The Heretics' Hour: How to stop the Jewish takeover

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-02-08 21:23

Feb. 9, 2015

On last week's program Carolyn talked about the Jewish-led ECTR and its plan to enforce "tolerance" laws across the EU. The only way to stop this and other similar efforts is to destroy The Big Lie for good.

  • A united front against holohoax by every person who advocates for our White European societies would be powerful enough to end the Big Lie;
  • Jews form a united front in promoting their holocaust narrative and their claims of being victims of antisemitism, but we don't form a united front against it;
  • One example of how to use a demographic study to easily refute the claims that millions of Jews died;
  • The three main pillars of the holocaust are very easy to prove wrong even by novices.

Image: We could be in the "last days" of this huge libel against White people if we all set our sights to accomplish this one goal.   Enlarge


I messed up pretty badly with some of the demographic information. Partly because in the editing I deleted a sentence I shouldn't have deleted and therefore failed to say that of the 5,044,000 Jews in the German area of occupation in 1939, 2,200,000 had emigrated between Sept. 1939 and June 1941! That left 2,847,000 Jews total in June 1941.

My other mistake was in taking the "general magnitude of half a million" as something different from the "300,000 to 600,000 who died in the German concentration camps." They are one and the same. Nordling is saying that Sanning really came up with a figure as low as 300,000 Jewish concentration camp deaths, but it could be given as in the general range of "half a million". This is the figure that compares to the exaggerated "6 million."

Hope that clears things up.

Absolutely correct, Carolyn.  The time is now.  We have the proof.  the public is more open to questioning things than ever.
We need some good "advertising" lines that people can use to introduce the topic and break through the programming.  A program devoted to that would be very useful. 

Jettisoning one (albeit massive) lie, while neglecting the others is lazy and foolish. Of course lazy and foolish describes 99+ percent of the populace. The controlled mainline media has just as many spectators, percentage wise, as years ago, and the angle has essentially not changed. DOING something about it simply does not happen, no matter how angry, demoralized or disillusioned the majority becomes.
How many White loyalists, nationalists - fill-in whatever one's favorite term is - know all about the controlled media and cancel their cable subscription?
How many of the aforementioned turn their blind eyes away from alien, subversive rot espoused via Christianity and instead wash their hands of the whole mess and never again participate/support it?
How many of the above work consistantly on the racial integrity in their own house/family by educating, guidance and building courage by example, for future generations?
How many of the above challenge the myraid lies of the holohoax in public?
How many of the above actually stop supporting the US government and it's degenerate political system?
As long as the White populace continues to DO what it complains "everybody else" is doing, all the TALK is empty babble.

The progress we have made is in increased awareness, but yes, there has been little or no tangible success for WN etc.
It is obvious to me that debunking the Holoaust is key. This is the club that the enemy swings at us every day- Jews delight when a goy decides to sidestep the issue and move on to other things.  Its should be a no brainer- if Jews are for it, we should be against it.
The Holocaust narrative is the foundation of the world politcal cultural system circa 1945.  We can chip away at the egdes but unless we overthrow the main building block, we are nowhere. 
I think the white advocates who shy away from discussing the holocaust are simply afriad. They fear being put into such a buzzsaw, and I guess this fear is understandable, up to a point. 
Whites are going down, so we must cast off this fear or face our demise. There is no way around the Holocaust, we must go through it or die as a race.

[...while cowardly American White Nationalists tremble in fear of even being associated with "denialism" -- even though there are no laws against it here. Just as bad are those who have been around the CODOH forum for years coming out and writing things like "I'm shocked!" I find that disgusting too. Why should they be shocked? The writing has been on the wall for a long time. Can they pretend it's a surprise? This is Europe now.  Our thanks go to the faithful Kladderadatsch for his invaluable translation work. -cy]

Vincent Reynouard sentenced to two years prison (non-suspended) for denialist videos


Holocaust-denying former teacher Vincent Reynouard was sentenced Wednesday to two years prison, non-suspended, for having distributed videos over the Internet which contest the crimes against humanity of the years 39-45, released last year before the seventieth anniversary of the Normandy landings.

The Correctional Tribunal of Coutances (Manche) doubled the prison time demanded by the prosecution for Reynouard, 45 years of age and already condemned once before to a year in prison for a denialist pamphlet in 2007.

Sentenced to pay damages to associations

The former teacher, banned from National Education fifteen years ago for expressing his denialist ideas during his mathematics classes, was sentenced in addition to pay damages to numerous organizations, with the highest of these payments (3 500 euros) going to LICRA (International League Against Racism and Anti-semitism).  [It's always LICRA behind it --cy]

His computer files have been confiscated, and he will also have to pay for the publication of the judgment in five national and regional newspapers.

Well known among neo-Nazis in France and abroad, Vincent Reynouard has previously been condemned to a year in prison and a fine of 10,000 euros in 2007 for distributing a pamphlet contesting the Holocaust, serving his sentence at the prison of Valenciennes after having been extradited from Belgium, where he had fled.

Reynouard defended himself without the assistance of a lawyer

At the beginning of 2014, he posted a 45-minute video, hosted on an extreme-right web site, in which he protested the "propaganda" which, according to him, was being circulated on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of D-Day, and criticized the educational trips by middle and high school students to former concentration camps, seeing in them a "brain washing" in the name of the duty to remember.

"We are very satisfied with the sentencing of this Nazi fanatic,"
said Chrisophe Collet, president of the organization Westlake Brothers Souvenir, which promotes the memory of the liberators, notably Canadian, and which was highlighted in the video.

Nonetheless, he has no illusions. "In no time there will be new videos of the same type," he forecast.

Seduced at a young age by Nazism, Reynouard, who lives in Saint-Lô (Manche), defended himself without the assistance of a lawyer. ... tionnistes

I'm late, but I listened very carefully and you touched on something of relevance to my experiances on campus the last few weeks. I started a Anglo-German meet up group first among friends outside campus, then began to bring in new people in an attempt to eventally create a Social Group or Student Club on campus. Our emphasis was to bring awareness to and combat Anti-German hate propaganda historically and how it relates to Anti-German hatred today. I must say we got a pretty good reaction as most people don't want to seem to be Anti-German, even some Jews commented positively on it. Then I thought, that would be almost unthinkable if a White Nationalist was to do the same for the 'White race'.
So your points on White Nationalism are simply true. It got me thinking that it simply can't acomplish anything on its own. If a pro-Germanic societal program, network and overall organization was to instead serve as a vehicle for White interests, that by promoting Germanism it promotes by default White interests, the way Soviet Russia promoted in a twisted fashion Russian culture and language, we can possibly get somewhere.
Anyway, another great show Ms. Yeager. I always tune in no matter how late I am.

Good to hear from you, Michael and congratulations on your good work. Yes, I think it is true that pro-any nationality or ethnicity group you want to name is accerptable whereas pro-white is not.

You mentioned that some Jews commented positively. Sure, they want to be friends with Germans - they know about how great Germany was for Jews before Hitler and would like to return to that. Of course, Germans should NOT want it. So I would hope they ere not eligible for your group or club. This is where it becomes touchy -- how to keep them out as not German or Anglo.

Naturally, there ARE some Jews who are sincerely of good will toward Gentiles, but it's through them that the others get in. It's too bad because it makes us appear so rigid. I hope you will not run into problems along those lines. Smile

I can see how it could be a challange to keep Jews from getting too involved in it. However, at this point I'm not too concerned due to it being for now just a Anglo-German social club, and no Jew, at least to my knowledge, has asked to join in or help on the matter at hand. I'm mostly doing this to get some experience on how to properly organize. Hopefully a room full of proud pro-German Americans will keep them at bay.

The only success for white nationalism has been in the area of Holocaust research. It is a question of fact that has been severely damaged in public, criminal proceedings (i.e. the Zundel trials).
That is why Holocaust revisionists, white nationalist or not, are prosecuted or otherwise mistreated.  The Holocaust is quite clearly the most sensitive point of the anti-white propaganda machine. It is of strategic importance, and the fact that we are failing to capitalize on its success shows that white nationalist leaders are not serious in accomplishing anything meaningful for the white race. 

Well said.

Liberal white nationalists (and most white nationalists are liberals or libertarians which is almost the same thing) need to recognize that everything they are writing about and campaigning about such as white genocide, discrimination against whites in academe and power, non-white immigration into white nations are ALL forms of reparations for the 'Holocaust.' Remove the Holocaust lie and you remove the basis for your own extinction. Carolyn as almost always is right because her roots are firmly in the truth of the Fuhrer and unless all these neutered white males in the ivory towers of white academa listen to that truth, acknowledge that truth and work together to spread it and devise their solutions from it we will all die out.