Mark Weber says millions of Jews lost their lives because of Nazi policies

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2012-05-16 19:53

By Carolyn Yeager

Mark Weber, director of the Institute of Historical Review (IHR), ended his radio show The Mark Weber Report on April 25, 2012 by saying that “it cannot be disputed” that “millions [of Jews] were forced from their homes, millions lost their lives.”

How many millions? Weber doesn't say. How many were forced from their homes?… many, but not millions. Lost their lives? … no.

The only references Weber gives for this is some lines from the purported diary of Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Propaganda Minister under Adolf Hitler, and an editorial written by Goebbels in 1941 titled “The Jews are Guilty.” To this he adds an internal memo or “information bulletin” circulated among “high-level government officials” on Oct. 9, 1942 which he describes as including this line: “A full expulsion and removal of Jews in the European Economic Sphere is a pressing demand, and it is in the nature of the problem that it can only be carried out with ruthless severity.” Weber explained that “this means, in practice, that many many Jews were killed, mainly by shooting on the Eastern Front.” What does removal of Jews in the economic sphere have to do with shooting Jews in Russia? Weber is also inaccurate in saying the memo went to government officials; it states very plainly in the Nuremberg Judgement that this bulletin was sent to all Gauleiters and Kriesleiters, who were NS Party officials, not government officials.

On the 9th October, 1942, a confidential information bulletin was sent to all Gauleiters and Kreisleiters entitled "Preparatory Measures for the Final Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe. Rumours concerning the Conditions of the Jews in the East." This bulletin stated that rumours were being started by returning soldiers concerning the conditions of Jews in the East which some Germans might not understand, and outlined in detail the official explanation to be given. This bulletin contained no explicit statement that the Jews were being exterminated, but it did indicate they were going to labour camps, and spoke of their complete segregation and elimination and the necessity of ruthless severity. ...from Section “The Leadership Core of the Nazi Party” under Judgement: The Accused Organizations

Is Mark Weber implying that the Jews who were removed from the economic sphere in Europe were taken to places on the Eastern Front and shot? Millions of them? "Segregation and elimination" from German and European nations is what is meant here. Weber says only "expulsion and removal" but focuses on the word "ruthless." He backs this up with quotes from Goebbels' Diary, the authenticity of which he describes as “uncontestable.”

Weber ignores that the National Socialists often used the word “ruthless” in this context to emphasize that a natural reluctance among Germans to treat people in a hard manner had to be overcome or it would interfere with or sabotage the expulsion of the Jews, which was an important goal of the Nazis. Because Germans are not naturally ruthless, the Party leadership was often bolstered by being reminded that “we must be ruthless” in order to carry the policy out to the end. Even Goebbels had to keep reminding himself that ruthlessness was necessary. The German idea of ruthlessness is not the same as the Jewish idea of it. So I don't think this bulletin is proof of the murder of millions at all.

It's hard to know where Weber stands on the Jews since it's not something he will talk about, but it seems that he has grown to be increasingly on their side. He said that during the Nazi domination of Europe, “millions of Jews suffered a great catastrophe” and that “no serious person, no informed person disputes this.” Surely it was a great catastrophe from the point of view of the Jews, but how great a catastrophe it was from the point of view of history is another matter. Weber also used the word “genocide” in reference to the treatment of Europe's Jews, something the Jews themselves say.

Mark Weber the historian

Mark Weber calls himself an historian and an author—although he has never written a book and I just don't know how one can be considered an historian without at least one book on history to one's credit. I have argued before that Weber is a writer, and should not call himself an author. Does Mark Weber consider himself a scholar?

A scholar is one who has developed a thesis within his field of scholarship, something which Mark Weber has never done. That's why he can't write a book—he doesn't have the courage to come forth with ideas of his own. At best, he is a 'popularizer' or presenter of other people's points of view, and one with a talent for organizing these views into an easy-to-assimilate product. For this reason, Mark Weber is an asset to historical revisionism and his many articles, and some speeches and podcasts, are a valuable resource to students of 20th Century European history.

Long time holocaust revisionist Friedrich Paul Berg has asked Mark Weber to engage in a debate on a radio program format on the topic of gassing of Jews, but Weber has declined. Weber does not want to answer questions about his stated position that up to a million Jews died in gas chambers in Poland. He says he considers himself a holocaust revisionist, but if that is true he only represents “revisionism-lite,” or better, revisionism-ultra lite.


Carolyn your assesment of Mark Weber i found puzzling.Not all historians write books or debate.Mark Weber has had a debate check out youtube.I have studied and read much of the revisonist arguments,and they are winning the arguments.I my self  am not a trained historian,for the simple reason as Napoleon said History is lies agreed will not learn the truth from conventional historians,you have to do your research and study as i have done.
                        The Holocaust  and number of jewish deaths was on trial in the Earnt Zundel trial.The matter was settled,the prosecution could not produce one scientific proven death of gas posioning. The prosecution leading expert Raul Hillberg ended up looking like a fool and did not turn up for the second hearing.The question is what happened to the many jews and others.Were they the casualties of war,displaced persons,deported,emigrated etc.
                        According to some records most jews survived the holocaust.The number of compensation claimants is almost the number of jews killed,this beggers the question who did Hitler gas.
                     The evidence for the 6 million dead jews has yet to be found.This must be the only holocaust in history that has left no evidence,simply vanished.Anyone who questions the holocaust is immediatlely branded a holocaust denier with severe punishment in 17 European countries.So a thought crime is now criminal offence.
                     Why does the Holocaust need such draconian laws to protect it.People simply want proof other than testimonies of survivors who's stories do not match the available evidence.
                     Victors write history.All the actors in ww11 commited atrocities and genocide,they all have blood on their hands.The simple narrative of the evil Hitler myth,is not truthfull or accurate
                   We know need to look again at the available evidence and come to new radical conclusions
                      Kind Regards
                     Tiger Moto

This post was written 4 years ago. Since then, Mark Weber has claimed -- under questioning because it's not something he voluntarily speaks of -- that 2 to 2.5 million Jews were killed in gas chambers at Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. How does he know this? David Irving says so and he parrots Irving! This is not the method of a historian. 

Weber has abandoned all responsibility for historical-holocaust truth and is just living out his years collecting a salary as director of a de-fanged and sold out institute. He is a disgrace! And David Irving is close behind.

The Poles have many admirable qualities, but planning is not one of them. 
After 6 years of planning pre-emptive war against Germany (beginning in 1933); after repeatedly threatening to declare war on Germany (24, 25, and 28 March 1939; 5 May and 25 August 1939); after issuing detailed military attack plans for an invasion of Germany (24 March 1939); after repeatedly assuring everyone who would listen that they could defeat the Germans with or without foreign assistance (for example, General Gluchowski, 26 March 1939, Marshal Rydz-Smigly, 17 July 1939, Ambassador Lukasiewicz, 15 August 1939; Ambassador Jozef Lipski, 31 August 1939); after being the first to mobilize, both fully (334,000 men on 23 March 1939) and partially (21 reserve divisions on 23 August 1939); after being the first to commence hostilities, firing on German passenger boats and aircraft (24, 25, 26 and 31 August 1939) *, the entire Polish air force was destroyed during the first 36 hours of the war!
* The Poles also blew up a bridge over the Weichsel, the eastern end of which was on German territory, at Dirschau, on 31 August 1939; personally I consider this a legitimate defensive action; but the Poles cannot simultaneously complain of a German "surprise attack". The point is that they were prepared for it and provoked it.
There was also a Polish military incursion onto German territory towards the end of August 1939, in which 45 Polish cavarlymen were killed by German machine gun fire. One might almost say that a state of war existed already, before the German invasion.  

It seems like you have posted this to the wrong article. Still, it is interesting and if you want to post it to an article about disputes with Poland, you can do so and I will delete this one.

Let it stay where it is. Weber has been sitting on re-publication of THE FORCED WAR by David L. Hoggan, by far the most detailed and best discussion of the background to the Second World War, for 30 years, easily comparable to THE ORIGINS OF THE WORLD WAR by Sidney Bradshaw Fay, one of Hoggan's teachers.  Hoggan was a distinguished German-American university professor who had to publish almost all his books in Germany, in German; the original manuscripts appear to have been lost, and I am unable to locate his next of kin.
The FORCED WAR was one of the few that ever got published in English (although it is not quite complete compared to the German "original" -- I say that because the German was published first, and had to be "shortened a bit".  
Why doesn't that thief and liar Weber republish it? What's he afraid of? For more info, see   (probably need to copy and paste this link into your browser-cy)