The Heretics' Hour: The Roosevelt Legacy on World History

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November 29, 2010

Dr. Andreas Wesserle discusses with Carolyn the malign influence of “Frankie” Roosevelt on 20th Century power politics. Topics include:

  • Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt shared a “flighty” mentality and competitive view of Germany;
  • War preparation began in 1933; read Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, ed. by Harry Elmer Barnes;
  • Roosevelt strategized for war with Japan to gain control of the Pacific;
  • King George’s briefcase contained FDR’s war promises;
  • Roosevelt’s controversial recognition of the Soviet Union in 1933;
  • Adolf Hitler’s goals didn’t include a world empire;
  • Pearl Harbor was the traumatic event that has kept American people in a state of hysteria.

Picture: FDR at ease and pleased after signing war declaration against Japan, 1941. Enlarge.

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