The German REICH Past, Present and Future

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Das Deutsche Reich in Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft

The German REICH Past, Present and Future
By Dr. Rigolf Hennig, MD


Translated by J M Damon

"Europe will develop into a healthy and self-sufficient Major Power around its German center [the future REICH]. The USA will disintegrate as a nation. Those sections having a predominantly European population (the East Coast, Middle West and parts of Canada) ally themselves with the future REICH and the term “Atlantic Pact” will take on a new and unexpected meaning."


Despite its thousand year existence and the fact that it is our authentic and legitimate state under international law, the concept of the German Reich has little credibility among Germans today. Many are terrified by the mere mention of its name.This is the result of decades of relentless brainwashing by our enemies and the occupation regime they imposed on us, which has induced actual insanity among wide circles of our population.
The present situation often seems hopeless and makes us fear the worst for the future. However, it is reassuring to know that reeducation can proceed in both directions, and we are optimistic enough to believe that the side that tells the truth will ultimately win. Sure enough, new hopes are rising and new avenues of civic activism opening up – and not just around our banner in our little group of seasoned patriots. It is indisputable that within the System a number of intrepid dissenters are making their presence known. I shall mention only Eva Hermann, Thilo Sarrazin and the professors Hampel and Schachtschneider along with their supporters. Additional patriots are joining our ranks. In addition to this, “The System” itself is showing terminal symptoms of disease and decay. It is now in retreat, which makes it even more dangerous and unpredictable.

Let us say a word or two about “The System.” By this we mean Globalism, also known as Zionism, which has its headquarters in New York, London and Tel Aviv. The Globalist–Zionist System derives its power from the oceans of dollars printed by the Federal Reserve Bank or “FED” (the privately owned central bank of the USA) as well as the Council on Foreign Relations or “CFR.” The latter, controlled by Henry Kissinger, is the secretive de facto government of the USA.
The Globalist–Zionist System is supported by numerous other secretive groupings that are dependent on the FED and CFR, such as the Bilderberger Group, Trilateral Commission and other subsidiary organizations including the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, European Union and Federal Republic of Germany.

The raison d’etre of the German occupation regime, the so-called “Federal Republic of Germany” is to obstruct restoration of the authentic German nation state, the German REICH. Two irreconcilable worlds are confronting each other here. On one side is the world of the Zionist-Globalist System and on the other side is the world of free nations, the world of competent and natural international relations, especially the REICH, even though it continues to be devastated and desecrated.

In order to understand the present situation of the REICH we have to go back in history. As the HEILIGES RÖMISCHES REICH DEUTSCHER NATION (German Nation of the Holy Roman Empire) the REICH provided centuries of relative peace because it saw itself as a protector rather than an expansionist empire. At the time of the religious wars, which were actually civil wars, the REICH lost its religious as well as secular power, and its neighbors were able to fortify their positions at the REICH’S expense. Still, the idea of a German REICH as a political benchmark was absent from the world stage for only 65 years, from 1806 until 1871, and it never ceased to exist in the hearts and minds of the people. By the time the Kingdom of Prussia succeeded in reuniting the German lands and King Wilhelm IV was elected Kaiser Wilhelm I in January 1871, Germany’s neighbors had become accustomed to political impotence on the parts of Germany and the REICH. They were determined to re-establish this impotence at any price.

Bismarck gave short shrift to the gravity of the situation.
Despite Moltke’s warnings, he missed the most auspicious moment for the REICH and the entire Western world. That was the era of geopolitical expansion that was successfully pursued in North America and Eurasian Russia. It was also high time for consolidation in Europe, with the REICH as Europe’s nucleus and protector.

Moltke argued in vain for either abandoning the concept of KAISERREICH or else reducing France to its basic components and incorporating Poland. He perceived that the German REICH could keep the individual European countries in bounds, but they would have the advantage if they combined their forces in an anti-German alliance. The catastrophes that he had foreseen occurred in the First World War and were redoubled in the Second World War, followed by the sociopolitical collapse that has devastated all Europe since 1945.

These catastrophes had more complicated and profound causes than meet the eye. The First World War had already been a fraternal European conflict in which Germany’s neighbors served as useful idiots for the moneyed powers that were lurking in the wings. Today we identify those moneyed powers, known in those days as GROßKAPITAL, as Zionist Globalists.
They strive for nothing less than total and undivided world power, and they would be greatly hindered by a vigorous functioning REICH in a dominant geopolitical position. Their plan was quite simple: if they were successful in speculating on the shortsightedness of Germany’s neighbors and reviving their envy, they could sit back and watch the European nations maul each other in another fratricidal war. And when the German REICH fell, all the other nation states would fall as well, in a domino effect.

Their evil plan was successful. Germany’s elite perished in the “Great War” with its total of twenty million dead and, following the dictates of Cleménceau at Versailles, Germany was stripped of more than a third of its ancestral lands. Germany’s defeat in both world wars was followed by a generalized stupification, impoverishment, alienation and a collapsed birthrate.The sociopolitical calamity was by no means restricted to Germany.
The crisis has now affected every country in Europe, and the most devastated of all have been the seemingly victorious colonialist powers England and France.They are no less slaves of the Zionist Globalists than are the Germans.

As part of Germany’s enslavement, the Zionists directed the “Federal Republic” to destroy their venerable legal system. They imprisoned Germany’s surviving elite for years, carried out the greatest book-burning of all time and forbade an immense number of teachers and specialists from practicing their professions. They also released an uncouth and untrained mob on our schools, reimporting the so-called “Frankfurt School” for the purpose of “reeducation” that continues to act as a plague on German intellectual life. Surprisingly, it was not until the 1960s that symptoms of our induced insanity began to appear. [For Dr. Hennig’s article on induced insanity, visit]

Sometimes it seems we might have to start all over again in our efforts to re-establish the REICH. Let us take a closer look at the overall situation with all its problems and possibilities, however. In Germany today, legitimacy is diametrically opposed to governmental force. Legally, the Federal Republic is not the legitimate successor to the REICH. It cannot be the legitimate successor because, under international law, the REICH is still the legitimate state and two states cannot legally govern the same area at the same time.

The so-called Federal Republic is not an authentic state.
[The architect of its basic law, Prof. Carlo Schmidt, described it as ORDNUNGSFORM EINER MODALITAT DER FREMDHERRSCHAFT (Organizational Form of a Modality of Foreign Rule) when it was created in 1948. He had to communicate the reality that the Federal Republic was not autonomous, while avoiding the term “puppet government.” The Federal Republic of Germany has never been legitimized by the will of the German people meeting in a constitutional convention of popularly elected representatives empowered to create an authentic constitution.]

The State is the form of governance assumed by the will of the people. Since the REICH represents the will of the people, it logically follows that the so-called Federal Republic is its adversary. The Federal Republic is not a state. It is a state-like institution of foreign domination under Zionist custodianship. The Americans, as enforcers of this custodianship, are playing the role of useful idiot on behalf of the Zionists.

The “Two Plus Four Treaty” of 1990 was designed to insure that the Federal Republic can take no steps toward self-governance even if it should want to, since Allied dominance still holds sway. This so-called treaty is not really a treaty at all, it is a legalistic deception. Under the laws of international law, treaties can be concluded only between bona fide subjects of international law, and the Federal Republic is not a bona fide subject of international law. It is a custodian for a foreign subject of international law.

Under international law, the 1920 Constitution of the Weimar REICH is still valid, in the same form in which it existed until 23 May 1945. All laws that were in effect on this date are still in effect, since the legitimate Constitution remains unchanged. 23 May 1945 is the date of the Allies’ unlawful arrest of the government of the REICH following capitulation of the German armed forces. None of the laws, acts, or treaties passed or enacted by the “Federal Republic of Germany” is backed by legitimate authority. When the REICH regains its sovereignty, the national debt of the “Federal Republic” will be null and void, since the government that amassed it was not legitimate.

All of this sounds good, but for the time being it is nothing but legal doctrine. It is valid RECHTSLEHRE (the science of justice and legal doctrine) that, according to the Constitution of the EWIGEN BUND DER DEUTSCHEN FÜRSTEN (Eternal Confederation of German Princes) of 1871, REICH power and authority have devolved on the surviving princely houses.The legitimate heir to the throne of the REICH, Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preußen, is following political events very closely, and I can personally vouch for the fact that agents of the “Federal Republic” monitor him very closely.

Another legal entitlement under our legitimate Constitution is that every German has all the rights guaranteed by the REICH, including the individual right of nonviolent resistance until the Reich is again functional. This too is a right that the citizen can exercise only if he or she possesses the prerequisite power.

Our goal and task is to convoke a REICH organizing assembly that will declare the autonomy of the German nation and its independence from the “Federal Republic” occupation regime. The assembly will elect a placeholder (possibly the above named member of the House of Hohenzollern) in order to re-establish the REICH’S capacity to act. This placeholder will then conduct democratic elections for a convention to draw up and adopt a proper constitution for the new REICH. Under presently prevailing conditions a resort to violence, even for the purpose of convoking a constitutional convention, would be self-defeating. This is because the System still has unrestricted control of all types of force.

There are alternatives to violence such as:
a) Passive Resistance
This means that ethnic Germans, individually or in groups, do the opposite of what the System demands (except of course for occasional measures that benefit the VOLK).
b) Education of the VOLK on all levels to prepare a revolutionary spirit or mood among the people.
c) Cultivation of the ethnic community.
Development and networking of all ethnic efforts (including preparations for a REICH organizational assembly.)
d) Survival preparations for relatives and friends in emergency situations.
e) Cultivation of German culture, morality, health and posterity.

In Bernhard Schaub’s BUND FREIES EUROPA (Confederation for a Free Europe) we have a new and timely movement that strives for the exact opposite of globalization. It provides for the uncoerced integration of all true ethnic groupings in the heart the REICH according to the principle of primus inter pares (first among equals) in a Europe of liberated peoples and ethnicities.

In view of the failure of the armed forces of Zionism, the “only remaining superpower” USA in the struggle to exploit developing countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, combined with the insurmountable ethnic and economic difficulties within the USA and growing resistance to Zionism throughout the world (as evidenced by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization), we should not be fearful for the future, provided we take action.

In conclusion, allow me to present an optimistic vision for the future, since everyone who risks life and fortune for his fatherland needs a clear goal: Europe will develop into a healthy and self-sufficient Major Power around its German center [the future REICH]. The USA will disintegrate as a nation. Those sections having a predominantly European population (the East Coast, Middle West and parts of Canada) ally themselves with the future REICH and the term “Atlantic Pact” will take on a new and unexpected meaning. Russia will lose the greater part of Siberia to China and will be able to hold its remaining territory only if the REICH covers its rear. After that, whatever remains of Russia will join Europe. The world will continue dividing itself into an Atlantic community around Europe and a Pacific community around China.