The Heretics' Hour: Hollywood heavyweights rule at Auschwitz 70th Anniversary

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-01-13 01:39

Jan. 12, 2015

Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, Harvey Weinstein and other "Hollywood heavyweights" take a major role in promoting this year's Jan. 27th Commemoration at Auschwitz. Carolyn likens the Auschwitz "museum" to the movie sets preserved at the major hollywood film studios. Topics also include:

  • The Rebel website is reposting Carolyn's entire blog content without her permission and against her previously stated wishes;
  • Vincent Reynouard is attacked by the Executive Editor of Charlie Hebdo, Laurent Sourisseau, a few weeks prior to the massacre: What goes around, comes around;
  • The Auschwitz "German Death Camp," as it's portrayed, is identical to a movie set that tourists visit at the major studios in and around Hollywood;
  • Jewsh billionaires such as Ronald Lauder and Heim Saban devote themselves to preserving the physical structures at Auschwitz-Birkenau so commemorations like Jan.27 can continue on into infinity;
  • Of the 1.5 million visitors to Auschwitz in 2014 (a record), 70% were under 18 (forced schoolchildren);
  • Britain and BBC are huge supporters of Auschwitz and the entire holohoax story;
  • As Vincent Reynourd says, we are living in the continuation of WWII, but as an ideological war;
  • Hadding Scott comes on to talk about the double standard between Jews and Muslims when it comes to so-called "hate speech."

Image: Left to right, Katzenberg, Spielberg, Geffen created "Dreamworks," known for it's fantasy filmaking.


Hollywood producer and member of Stephen Spielberg's Auschwitz Jan. 27th committee, Harvey Weinstein compares the Charlie Hebdo attacks to Kristalnacht and says:

'It draws a parallel to the horrors of the Nazis and their mad attempt at Kristallnacht to destroy books.'

What? Kristallnacht was about destroying books? Harvey really knows his holocaust (not). He is right at home with the rest of the Hollywood fantacists running the Jan.27th Commemoration. He also said:

'These are the works of fanatics - irrational thinking and scapegoating to compensate for misappropriated ideas. This has become a fight, good versus evil.'

Yep, and the Jews represent the good, right Harvey? It's okay for Jewish terrorists to hunt down "Nazis" and assassinate them, but not okay when it's the Jewish terrorists being hunted down.

Carolyn said: Britain/UK is the biggest supporter of Holocaust in the world, after Israel. Maybe even ahead of Israel !

Nick Clegg, leader of Britain's Liberal Party just said:

Holocaust education funding will be protected for the next five years if the Liberal Democrats return to government after the election.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the £9 million budget for the all-Jewish-run Holocaust Education Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz programme would continue to 2020.

He is the first party leader to make the pledge. Mr Clegg said the project was the “cornerstone” of Shoah education in Britain.

Speaking alongside Auschwitz survivor Zigi Shipper, Mr Clegg said today: “The horrific events in Paris last week are a shocking reminder of what happens when warped ideologies and prejudice go unchecked.

“Remembering the Holocaust is not just a history lesson. It is one of the greatest antidotes we have to antisemitism and extremism of all kinds.

“Sadly there will be a time when there are no eyewitnesses left. This makes the work of the Holocaust Educational Trust even more important.”

Pupils from every school and college in the country visit the former Nazi death camp as part of the project, which has been running for 16 years.

Britain had the second most visitors to Auschwitz, after Poland, in 2014.

I will proclaim Happy Holocaust MLK here is why. Many reasons
1 Jan 27 UN day of remeberance must be fought it gives people time to get on board.
2 Where would be this CIvil Rights leader with out the wickedness of the NAZIS.
3 Racism is WW2 War Propaganda taken up by the Blacks agains the Whites.
I will stop at three since 2007 I have proclaimed that the Jews Negros Queers
non whites in are country are HATE CRIME PROTECTED HOLOCAUST SLANDER PROFITEERS.  Dont drop the ball JAN19 and Jan27 are very close. They are one in the same perpose. The MLK day really is about the Federal Goverment Celibrating it self. After all they are the main benifature siding with the blacks against the Whites.

There are conflicting signals about why.

Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Ekho Moskvy radio that the president hasn't received any invitation, adding that Putin's schedule is very tight and he doesn't have a window for travel.

But the organizers of the ceremonies -- the Auschwitz Museum and the International Auschwitz Council -- said there had been no specific invitations but nations contributing funds to the site — including Russia — had been asked if they were going to attend.

Valeria Perzhinskaya, spokeswoman for the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, confirmed that it has been notified of the observances and is waiting for a decision from Moscow on who will attend.

Peskov, Putin's spokesman, acknowledged that the Kremlin was aware of the organizers' decision not to send specific invitations and dodged questions about the reasons behind the Russian leader's decision not to attend, citing Putin's busy schedule. He denied that the Russian president felt hurt by some Western leaders cold-shouldering him.

It is my opinion that that is exactly the reason he's not going. Too many crises have developed between Moscow and the West, and he would once again feel himself to be odd-man-out.