The Heretics' Hour: More Hitler Myths Put to Rest

Published by admin on Wed, 2011-10-26 20:06
March 7, 2011
Some of the common slanders directed at Adolf Hitler as a youth up to 1919 are corrected by Carolyn Yeager in the light of real evidence. Topics include:

  • Adolf Hitler’s father did not regularly beat him;
  • Hitler was never a house painter;
  • An inheritance from his parents allowed him a decent lifestyle;
  • He was reasonably successful from 1910-1914 at selling his paintings;
  • He was particular about his appearance and dressed well;
  • He was not a “Red” but an education and political agent for the new Reichswehr after the Freikorps liberated Munich in 1919.

Picture: Historian Werner Maser

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