Fred Leuchter talks to Jim Rizoli about his experiences with governments and the law

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-09-30 21:03

Fred Leuchter 2015 Interview with Jim Rizoli

"The Rest of the Story"

Jim Rizoli got engineer Fred Leuchter, now 72, to talk about his life while Joe Rizoli filmed it. The result is a great video, both enlightening and entertaining. Fred is a good story teller and covers the various persecutions he's endured with good humor and interesting detail.

Fred Leuchter is the man who first showed that the alleged "gas chambers" at Auschwitz were hoaxes. As an expert in gas chamber execution technology, he starts out by convincingly explaining why no human beings could have been, or were killed in these rooms by Zyklon B poison gas.

A very important video. Kudos to the Rizoli brothers for their excellent work and dedication, and to Fred Leuchter for his expertise and courage.

Please go here to watch it full screen, and leave a comment if you can.


Thanks for flagging this. I watched it and it's great.  Many worthwhile people who would have missed this will now view it thanks to your reference. 

Leuchter comes across as knowledgeable, affable and judicious.

He gives an interesting angle on the misfortunes he has borne behind the headlines for adhering to his principles. His manhandling and abduction by the goons of the German ZoG State and imprisonment pending (mock-)trial in the 1990s is particularly shocking, as is the subversion there of judicial process - since replicated in the US by The Patriot Act and the abandonment of habeas corpus.

He provides further interesting colour to his recollections, including his family's long and distinguished history going back to the early c17th and, in his own lifetime, what happened when two Mossad officers were detailed to tail him in America...

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