Germany's Basic Law and National Socialism

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2011-11-04 12:48
National Socialism Legally Valid in Germany
according to Horst Mahler

National Socialism Is a World View    
Article 4 of Basic Law provides that “Freedom of religion and avowal of one’s world view are inviolable.”  We are now going to make this our fortress!  A confession of belief in National Socialism must be as little to the detriment of Germans as confessions of belief in Judaism or Christianity.  Since World War II the enemy has successfully denied acknowledgement that expression of support for National Socialism is freedom of confession of a world view.  The enemy did this by contending that National Socialism is “contemptuous of humanity” and therefore not protected by Article 4 of Basic Law.  In refutation of this, we shall strike a blow for our liberation by proving that it is Judaism that advocates contempt for humanity and a horrifying inclination to genocide.  In this way we can demonstrate that it is the devil himself who is demonizing National Socialism.  And whom does the devil demonize? – The Saviour, of course!

According to the findings of Prof. Götz Aly, 95% of all Germans[1] experienced the rule of National Socialism not as a system of terror and oppression, but rather as a government of social caring, as a kind of benevolent dictatorship.[2] As late as 1948, the majority of Germans (57%) were still of the opinion that National Socialism “was a good idea.”[3] This nation would never have voluntarily inflicted upon itself the disgrace of spiritual self-mutilation that has been forced on it.  On its own volition, Germany would not have demonized its chosen leader and thereby itself.  Such a demonization could have been accomplished only by overwhelming military force on the part of the enemies of the Reich, assisted by collaborators, of course. Our enemies continued to wage psychological warfare long after unconditional surrender. It has been a major part of the never ending military occupation of Germany.  

Hitler was the savior of the German people. The enemies of the Reich, Judaism in particular, forced the War upon Germany in order to put an end to the gospel of the Reich.  As the inventors of modern propaganda, they always knew that given an absolute military victory over the Reich, they would have the means to portray Hitler as the one guilty of the hideous global slaughter of the War.[4]
Now we are finally in a position to expose this deception and present the following solution to the crisis:  “The German nation will not be free again until Germans can again march unhindered under their Hakenkreuz banners, through the Brandenburg Gate.”  At last we are on the proper path to achieving this!
With patriotic greetings, 
Horst Mahler

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