of a religous taboo, saying that "in our modern secularized societies, the Hitlerian "gas chamber" has become a religious taboo. He cites a columnist writing for L'Express: "Holocaust denial is not a hypothesis [to be debated]; Holocaust drew a line beyond which doubt is a crime."

Imagine that this is accepted in a supposedly Democratic society!

Today in a new video, Reynouard responds to a commentator who asks: "How could a few deniers be right against the whole world, and especially against all historians?" Reynouard answers that it is possible; he covers again the falsehoods on which the "gas chamber" beliefs are built. He proves again that the "historians" ignore the evidence because of the taboo which threatens the livelihood of every person who would question it.  However, most also share the far-left, Marxist-Jewish political view that demands the "holocaust" be upheld, and benefit from its dominance.

Beware, the noose if tightening on any semblance of free speech. It must be resisted mightily ... with action.

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