Holocaust belief made up of thousands of 'False News' items

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-07-27 00:02

AN EXAMPLE IS THE FALSE STORY by 'journalists' Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan (pictured left) titled The U.S. Rejected Refugee Anne Frank—Let’s Not Make the Same Mistake Again.  They published the following statements with total disregard for the facts (as reported by Codoh.com):

Anti-Semites in the State Department blocked as many refugees as they could, condemning tens of thousands to their deaths at the hands of the Nazis. Whether this kind of evil prejudice against refugees was perpetrated by a Democrat like Franklin Roosevelt or a Republican like Donald Trump, it is an unconscionable blot on the American national conscience, ... 

"Anne Frank was denied immigration at least twice,"
Stephen Goldstein told us on the Democracy Now! news hour. "FDR refused refugee Anne Frank.”

That’s why, in the name of Anne Frank, we have an obligation to stand with Muslim refugees and to stand with all refugees to help them come into this nation.

Truth is, Anne Frank and her family were never denied entry visas to the United States.

In the same article, the pair said: "Anne Frank and her family were betrayed and sent to the concentration camps." In fact, the cause of the raid at Prinsengracht 263  (where the Franks were secretly living) was not caused by “betrayal of Jews” but had to do with Jewish criminality. To be specific, a black market food and counterfeit-ration-card ring operating at the Gies & Co.building and covered by her father Otto Frank's food-related business Opekta. 

Goodman and Moynihan also indirectly blamed Donald Trump for “69 bomb threats directed at 54 Jewish Community Centers across the United States since [his] inauguration.” See here and here for the real story of those bomb threats.

Everyday, unsuspecting Americans are told lies by the mainstream media to reinforce false narratives such as the "Holocaust," narratives that are mainly enforced by Jews for the benefit of Jews.


Anything I've ever heard Amy Goodman talk about could be picked apart and examined so that what's left is hardly much of anything at all.  She's never been trustworthy.  You have to buy her hearts and flowers sentimentality not to see it.  The poor Muslims, the poor immigrants, the poor Nigerians, etc.

Before and after the begining of the WW2 NOBODY wanted jews in their own countries, even England made the emigration to Palestine more and more diffcult to Germany and the german jews when the Haavara agreement was in full progress, and the EE.UU. wasn't more friendly, rejecting the Hitler's offer of sending them the german jews (something that was made by the whole world), and in 1939 rejected also the SS St.Louis that was full of jews.
The truth is that NOBODY wanted jews and all had their own reasons, that were very similar. The sad reality is that now those jews have enormous power in the government and the media and they turn the narrative it their favor, but the EE.UU. DIDN'T WANTED JEWS as the rest of the world, someting that you are not willing to recognize.I know Carlolyn you will never post another comment from me, much less this, but maybe you will read it.

I posted this one, Fabio, to show you and other readers why. This is an English language site, and furthermore I try to keep up a high standard while still being open to other opinions. If you can't or won't take the trouble to make yourself understandable, you shouldn't expect to be published. Plus the point of your comment often misses the point of the post ... like this one does. The point is in the title.

It also restricts itself to "Anne Frank's family," not the Jews in general.

Anne Frank would have been an asset to any country, after all she invented the ball point pen many years before it became widely available in 1951.
"The results of tests performed at the BKA laboratories show that portions of the work [Anne Frank's diary], specially of the fourth volume, were written with a ballpoint pen."
- Al Fredricks, New York Post, October 9, 1980

@Fabio: Try using Google translate for translating foreign language text into English. It might make your text more understandable.


At a recent appearance in Des Moines, Iowa, famed Jewish author Marianne Williamson (A Course in  Miracles) talked about her recent experience of visiting one of the gas chambers in Germany.  She said as she stood inside the chamber reading the description of those who were gassed there she was overcome with grief.  She said the smoke that went up from the crematoriums reminded her of the masses of refugees being turned away at our borders.  (Some one forgot to tell her that crematoriums don’t smoke.)  But obviously she could not have been standing in a gas chamber if there were no gas chambers.  Still, such false witness by a popular writer has its influence on the holocaust believers and reinforces their beliefs in the big lie. 
Williamson claimed to be grandchild to some survivors.  I wondered, then, if Williamson had gotten some of the survivor benefits.   Which begs the question: if there were no gas chambers how is it there are survivor benefits?    Hearing Williamson repeat the lie, even if in good faith, was sickening as people nodded their heads in approval.   Thus, the belief is perpetuated not on facts but on hearsay.      

Yes, believers are so easily deluded and don't bother to think things through. Williamson just wants to love everyone - 'Love is the answer,' so she will relish alleged evil situations so she can bring love to it. Something like that.

There are no gas chambers in Germany, even fake ones, except the fake one at Dachau that says it was never used. Nor do I know of any "gas chamber" anywhere that contains a description of those who were gassed there. Too bad you didn't ask a question.

Good point that the people listening are convinced and/or strengthened in their belief based on her say-so. A total stranger, except that she has authored a lot of books. In general, people don't require proof; they're not even interested in it. They just embrace the story.

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