Latest immigration news from the AfD in Germany

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2020-03-06 21:16

This current poster reads "We warned about this: Refugee Crisis 2.0!  EU and Merkel must act immediately!  Support the Greeks!  Consequences for Turkey!"

FROM THE ALTERNATIVE FÜR DEUTSCHLAND WEBPAGE, where public statements by party leaders are regularly presented because the established media in Germany ignores the AfD politicians unless they can be characterized in an anti-democratic fashion. The same situation that sends Donald Trump to Twitter! So I thought I'd bring these few to you that I found on their site today. -Carolyn

On March 5th, Federal Board Member Beatrix von Storch said: "Merkel's refugee deal with the Bosporus blackmailer has failed."
She says Erdogan understands only a politics of strength.

After the Turkish president Erdoğan announced to open the borders, tens of thousands of Syrians are already on their way to Europe - and most of them want to go to Germany as usual. Near the Turkish city of Edirne, hundreds of migrants have tried to storm the border by force. The Greek police were forced to use tear gas and water cannons to protect their border. Von Storch explained:

"The Greeks are today protecting justice against violence, freedom against tyranny and Europe against Erdogan at the border with Turkey. The small Christian country on the edge of the EU is being attacked by an unscrupulous Islamist. Our solidarity belongs to the Greek nation. Erdogan openly directs migration flows to the Greek border so that the majority of the men, mostly young men, storm that border. Erdogan wants to destabilise Greece and Europe. Erdogan is to blame for the fact that millions of people are on the march, endangering their lives and plunging Europe into chaos.
Erdogan's policy is an act of aggression that requires a clear response. We have the means to do so:
1) The suspension of the customs agreement with Turkey,
2) Penalty tariffs, as 50 percent of Turkish exports go to the EU. Penalty duties would hit Erdogan hard,
3) Stopping all military and armament supplies and
4) essentially stop issuing visas for travel from Turkey to the EU.

The German government's attitude of submission is pathetic. The only language this dictator understands is the policy of strength. And that means sanctions instead of subsidies."

*    *    *

Honorary chairman Alexander Gauland said on March 5th that "Only the AfD in the Bundestag is the guarantee that there will be no repetition of 2015."

Gauland sees the German government's reluctance to accept new 'refugees' as a credit to the AfD parliamentary group: 

"If it were up to the Greens, thousands of refugees from the Greek-Turkish border would already be on their way to Germany today. There are also more and more voices from other parties demanding a generous reception.
There is a simple explanation for the fact that this has not yet happened despite growing public pressure from the media and the churches, for example: the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag is the guarantee that there will be no repeat of the situation of 2015.
For we must not deceive ourselves: The attitude that led to the uncontrolled entry of more than one million foreigners into Germany from 2015 onwards is still widespread among the old parties. Fear of the reaction of the voters alone has so far prevented political leaders, and above all the CDU, from once again bringing hundreds of thousands of refugees to Germany, bypassing legal regulations and international agreements.

*    *    *

On March 5 Federal Executive Board member Joachim Paul said "Speaking German must be a prerequisite for attending primary school."

Paul, spokesman on education policy of the AfD-Landtagsfraktion Rheinland-Pfalz, warns that more and more children without sufficient German language skills are being integrated into primary schools. If the education ministers do not take effective countermeasures, this school enrollment practice will not only lead to a complete overtaxing of the children affected, but also to a burden for those children who have an age-appropriate knowledge of German:

"It is obviously thanks to the work of the AfD opposition that more and more schools are now taking heart and bringing the grievances in everyday school life to the public and putting them up for discussion. After Mülheim-Kärlich, Betzdorf and others, the primary school in Cochem is now taking the floor. Its threat report reflects the consequences of a completely unplanned and irresponsible school and education policy.

Among the grievances such as swimming lessons and inclusion, one serious problem stands out in particular: the attempted schooling of children who have no knowledge of German. Such a practice leaves only losers behind. Immigrant children, who have to perceive everyday school life as a series of disappointments, and German children, who are supposed to be taught the material appropriate to their age under difficult conditions.

We therefore renew our demand that children should only be included in regular lessons if they have sufficient knowledge of German. The overload and hazard reports are certainly no longer individual cases. Rather, they document how far a left-wing educational policy has distanced itself from local realities," says Paul.

With the primary school in Cochem, another school in Rhineland-Palatinate submitted a risk report to the ADD. This risk report was also submitted to the Education Committee in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament, of which Joachim Paul is a member. In this notification, one can read about the knowledge of German:

"The children come to school with completely different or no previous knowledge and according to the VV (administrative regulation) must be classified according to age."


The "Greens" are liars and hypocrites.  If they truly cared about the environment, they would be against flooding the country with hundreds of thousands more "refugees" who have proven to be extremely wasteful, filthy, and a strain on society and the German taxpayer.

The Greens are worse than the Social Democrats and just about equal to the Left party. Their environmental policies are just boondoggles--like The Green Deal, which would outlaw coal, oil AND nuclear energy, and depend on windmills that kill birds by the thousands! They want to destroy Germany as a prosperous, industrial nation to create a third-world 'paradise.' They are the Theodore N. Kaufman's (Germany Must Perish) of today!

The AFD is a kosher party with her own agenda in favour of israel,like the PVV in Holland,le Pen in France,............,Vlaams Belang in Belgium.
So what is the value of spreading their word or paying some atention to it,i see only pernicios influences from thes so called "state nationalists".Who kiss in the first place jewish ass!

What parties are not "kosher?" Name me one that has any success whatsoever. Through the white man's stupidity and fear/hatred of  German strength in Europe, Jews were welcomed to help defeat not only the Hitler regime, but also the Kaiser in WWI. Kaiser William didn't like Jews either! Jews got in the driver's seat where they remain. And where were you when that was going on, Johan? Somehow I don't get the sense you have any answers at all.

There are some non kosher political parties,in the case of Germany,i would like to point out Die Rechte and the NPD.
There are also varios organisations in Europe that are very active,such as Casa Pound and the Nordic Resistance Movement.
I was born in 1960,so i did not experience that time,i'm in a Dutch group of White Nationalists/National Socialists.We regularly meet and seek contact with same minded people/organisations.
For example,a demo was recently canceled (by state/police) from a group in Holland that was agianst the zionist shadow force in this country.
So i don't like those kosher parties that support all kind of nonsense like racial mixing,homophilia/lgbthxyz.And kick only against Muslims in favor of Israel.

NPD and Die Rechte don't have any success at the ballot box. I did make that a condition. So there is a place for both, but if AfD members don't attack and trash those parties, why should you trash the AfD? I get comments like yours fairly often, but never the other way. I don't think AfD supports racial mixing or homophilia -- they just tolerate it because that's the law in Germany. Yes, the party is neutral to helpful toward Jews, again because of what Germans demand. 

You are way outnumbered in Holland, I know that for sure. You can meet all you want and be purists, but you don't get anything accomplished. You should have some gratitude for those who are getting something done, however little, and are on the firing line for it. Only success is attacked.

You think being born in 1960 makes you better than those born in 1940 or 1920? It doesn't. In fact, you are less capable, less industrious, and you know less. But good luck to you and your group.

Hi Carolyn
AFD's  Bjoern Hoecke brought up the issue of Germany leaving the EU, the "Eurasian Union",  shortly after the Brexit was sealed. 
Germany's (the West's) days are counted unless we reinstate border control asap!  Most of the economic refugees enter Germany legally!  Nearly 5% of Germany's inhabitants -4 mio. - are Romanians! Go to the streets and look around you: I't's an invasion!
What most  worries patriots now  is the new source of invaders hailing from the Ukraine and the Caucasus:  Millions of them are already in Poland working for slave hourly wages of less than €1.
Bear in mind that the ukranian GDP per capita of approx. $4k is lower than that of black caribbean countries!  Dominican Republic: $11k; Jamaica: $7k; etc....I'd rather marry a black woman and live in Kingston, Jamaica  than an ukrainian slut and live in Kiev.
It's high time for the AFD to fully embrace a Dexit and start campaigning for it now, otherwise we're NOT going to survive this new asiatic invasion !
I am NOT exagerating! Cheers.

While I would like to see it, if the AfD were to suddenly embrace a Dexit and campaign for it, it would lose the more moderate votes it needs to keep it a parliamentary force. They are constantly under attack already. YOUR job, if you indeed live there, is to convince more German citizens to stand up against immigration, both legal and illegal. What are you doing in that area? Are you an activist in Germany?

To be clear, I should add I do like and agree with your forceful, uncompromising approach. We need that, but there is no way a party like AfD can take such an approach and stay intact. That's why I think just bashing AfD, which is going in the right direction, very similar to Trump, does no good. It makes me wonder if those who do this are friend or foe.