Hurray! Ivanka Trump may not be a Jew after all

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2016-07-11 18:06

Just think, she may be prevented from being associated with this elite gathering. What a blow!

IF SHE IS NOT ACCEPTED AS A JEW IN ISRAEL, then her children cannot be either. Trump's grandkids are possibly saved by a kippah.

According to a story in Britain's Daily Telegraph, Ivanka's conversion by an American rabbi doesn't hold water in Israel because the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has ruled that conversions supervised by New York rabbi Haskel Lookstein are invalid in the Jewish state.

A powerful and ultra-orthodox institution headquartered in Jerusalem, the Rabbinate wields major influence in the Israeli state. They and ultra-Orthodox political parties play key roles in Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition government. While he is secular, he "seems paralyzed" on the issue. But the case has been appealed to the Supreme Rabbinical Court, which could overturn the ruling. Too bad if it does.

Rabbi Lookstein (left), who is said to be highly regarded among U.S. Jews, is Orthodox but practices a relaxed form of Orthodoxy. Too relaxed for Israel's Chief Rabbinate, which apparently reveals unresolved differences between American Jews and the Jewish state.


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Speaking with the knowledge gained as a former Shabbos Goy (i.e. Jew-slave): Although it is well-known amongst tiny-nosed GOY folk that Judaism deters conversion, I have personally long had a pet theory that most if not all „converts“ to Orthodox Judaism are crypto-Jew Mischlings. This is important, because the system in „Israel“ restricts citizenship under the „Law of Return“ to either those with an identified Jewish grandparent, or those who convert according to standards set by the Chief Rabbinate—which is Orthodox.
Moreover, most GOYIM outside Zionist circles are not aware that there is no civil marriage in the „State of Israel“. Jews must have a Jewish marriage; and racial „others“ must have Muslim, Christian, &c. marriages depending on their ancestry. And only officially State-recognized religious organizations can seal a valid, legal marriage. As you may infer, the marriage standards for all racial Jews (including Jew atheists) are set by the Chief Rabbinate—which is Orthodox, and absolutely forbids mixed marriages. Atheist Jews are always whining about this. It makes for perpetual controversy, with frequent proposals to change the law. But of course, that law will never be changed (at least not in its substantial effect, meaning its racial effect). The Oberjuden know that what is important is protecting the race, under their guise of religious tomfoolery.
„Israel“ does recognize foreign-contracted civil marriages, so many non-Orthodox Israelis obtain those. Cyprus is a popular destination for a wedding vacation. But of course, that is much more expensive and inconvenient than marrying locally. There are Jew websites which offer extensive guides about how to get around Israeli marriage law (including with the one country which does or at least did permit mail-in marriages; I forget which one); dig around a bit, and your jaw will drop. The Chief Rabbinate’s control is limited; yet still, it is substantial.
Everybody reading this is well aware that the Jew religion is a charade which serves several important practical purposes, most of which pertain to protecting their racial integrity and/or destroying Aryan racial integrity (viz. by producing crypto-Jew infiltrators). See also Integrales Judentum by Jew Dr. Alfred Nossig, which Dr. Revilo P. Oliver cited several times and is a subject for research on my part when time permits. Only, few people understand the full implications.
In sum: It’s all about race. The Oberjuden know that, which is why they keep winning. The Führer knew that, which was an even more important reason for them to make World War against him than anything pertaining to economics (much less the personal welfare of „German Jews“). Speaking of which: Why are Trump’s grandkids „saved“? It’s all about the blood! It is much worse if they become ostensibly non-Jewish, because then the powerful Trump family line will spread race-poisoning crypto-Jews! See again Dr. Nossig. It would be much better to tie up the whole Kushner family (including grandpa Donald himself) with Zionist citizenship papers, rather like a red cap in medieval Venice or the yellow six-pointed „Jude“ star the Jews are always whining about. Identifying these chameleons is a large part of the problem.
Apropos Trump himself, spread the word that Trump is a Jew-loving slot-machine salesman who built the foundation of his personal empire on promotion of vice, indebtedness, and degeneracy. (Why do American „conservatives“ not mention this? Ah yes, I forgot: It is sacred „free-market capitalism“!) I designed that sound bite by channelling Dr. Goebbels, whom I have no doubt would have called Trump a Jew-loving slot-machine salesman on the front page of Der Angriff.

Sorry to double-post, but I somehow missed the most obvious thing.

This is wrong: „IF SHE IS NOT ACCEPTED AS A JEW IN ISRAEL, then her children cannot be either.“ The standard is one Jewish grandparent. They have two (I presume, without wanting to waste time on their paternal family tree). If Kushner is a Jew, his Mischling kids are 100% eligible for Zionist citizenship. It’s all about the race!

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