In Italy, cremation facilities overwhelmed by coronavirus deaths

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2020-03-26 13:36

Military vehicles leaving the city of Bergamo, Italy, filled with the bodies of coronavirus (covid-19) victims to be cremated elsewhere, as the city's cremation facility cannot handle the few hundreds of dead daily. This should cause us to reevaluate the WW2 tales of cremating several thousands per day in camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau.

By Carolyn Yeager

ONE INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT ARISING FROM THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK is the stress put on funeral directors and cremation facilities. This is a good time to compare these relatively small numbers to the so-called 'Holocaust' when the Germans allegedly cremated, buried, and thereby “made to disappear” up to 6 million bodies in three years time (1942-43-44).

German Christoph Strack, writing for Deutsche Welle on March 23, noted the overload on Italy's funeral industry.

“The pictures from northern Italy are appalling. They make an uncanny impression: military vehicles transporting coffins with victims of the coronavirus epidemic away from Bergamo, ground zero for the horrors experienced in recent days. Some of them are driving hundreds of kilometers to other cities, because the local crematorium can no longer manage all the dead. ... death has overstrained the region.

“Day after day, new, dreadful victim statistics come from Italy: 427, 627, 793. Day after day, hundreds of lives that have perished. … The military trucks in the Italian night create an image that is hard to shake off. Everyone is horrified. “

From Breitbart News, March 16:

An Italian mayor says that his city’s crematory is now “unable to dispose of all the work it has to do,” as there have been so many bodies of those who have died due to the coronavirus.

Giorgio Gori — the mayor of Bergamo, Italy — says that it is no longer only the hospitals that are in a state of emergency but also the crematorium responsible for managing the bodies, according to a report by Il Giornale.

“The crematory is no longer enough,” said Gori. “The oven in the city of Bergamo is unable to dispose of all the work it has to do.”

“The number of infected people continues to grow — those taken to hospital, put into intensive care. Unfortunately, the number of deaths have increased, about 50 per day, 300 in the last week.”

The mayor added that bodies are now being sent to other crematoriums, as the city’s facility is unable to handle the numbers of Wuhan virus victims that it receives. “We will not be able to meet all the needs,” said Gori. “Many bodies have been sent to other places for cremation. The oven in the city of Bergamo is unable to dispose of all the work it has to do.”

And this is a modern, highly efficient cremation facility, far superior to what the Germans were using in their camp system to dispose of the corpses of those who died from highly contagious diseases. In the stories from “survivors” we are expected to believe, thousands a day were cremated in far more primitive crematory ovens, and reduced to ash so fine it could be spread on the land or dumped into ponds and small  lakes, leaving no trace.

“As for Bergamo’s new dilemma involving crematories, the commissioner for cemetery services, Giacomo Angeloni, also shared his remarks, reports Il Giornale. Since last weekend there has been a crescendo of deaths,” said Angeloni, “numbers never seen for the activity of the Municipality of Bergamo. At the cemetery in Bergamo there is a burial every half hour.”

“On Saturday, Italy had seen its worst day yet, losing a total of 793 people in a single day to the virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

An interesting comparison to make is the politics surrounding the deaths and how the media encourages us to think about them. An article originating in Germany dated March 24 by Silke Bartlick began this way:

In the city of Bergamo in northern Italy, military vehicles have been on the road for days. There are so many victims of the coronavirus, there is no other way to transport corpses to the crematorium. The disturbing pictures of the convoys filled with the deceased have been gone around the world on the internet. The grim message: In Corona times, people die without their loved ones at their side; the virus does not care about dignity in death, nor about the grief of relatives and friends.

Bergamo has more infected people than any other province in the country. Last week alone, over 300 people died there, according to local authorities. Most passed away in a hospital room without a relative or friend to hold their hand or share their fear. Due to the danger of infection, visitors are not allowed in the hospitals, and many family members are in quarantine themselves.

On March 13, the local newspaper L'Eco di Bergamo published ten full pages of obituaries.

What we can take from the experience of Bergamo, Italy in 2020 is that the fantastic numbers of gassed and cremated individuals claimed to have taken place in 1943-44 in Auschwitz-Birkenau are physically impossible. The so-called Hungarian Deportation between May and July, 1944 (two months!) of 440,000 Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau, “where upon arrival and after selection, SS functionaries secretly killed the majority of them in gas chambers,” (as stated on the USHMM site) is simply not feasible. To put it more bluntly, it makes no sense.


The Germans could be considered highly efficient but not extra human efficient. And in a time with increasingly fewer resources.

Thank You Again.  
The so called holocaust is by far the biggest lie in history and those who propagate it are the biggest liars.   And those who refuse to look at the facts are just as culpable.  But until we are ready to face the truth we will be doomed to live a false humanity.  We can not bear false witness against the German people without there being consequences.  In their own religion a principle prohibition is thou shalt not bear false witness.  These people put their very souls in jeopardy and will reap the whirlwind.   If there is any hope in a future humanity you, Carolyn, are on the front line.  Not knowing what else to say I just wanted to say, Thank you. 

Good point Carolyn.
I had been wondering about a similar situation. Yesterday I was reading an article on Neon Revolts site, a ”conspiracy theorist“.
In his article he talks of Sulphur (Sulfur?) Dioxide, produced from the burning of bodies, satellite images show an extremely large emission of Sulphur Dioxide from the Wuhan district.
This leaves me wondering, how long would traces of Sulphur Dioxide last?
If Sulphur Dioxide could last, what amounts would it need to be attributle to millions of cremations (alleged) in the camps?

Wikipedia says, "As many bodies as possible were stuffed order to keep the fires as hot as possible." This is bullcrap because a human body is mostly water and will not burn like a piece of cordwood. Some kind of fuel and a lot of it is needed to burn a body; in the USA natural gas is used. What did the Notzees use? I can only guess the original plan was to cremate with coke or coal...but can anyone seriously believe they were doing any cremation at all when all available fuel sources had to be diverted to fight a world war on three fronts?

But look at Building 7! Drapes and office furniture brought down a concrete and steel skyscraper! At least that's what the Jewish MSM told me. Why would they lie? Why would I ever doubt it? Things that sound incredible happen. If office furnishings can level a skyscraper, what so hard believing 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated?

6,000 a day turned to ash in ovens after being gassed or “worked” to death isn’t a difficult achievement. Mass graves of innocent Jews thousands on top of each other didn’t have the luxury of coffins with names written on it, this also helped to “make them disappear”.  Don’t feel you should pat yourselves on the back. It didn’t require brains, only heartless planning and brainwashed individuals without souls or humanity needing escape goats to justify their own failures as a society.  Good way to get rid of germany’s debt, and using the wealth accumulated by hardworking Jewish German citizens.  You and fellow deniers are delusional if you believe the Holocaust to be so-called”.  The Nazis were very good at record keeping, that I’ll give you. 

Excuse me if I call you "so-called" Sally smuth (as you typed your name in your fake email address), LOL, and also tell you that you are so stupid you should call yourself "stupid Sally smuth."

"6,000 a day turned to ash in ovens ... isn't a difficult achievement" says you. It is a very difficult achievement. It is the whole point of the article you're commenting on, but you missed it. It's not about mass graves, but cremation ability, like in how many can be done in 12 or 18 hours. Maybe 6 to 9 per day per oven. So if you have even 20 ovens, that comes to a maximum of 180 per day, going at maximun intensity. The oven breaks down with that overuse and then you have to wait several days to a week for repair.

You seem to be confused between cremation in ovens and mass burials of corpses. Which is it? You have no idea. Then you say: "The Nazis were very good at record keeping, that I’ll give you." Ho, ho. Yes they kept excellent records in their Auschwitz-Birkenau "Death Books" which show well under 100,000 deaths in the camps, so you Jews ignore those records and say the million deaths you claim were simply not recorded.

You strike out all the way around. Do some homework next time.

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