The Heretics' Hour: Eberhard Fuhr

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July 12, 2010

Eberhard Fuhr immigrated to the US from Germany as a child. He was arrested at his high school in 1943 at age 17, as a perceived security risk. He was detained, along with his family, in an internment camp in Crystal City, Texas until 1946, and then at Ellis Island until 1947!. Since his retirement, he travels the country speaking about the US internment of Germans. Topics include:

  • Family and school activities before 1943;
  • Status and treatment as an “enemy alien”;
  • The Crystal City, Texas internment camp;
  • Last stop: Ellis Island;
  • No Congressional apology or compensation for German internees;
  • The upcoming German Internee Reunion, Aug. 28, in Quakertown, Pennsylvania (for further info, email Carolyn).

Image: Eberhard Fuhr’s Alien Internal Passport, issued in 1940.  Click here for full image

Information and photos about Eberhard can be found at the German American Internee Coalition; about US internment of Germans in general, at the Freedom of Information Times.

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