The Heretics' Hour: Traitors and Misfits - Richard Sorge

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July 7, 2014

Called the best spy of all time for his "impeccable" work, Richard Sorge was a German national born in Russia of a German father, Russian mother who became a very successful intelligence agent for the Soviet Union against Weimar Germany following WWI. When Hitler rose to power, Sorge joined the National-Socialist party and made a convincing 'Nazi.' Other highlights:

  • Ernst Zundel writes to Ingrid that treason within caused Germany to lose the war in 1945;
  • Sorge's great uncle was a friend and associate of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and a leading Socialist labor organizer in the U.S.;
  • Sorge became an avowed Marxist because of disillusion about the war and bourgeois political complacency;
  • As an secret agent of the Red Army's Fourth Department, he worked in Britain, Germany and Shanghai as an agricultural journalist/expert before being assigned to Japan in 1933;
  • Though he developed a useful network of informants, his greatest success came from gaining the trust and friendship of the German Ambassdor to Japan, and others in the embassy in Tokyo;
  • Sorge passed on the actual date of the Barbarossa invasion but was not believed, however his further information was and saved Moscow for Stalin;
  • Sorge was arrested in 1941 because he failed to heed warnings in time, perhaps due to depression and drinking;
  • Sorge was hanged by the Japanese in Nov. 1944 because the Soviet Union refused to recognize him as "one of theirs" when Japan 3 times tried to arrange a prisoner exchange.

Image: Cover of the brilliantly executed 'graphic novel' (like a comic book) about Richard Sorge by award-winning German cartoonist Isabel Kreitz.


You have touched on something that I have been researching as well. At first I thought I was crazy but many things made no sense. As an example - today Rommel is held in high esteme yet he was clearly a sellout from day one. Why would Jew media hold him up as a hero.
The reason why this started to tick in my head was becuase of a book that was written by Admiral Doenitz where he spoke about trators but never mentioned names. That was the first thing that struck me as odd as he was the last 'ruler' of Germany. Hitler handed the government over to him.
Talking about the military. I found it a bit odd looking at how NATO started and what was the essense of NATO.
The first NATO Secretary General, Lord Ismay, stated in 1949 that the organization's goal was "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down."
Also the Engima machine code was not broken. It was given to them by a German soldier. The page has now been removed from the US Naval Academy website but it is still in the archive.
Hans Thilo Schmidt handed over critically important Enigma Code files to a French agent, and they went from there to the Polish mathematician and the English. Without Hans Thilo Schmidt's treachery, they wouldn't have broken the codes.His older brother was the general Rudolf Schmidt.
Rudolf Schmidt (12 May 1886 – 7 April 1957) was a Panzer General in the German army during World War II who served as the Commander of the 2nd Panzer Army on the Eastern Front. (Where did the Germans lose the war again?)
As for Normandy look who was there:
1. Rommel
2. Hans Speidel (Post WWII becomes a commander for NATO)
3. Gerd von Rundstedt (Knew about the plot to kill hitler but did nothing)
4. Günther von Kluge (His nephew was involved in the plot to kill Hitler)
5. Max-Josef Pemsel (Surrenders to the Russians and become a General post WWII)
6. Erich Marcks (Called Hitler a criminal)
7. Hans von Salmuth (Got off very light after the Nuremberg trials.

Great article...can I suggest something similar with regards to Hitler's associations (or non-associations) with Jewish bankers?.....another topic rife with mythology and speculation that needs sorting out..(if you've not already done so, of course)..thanks!

I have not found anything about "Ben Freedman speaks" in your archive.  He claims America supported Germany in the first two years of the war, then went to war with Germany when the Tsar lost.
I did not know that Japan tried very hard to trade Sorge for one of their spies.  Maybe if the archives are opened up on Amelia Earhart we will find out Japan tried to trade for her also. 

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