Jewish Paranoia: Vincent Reynouard answers a Jew, in English

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2017-02-14 13:52

Vincent Reynouard narrates in English! A real treat to be able to watch a Reynouard video without reading subtitles rather than looking at the images. Although, the subtitles are there in case you have trouble now and then with his French accent. Vincent's admirable and successful efforts to communicate are appreciated.

In this new video, he replies to an anonymus emailer, a Jewish viewer who accuses Reynouard of provoking anti-Semitism and promises him prison.  Reynouard explains why always crying "anti-Semitism" (which remains the principal strategy of the liar unmasked) risks leading the Jewish people into the abyss. 

My comment: This is a very important topic. Study of the Jewish involvement in the creation of 'Holocaust' propaganda myths reveals that everything is used by them to defend against their actual #1 fear - real anti-Semitism. World Jewry elites don't really fear another Holocaust, they fear the world will stop believing in the one they invented. Rather than admit the lie, the common Jews are indoctrinated to believe in a long history of persecution and to  point the finger of blame always away from themselves and call it anti-Semitism. This will have bad consequences for Jews in the long run, says Reynouard.

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It would be great if you could chair a debate between Eric Hunt and Hadding Scott (or someone else) on Eric's sudden volte face on revisionism.

I have no interest in doing that. My inclination is to ignore Eric's "bombshell."

Apologies for being off-topic, but...
Bad news, Carolyn: Eric Hunt has cracked:
I find Hunt's piece to be illogical and poorly argued, but I can't say exactly why or where it goes wrong. (But pick up Sanning's 'Dissolution', and Hunt's 'But where did the two million go?' argument is blown out of the water).
I detect the hand of Weber and Irving in this. He sounds like Irving, Cole, Weber and other semi-revisionists, and even praises Kevin MacDonald for not bringing up the subject of the Holocaust.
I first came across this news at an 8Chan thread. They make some good points:

I've been aware of it since before he published it. Eric and I have been in communication for years, sometimes very closely, sometimes alienated. I've known him from the very beginning. I'm weighing whether to write something - there is one thing I'd really like to say.

I told him that what he was describing to me didn't sound at all convincing, but he insisted his logic was unassailable. Not true, as we see in the published article. It is worse than I expected and I had low expectations. It's sophmoric. So I agree with you.

It's different from Irving-Weber-Cole in that Eric includes gassing at Auschwitz -in fact, most of his "evidence" comes from there. It might seem mystifying but there are a lot of explanations for his change of course. I don't think he's under threat or duress (other than personal-emotional duress). We can believe he means just what he's saying.