The Heretics' Hour: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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July 28,2014

Carolyn Yeager discusses  Vladimir Putin (the Bad), Revisionist Robert Faurisson (the Good) and Revisionist David Cole (the Ugly), whose Treblinka theories  will be critiqued more carefully, using research of Juergen Graf, along with Thomas Kues and Carlo Mattogno (the Good). Some highlights:

  • Putin is lying about his government's connection with the MH17 disaster and will not get away with it;
  • Why have David Cole, Mark Weber and David Irving all regressed to embrace the "limited gassings" position?
  • Both Juergen Graf and Eric Hunt have answered David Cole's superficial criticism of them with ease and aplomb;
  • Treblinka was the smallest of the "Aktion Reinhardt" camps but allegedly gassed and burned to ashes the largest number of bodies - over 800,000 of them - without a crematorium!
  • Robert Faurisson investigated Treblinka in 1988 and discovered it was a wide-open place in 1942-43 that all local people knew about and could see everyday;
  • Faurisson's brilliant work has been the impetus for Revisionism's greatest advances, which forced the establishment to resort to the force of law.

Pictured: Book honoring Professor Robert Faurisson on his 75th birthday. (A Festschrift contains original contributions by the honored academic's close colleagues, and is typically published on the occasion of the honoree's retirement, sixtieth or sixty-fifth birthday, or other notable career anniversary.) Enlarge


Carolyn here is a link to a wealth of information regarding Putin's relationship with Jews.

I especially like this one:

I was thinking of making a post about it, but I'll just quote some of it here.

And where does Putin fit in to all this? “I believe he brought a lot of change [for the Jewish community and its well-being].  Gorbachev and [first Russian Federation president Boris] Yeltsin changed a lot, but Putin really came out and tackled anti-Semitism. Under Yeltsin [1991-99], if there were anti-Semitic incidents, he said, Ignore it, it will go away. Putin confronted it, head-on. His message is, Don’t harm the Jews. You’ll be arrested and punished. A young boy came into the shul with a knife. He was 17-18. He was jailed for sixteen years.

“A non-Jewish lady saw a sign by the side of the road that said ‘Death to the Jews.’ She went to take it down and it exploded in her face. There were nails in it. We flew her to Israel because the doctors here said they couldn’t save her eyesight. In Israel, the doctors made miracles and she came back with her eyesight restored. Putin called her in and thanked her for her heroism.”

“He sends a message of not tolerating anti-Semitism. That he meets with us sends a strong message to the people. For the Jews in Russia, things have changed drastically. It’s nothing short of a miracle. And that’s why Jews have come out [to acknowledge their faith]. Every day, hundreds come.”

*    *    *

Before he came around, Russia was battered. Russian Jews were ashamed to say they were Russian. Today there’s a new pride. I’m not saying it’s all good. He’s very popular. He broadcasts this message: Don’t tangle with Russia. What we in the Jewish community care for is that it not turn into a nationalistic feeling. Today we’re comfortable. But we’re watching. We watch out for [anti-Semitic] rhetoric. People sometimes say things on TV and we sometimes go out strongly against it.”

Hasn’t Putin ignited nationalistic feelings? “I think he’s a Russian patriot. There’s a small divide between patriotism and nationalistic sentiment. You have to be very careful everywhere, especially in Russia. When you see it expressed ‘just’ against foreigners, against Asians, there are those who say, ‘Look they’re busy with them. You’re safe.’ No, any nationalistic sentiment is not good.”
*     *      *

Is he moving Russia toward democracy or away? [Chlenov of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress says]:  “Certainly away. He wants to create a combination of the ideology of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Russia, and of the Soviet Union — the Soviet Union as he thinks it should have existed — without anti-Semitism.” (Putin said in a 2005 German TV interview, “Anyone who doesn’t regret the passing of the Soviet Union has no heart. Anyone who wants it restored has no brains.”)

Putin wants Russia as a rival superpower on the world stage? “He wants that Russia should get off its knees, that Russia should regain her glory in a multipolar world.”

Invoking a historical perspective, Chlenov notes that anti-Semitism was “sponsored by the mighty here from the 16th century until the end of the Soviet Union. That stopped at the end of the 1990s. To date, none of the governments of the FSU countries is sponsoring anti-Semitism; quite the reverse. With Putin, it’s curious. He’s trying to create a certain Russian empire, but he’s not an anti-Semite. Everyone knows he has friends in Israel and visits Israel.

Hi Carolyn,
I really enjoy all of your broadcasts; but I must tell you that there are many fake news stories that are now being perpetuated by the Jew-controlled Western media. I know that, at first, this may seem very difficult for you to believe that the Jews would actually stage fake catastrophies and then report them as real news. I can only say that when you look at the so-called evidence that they present (i.e., wreckage, bodies, passports, smoke plume, etc.) to substantiate this so-called plane crash, you will begin to see that it just doesn't make any sense. There is always a political agenda behind these fake news events which becomes clear once you realize that the events was faked. 
I want you to know that I agree with you 100% on not trusting Putin. I do not trust him because he will not acknowledge the Holohoax and he appear to be quite Anti-Fascist (along with RT News). I am desperately hoping that he' is only publicly taking this stance to keep the Jew-vultures at bay; but, of course, I have no way of knowing this except for a few hopeful bits and pieces - like his statement that Bolshevism was 90% Jewish and some other possibly anti-Semitic comments he's made. I do know, however,  that after the Jews mobsters raped Russia of everything valuable in the 90's, many, many Jews then left Russia. I've spoken with quite a few Russian Jews (when I was a taxi driver) who have emigrated here and it seems to me as if they expressed some fears of potential persecution (reprisals?) in Russia after 1998... Like I say, it's just a faint hope I have that Putin is lying low.
Anyways, I wish you all the best, Carolyn!!!

If Putin is so proJewish, why do I see countless articles in the mainstream media describing him as the Devil incarnate? 

Communism is a Jewish invention, yet the Jewish capitalists who controlled the U.S. money supply as of 1913 helped finance the Bolsheviks. During WWII these two Jew-controlled countries (US and USSR) were allies. After WWII, the Jews staged a "Cold War" so that their two best military puppets could both become nuclear superpowers. The Jew-controlled press in both countries used lots of opposition rhetoric to help the cause. So, why would you think Putin can't be pro-Jewish just because U.S. Jewish press lambasts him? I was hoping that he wasn't pro-Jewish a few years ago, but he recently signed a Russian law making it a crime to deny the fake Holocaust. Th current situation seems to be just another staged "Cold War" in the making. And, if they're all working together, then they don't even have to really have "shot down a passenger plane," - it could just be another media stunt that's part of their fake Cold War agenda. 90% of the people unquestioningly believe what they're told, but that "blind faith of the masses" is not proof of anything - except their own fear and stupidity.

Okay, I'll bite:  the first cold war was staged; the present apparent enmity/New Cold War between Russia and the western NATO countries is staged, too.  I'm not saying this is not true, only that you are being a little hard on the 90% of the population with "their own fear and stupidity".  It is not our fault that we view  these fake conflicts as genuine; they LOOK pretty genuine.  My viewpoint is that our enemies induce chaos no matter what.  Chaos is what they live off of.  Having us run in circles is  their stock-in-trade.

I don't think stating that 90% of the American people are either fearful or stupid, when they actually are that, is "being hard on them." If I really thought so, then I would be being hard on myself, since I was part of that ignorant 90% only 15 years ago. It is simply a fact. In my case, it was almost completely stupidity - with a little bit of fear mixed in - that put me in that 90%. Only six years ago, I still believed in the Holocaust; but, I was, at that time, not a part of that 90% who still swallowed everything, since I had begun ardently looking for truth. The 90% I'm talking about are not doing that at all. Instead, it is a daily act of willful stupidity and willfully caving-in to one's fears, on their part, that keeps them where they are. It takes positive acts of one's free will to start rejecting the lies and seeking the truth, just like it takes negative acts of one's free will to be in a state of ignorance. Either way, it is the duty of each person to choose one path or the other; and, likewise, it is each person's responsibility or credit to assume for the choices that they make. 

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