The Heretics' Hour live Monday on BlogTalk Radio!

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Same time, different station.

To listen live at 8pm Central U.S. time (9 Eastern, 6 Pacific), you will go to this PAGE and the show will begin automatically. After it ends at 10pm Central, it takes about 1 hour to process and archive, and then it is available on the player and also as a download.

I will then upload it here at and post it as I usually do by around 11:30pm. Originally all I cared about was to get the MP3 to upload here in my own radio archives. But I have been getting some downloads at BlogTalk for Hitler's Table Talk and that will probably grow as people discover my shows there.

It took a couple of days to familiarize myself enough with BlogTalk to feel comfortable, but now I do. So I think this will work out fine, at least for the near future. I'm only going to be doing the Monday and Thursday shows for now. If I want to have a European guest, I can schedule an extra show in the afternoon on any day except Monday or Thursday. There is no problem in doing that as I can have one show per day of up to 2 hours in length.

Just like at theWhitenetwork, everything is automated and I am on my own, but with all the information and prompts I need when I am in "my studio," which serves the same purpose as Skycon did at tWn.


I came across this blogpost yesterday just by accident on Tanstaafl's Age of Treason blog. It's from 2012 and is revealing as to Tan's preference for my programs about Germany, Germans, Holocaust Revisionism and my programs investigating "frauds on the Internet." See for yourself. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Talking with Carolyn Yeager

On Monday, 13 February 2012, at 9PM ET I'll speak with Carolyn Yeager on The Heretics’ Hour at the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network.

I first encountered Carolyn's work in late 2010 while trying to figure out Gordon Duff. Since then I've kept up with her weekly podcasts and over the course of 2011 went back through her VoR archives.

A few of the programs which stand out in my mind:

The Tall Tale of Denis Avey

Auschwitz & Ellis Island

Who Started World War II?

Slavs and non-Slavs in Eastern Europe

Gordon Duff, Prescott Bush and the interview that wasn’t
Nazis in America; Duff on the holocaust
Disinformation on the Internet, Part One
Disinformation on the Internet, Part Two

Injustice at Nuremberg
Jews and Nuremberg, Part 1
Jews and Nuremberg, Part 2

Also, any program with Günter Deckert, and any program where Carolyn discusses Elie Wiesel or Irene Zisblatt.

Carolyn has started her recent programs by reading from The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945 - a bracing antidote to the poison of the jewish narrative.

UPDATE 14 Feb 2012: The Heretics’ Hour: Memorializing Dresden in an Age of Treason (mp3) Mirrored at Carolyn Yeager's site.

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This was back in the days of our genuine "mutual admiration" friendship. It brings good feelings to me as I recall how sincere we were about each other's work, how solid our relationship was in forming the network.  What happened? I will give some thoughts about that on Monday night.

See you then,