More Putinisms promoting false Soviet-style narratives

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-12-04 12:08

Russia's President Vladimir Putin addresses the Federal Assembly, including State Duma deputies, members of the Federation Council, the heads of the Constitutional and Supreme courts, regional governors, heads of Russia's traditional religious faiths and public figures, at the Kremlin in Moscow, December 4, 2014. Vasily Maximov/AFP via Getty Images

In a major speech from the Kremlin today, Putin gave something of a "state-of-the-Union" report to members of the government and religious leaders that reveals Putin's own state-of-denial. He continues to praise and identify with the Soviet Union and its communist allies such as Yugoslavia, while never mentioning the mass murder they carried out. Some mind-bending quotes from the speech follow:

Hitler, with his humanity hating ideas, was going to destroy Russia and throw us back behind the Urals. Everyone should remember how this ended."

"Next year we will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Our army overcame the enemy, freed Europe.”

"There is no doubt they would have loved to see the Yugoslavia scenario of collapse and dismemberment for us – with all the tragic consequences it would have for the peoples of Russia. This has not happened. We did not allow it."

"We will never pursue the path of self-isolation, xenophobia, suspicion and search for enemies."

On Ukraine, Putin signaled 'no change' with these conspiracy-invoking words about the sanctions:

“I am sure if none of this happened, they would have invented another excuse to hold back the growing potential of Russia,” . “Every time they believe that Russia gets too strong, they use these instruments. But it’s pointless to talk to Russia in the language of force.”

Another translation of the above:

"I am certain that if all this did not take place... they would come up with another reason to contain Russia's growing capabilities. Whenever anyone thinks Russia has become strong, they resort to this instrument."

Crimea holds sacred meaning for Russians, forever.

The seizure of eastern provinces by Russian-speaking separatists prove that Moscow's policy was/is right.

"We are ready to meet any challenge of the times and win."

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Separate note on Islamic growth in Russia:

Since Vladimir Putin became president, the Muslims of Russia have erected 7500 mosques or slightly more than one per day, a statistic in which the Islamic community of that country can take great pride but one that may disturb some of Putin’s supporters who believe that he is committed to making Russia more Russian. 


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"Back" beyond the Urals. That's right, where you came from. 

I've found a translation of Putin's remarks at The Saker's website. Here is the Crimea portion:

1) Crimea is Russian forever:

It was an event of special significance for the country and the people, because Crimea is where our people live, and the peninsula is of strategic importance for Russia as the spiritual source of the development of a multifaceted but solid Russian nation and a centralised Russian state. It was in Crimea, in the ancient city of Chersonesus or Korsun, as ancient Russian chroniclers called it, that Grand Prince Vladimir was baptised before bringing Christianity to Rus.

In addition to ethnic similarity, a common language, common elements of their material culture, a common territory, even though its borders were not marked then, and a nascent common economy and government, Christianity was a powerful spiritual unifying force that helped involve various tribes and tribal unions of the vast Eastern Slavic world in the creation of a Russian nation and Russian state. It was thanks to this spiritual unity that our forefathers for the first time and forevermore saw themselves as a united nation. All of this allows us to say that Crimea, the ancient Korsun or Chersonesus, and Sevastopol have invaluable civilisational and even sacral importance for Russia, like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the followers of Islam and Judaism.   And this is how we will always consider it.

If you fall for this I have a re-constructed gas chamber I'd like to sell you.

Russia: Chabad-Lubavitch & Putin Form Surprisingly Strong Bond
November 30, 2014  
Although Russia has historically not been considered the most hospitable place for Jews who wish to observe their religion – and the Russian Orthodox church is clearly the most dominant religious force in the country – current Russian President Vladimir Putin has become surprisingly close to the leaders of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect who seek to strengthen Orthodox Judaism in Russia.
Rabbi Berel Lazar, a devotee of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, currently serves as Russia’s chief rabbi. Lazar appears frequently at Putin’s side at public events and is the leader of the Federation of Jewish Communities, Russia’s most important Jewish organization. Lazar, who has been called “Putin’s Rabbi,” sits on the country’s public chamber, a government-appointed oversight committee. In return for such honor, Lazar publicly praises the Russian president as a friend of the Jews, and he insists that Russia is “one of the safest places for Jews in Europe.”
The Russian government under Putin has been a significant patron of Rabbi Lazar’s Federation of Jewish Communities, infusing it with funds that have enabled the restoring of dozens of synagogues and the building of Jewish community centers throughout the country. The Federation has also obtained government funding to develop the Jewish Museum, which opened in 2012 in Moscow.
As outlined by Slate, Chabad-Lubavitch has become the dominant force in Russian Jewish life. “Eighty percent of all synagogues, the rabbis are Chabad,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, the organization’s chief spokesman, explained. “But the people who come, many are just young people who want to come and learn something about Judaism.”
Boroda dismissed the idea that there was something inappropriate about his organization’s close relationship with the Kremlin. “The chief rabbi is the representative of the Jewish tradition,” he explained. “It’s the Russian tradition, it’s not like America.”
Chabad has become so prominent in Russia partly through the help of some influential backers. The Uzbek–Israeli billionaire diamond magnate Lev Leviev was a strong early backer of the Federation. Roman Abramovich, the billionaire investor, governor, and owner of the Chelsea soccer team, has also been a supporter, donating $5 million to construct the Marina Roscha Synagogue.
David Shneer, a professor of Jewish history at the University of Denver, claims it also helps that Chabad is a “movement that cultivates ties with political leadership as part of a broader strategy to make a home wherever they happen to be.”
Even though most Russian Jews do not adhere to Orthodox practice, Shneer says it is no surprise that the Orthodox Chabad has become a leading factor in Russian Jewish life. “Chabad is evangelical Judaism,” he elaborated. “They bring Judaism to people at whatever level they’re at. If they want to light candles, they’ll show them how to light candles. If they want to keep kosher, they’ll show them how to keep kosher. They know that 95 percent of people who attend Chabad events are not at all religiously observant. But their point is to bring a certain kind of Judaism to as many Jews as possible.”
According to the Federation’s Boroda, that approach has brought tangible results. “More people have started going to synagogue,” he enthused. “We’re seeing a renaissance in Jewish life.”

What you've posted here from a Jewish site is similar to what was posted on another thread from the Jewish site TabletMag and also Slate. This is a story the Jews (and Putin, I believe) want to put out there. So I wouldn't put too much store in it.

One thing I've noticed is that Jewish media portrays all governments as friendly to Jews and valuing Jews ... maybe to make it seem a great place for Jews to live so they will go there ... or to make unpopular Jews appear to be popular. Whatever their reasons, they do it.

This is Niqnaq's theory too, that Putin was put in power by Chabad/Lubavitch, a different faction of Jews than the Western, liberal ones, but who also are connected to Israel where he believes the true center of World power currently lies.
Chabad/Lubavich are in favor of traditional values, which creates the apperance of animosity with the liberal Western world. Niqnaq's main source is a man named Eduard Hodos, a disgruntled Jew who apparently had a falling out with Chabad, so given that Hodos is Jewish, how far you can trust his story is anyone's guess!
Niqnaq also believes that Alexander Dugin will, one day introduce the idea that the Lubavich faction are the "good Jews" and different from those "bad" liberal types of Jews in the West.
I don't know how far to trust Niqnaq, he is an unappologetic supporter of Marxist/Communist ideologies (but not the subversive way in which they were implemeneted he claims) and believes these are perfectly acceptable in principle and are preferrable to Western "Capitalism".
A very strange position for someone who is supposedly Jew-wise to take.

if Russia wants to revise the borders of Russia and Ukraine to the pre-Stalin era (when Crimea was Russian), what about undoing Stalin's border revisions of Ukraine-Poland-Germany (especially East-Prussia) , asks Pepe Escobar.