French revisionist scholar Vincent Reynouard arrested in Scotland

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2022-11-20 09:53

I JUST RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM PETER RUSHTON, of Heritage & Destiny in the UK, with the following information. He writes that the case for extradition to France has been put back to 23rd February next year (with a pre-trial hearing on 8th December). Vincent will remain in a Scottish prison until the extradition question is decided.

Peter also informs me: I have learned that his present address for correspondence is:

Prisoner Number 160071

HMP Edinburgh
Scottish Prison Service
33 Stenhouse Road

EH11 3LN


United Kingdom

He asks that we read the regulations regarding letters to UK prisoners. All letters must include the prisoner name and prisoner number. Please read on for all the currently known details.  -Carolyn

French scholar Vincent Reynouard arrested in Scotland

French revisionist scholar Vincent Reynouard was arrested in Scotland on Thursday 10th November. He is presently in an Edinburgh prison cell, where he will remain until 23rd February next year, when a court will determine whether he should be extradited to France, where he would be jailed under that country’s laws restricting historical and scientific enquiry. (There will be a further court appearance on 8th December this year, but the main case will not be heard until February.)

Vincent Reynouard built his scholarly reputation with a detailed re-examination of what had been termed the ‘Massacre of Oradour’, and went on to become one of the world’s leading sceptical investigators of the ‘Holocaust’.

British and American readers might be shocked that a specialist squad of police from SO15 – the Counter-Terrorism Command, directed from London – swooped on a small Scottish village to arrest this 53-year-old scholar, who is not accused of anything that would be a crime in the UK.

Yet in fact this is simply the latest example – though an especially important example – of an increasing trend across Europe, where (((politicised courts and prosecutors))) aided by (((politicised police forces and intelligence agencies))), are seeking to crush any dissent and enforce a quasi-religious obedience to one particular view of 20th century history. (My added triple parentheses -cy)

The question that should immediately occur to any educated European is: why?

Why should our rulers be so afraid of what remains a small minority of scholars who – inspired by revisionist pioneers Robert Faurisson in France and Arthur Butz in the USA – have persisted in raising serious questions about the alleged murder of six million Jews, in unfeasible homicidal gas chambers, on the undocumented alleged orders of Adolf Hitler?

Any other area of history with such blatant evidential problems would have attracted dozens of academic sceptics. Yet with a handful of honourable exceptions, the academic world has not only been cowed into silence, but has queued up to accept lucrative commissions and tenured positions promoting the new religion of Holocaustianity.

Our rulers approach has been the well-tried one of ‘carrot and stick’.

The carrot is the promise of well-remunerated posts in universities and charities, combined with fat cheques from publishers, newspapers, television stations and movie studios.

The stick (increasingly used during the last quarter-century) has involved heavy fines and prison sentences. In Germany, the 94-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has been sentenced to another year in prison, and is expected to begin her incarceration any day now. Her equally courageous compatriot Horst Mahler (now 86) has at the last count spent about fifteen years in prison since his 70th birthday, again for the ‘crimes’ of publishing articles and books, and giving interviews about this forbidden area of 20th century history. And in the USA the exiled German chemist Germar Rudolf faces determined efforts to have him extradited to Germany, where he would certainly be handed a long jail sentence. Continue reading here:

Below: Vincent Reynouard consulting his lawyer during one of his many court appearances in France. In the background can be seen one of Vincent’s most loyal supporters, Jérôme Bourbon, the editor of long-established journal Rivarol.


Very unfortunate -- Reynouard always impressed me with his sincerity and apparent dedication in the face of extreme personal hardship -- given what they are doing to Assange, it is hard to be optimistic about the upcoming decision.
So the British are accepting thousands of third world migrants who cross the channel, even putting them up in hotels, but they want to send Vincent Reynouard back to France.

Dear Carolyn,
it is admirable that you are still committed to spreading the truth which is of great importance to us - Germans and white Americans.
I have been ignorant of the history and distortions of my own people for most of my life. Udo Walendy, Vincent Reynouard - with his re-examination of the "Massacre of Oradour", were catalysts of my own revisionism, which eventually became tremendously liberating.
Thank you for your efforts. It is good that your voice exists in a world of ignorance. A world that is increasingly becoming an Orwellian reality.
May we not give up our hope and faith in the emergence of a good world. Therefore, my heartfelt "Glück auf" goes out to you.

Thanks very much, Klaus. And to eah for his comment above yours. Vincent certainly deserves our help. I hope we can all send him mail which I'm sure would cheer him up.