Jews hate Trump; pro-immigration Bloomberg may enter presidential race

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-01-23 12:51

The billionaire former Jewish mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg (right), has told his aides to draw up plans for an independent campaign for the U.S. presidency, the [J]ew York Times reported today.

Bloomberg told friends and associates that he would be willing to spend at least $1 billion of his own money on a campaign for the November 2016 election, the Times said, citing sources briefed on the former mayor's thinking.

He has given himself an early March deadline for entering the race, after commissioning a poll in December to see how he would fare against Trump and Clinton.

Bloomberg pretends that he's worried about Hillary Clinton losing to Bernie Sanders, but his real intention is to prevent a Trump victory by creating a 3-way race in which a “pragmatic businessman billionaire” can compete with Trump head to head. In my opinion, this has to be a consensus decision of the elite Jewish community worldwide.

If this happens, the "Jewish Problem" may come to the forefront.


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Kudos to Yeager to realizing the REAL point of a Bloomberg candidacy. Not to win, but to siphon enough votes from the right to guarantee the election of the kosher-approved Hillary. It's the exact same thing international jewry did in the presidential election of 1912 to get their jew-tool Woodrow Wilson elected with ony 40% of the vote over the incumbent Taft whom they couldn't control. Under Wilson jews got: The misnamed Federal Reserve, the income tax (to pay interest to the Fed), and U.S. involvement in WW1. 
In one of the mainstream articles on the Bloomberg candidacy it quoted an unnamed "Bloomberg insider" as saying they did their own internal polling which showed that his candidacy would take more votes from Trump than from Hillary. 

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