John Friend goes international

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-09-15 14:04

Did you know ?

There is a website named It's sponsored by The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (CFCA) that publishes in a variety of languages and claims to be creating a database of antisemitic incidents around the world. It's registered in Israel.

And that ...

John Friend is being featured on their front page as an “ex-city worker who runs an anti-Semitic website." It's so funny - they think his website is American Free Press. The story is here:


Some of the antisemitic incidents reported on the website of are really funny :
A jewish man wearing a kippah was hurrying down the road in Edgware. Someone doing their gardening called out "Late for the showers?" and laughed.

Jews are easy to ridicule. They understand this, and that is why there are so many foul-mouthed Jews in comedy. Jews aren't manly men, nor feminine women; they seems to be a caricature opposite of both. They would be a laughing stock if they weren't busy making life for gentiles miserable, and if it wasn't 'anti-semitic' or even 'hateful' to laugh at them. No wonder Der Sturmer was popular even among Jews. They know good jokes when they hear it. They collect it to laugh among themselves and make gentiles feel a little more guilty in the process. 

I've gotten two comments from complaining Jews already, the second one saying to Franklin, "And what do you find so "funny" about this joke? You are a lowlife ...".

Then says I am immoral because I selectively delete comments that aren't "convenient." No, I'm not going to be a place for trolls and jews to sound off. They have plenty of other outlets. I'm also not going to allow people to advertise things that are harmful to me personally. Justifiable criticism, well articulated, is approved. So Yitzhak, this isn't the place for you.

Carolyn, I also chuckled after reading that short joke.  Then I wondered to myself, why is it funny, because it IS funny, even though it pokes fun at something claimed to be horrific (gas chambers secretly built, and hidden, within "showers").
  Then I reasoned it out, and, that complaining jew needs to see that the fairy tale they have been spinning for the last 70 years no longer holds water, and, by doggedly clinging to his delusion that we whites are still under thier spell (making us sorrowful for them and feeling guilt-by-associtation with germans by blood), they themselves are looking like sulking idiots, who need to be made fun of.
These jews need to drop their "never again" idiocy and realize that their ww2 lies have lost thier zing with us - and, they are in line for a whole lot more "gas chamber" humor slung their way until they get off thier "god's chosen" tom-foolery and their psychotic belief that anybody with eyes and ears still swallows their ridiculous gas chamber fiction.
This kind of joke wouldn't be funny if mainstream jews were to admit, publicly and spread far and wide, that they realize now that no jews were ever gassed and that they themselves got fooled by thier own phoney baloney "survivors" (one of whom admitted on the stand at Zundel's Canadian trial that the gas chamber stories were "all in the mind").   
Until they do that, we get to poke fun at them for being the nimcompoops they are looking like to the growing numbers of us that have been enlightened - thanks in large part to you and your wonderful website.
Long live prussian blue, where it is found, and where it is missing. 

How do you offend a jew?
Answer - very easily

"How do you offend a jew?"

You tell the truth.