New book just out on “Holocaust” by Dr. Thomas Dalton challenges basic beliefs

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2016-09-15 15:20

By Carolyn Yeager

AS NEW HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS CONTINUE TO BE BUILT, as more schools add compulsory “Holocaust education” to their curriculum, and more governments cave under the pressure to give legal protection to this WWII atrocity propaganda campaign turned official history – it's Thomas Dalton to the rescue again.

His new book is titled The Holocaust – An Introduction, Exploring the Evidence. It is a basic presentation intended to simplify the questions asked by educated thinking persons, explain why they're asked, and point out the lack of answers from the Holocaust historians. No one can do this better than Thomas Dalton, in my estimation. His previous book on the subject, Debating the Holocaust, did a fantastic and fair job of presenting both sides, and was therefore widely read. Now he has turned again to the effort to make the subject understandable to every reader, and hopefully to get the attention of those who have been led or coerced into believing the case is closed.

He presents is as a murder mystery. I confess I've only read what's available at, (which you should read too) but I've ordered the book and will write more about it after I've read the whole thing. I'm not expecting any surprises for people like myself, but I do expect it may turn out to be the clearest exposition yet of why the “Holocaust” story, as it stands, is impossible to defend, both scientifically and historically.

It's a book written for the believer. It's the job of all of us who no longer believe to get it into the hands of believers. It's priced at only $9.95 and there are already some cheaper copies available from other dealers at Amazon. The Kindle version is only $2.99. After I've read it, I may buy several more copies so that I can hand them out to anyone I think might actually read it. Unfortunately, there are many who would actually refuse to even open the cover – proof that for them the 'Holocaust' has become a sacred religion. Even though they would deny it, their belief in the 'Holocaust' story as it's covered in the media and movies is fully akin to a religious belief.

This is the kind of resistance Thomas Dalton is up against with his new book. He deserves all the help from us he can get.

Other new books on holocaust topics:

Germar Rudolf – “Fail: Denying the Holocaust” How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory $12 (scheduled for print release in late September)

Carlo Mattogno – “Fail: Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories” How James and Lance Morcan Botched their Attempt to Affirm the Historicity of the Nazi Genocide $9.95

Carlo Mattogno -  "Curated Lies: The Auschwitz Museum's Misrepresentatons, Distortions and Deceptions" $19.95

And I'd like to note that my illustrated booklet based on my 2009 Auschwitz tour can now be read free here on this site.


Carolyn, you are supporting an imbecile who wrote an idiot book. Understandable. Your book, too, is garbage of the worst type. You are deranged, badly. Please consider help.

When I get comments from you, Yitzhak, I know I've done a good job. Most of the time I don't approve them, but this one I did. You got lucky.

Dalton's book brings out the truth in every aspect; you are very afraid of the truth because it's so hard to control. So you're nervous and feel compelled to react in this totally ineffective way.

Thomas Dalton is an outstanding intellect who can show that the Jewish holocaust historians are a bunch of goofs.

If you were not such an idiot, you would know that victims of mass atrocities do not have death certificates. I know, I know, you would like to see death certificates before you will acknowledge that Jewish people died in the Holocaust. But you deny that, and that makes you a freaking imbecile. 

No, that makes you an imbecile. "Death certificates" is nothing but a strawman. It's not about death certificates, Yitzy. No one is asking to see death certificates -- name one place where I have done so. It's about BODIES. For a murder, you have to have a dead body. For 6 million murders you need 6 million bodies in some form or other. But the Jews can't come up with even a fraction.

Carolyn: "But the Jews can't come up with even a fraction." Are you deranged? Then what do you, idiot moron, think that happened to the many Jewish people who never returned to their homes after being taken to concentration camps? Are you high on something or are you this illogical for real? By the way, maybe you are aware that your claims might qualify as incitement to hatred in your state of current residence. That, and your dissemination of Nazi propaganda, along with your use of fabricated lies to disparage Jewish people. I will ask that it be investigated by the proper authorities. This country is based on laws, you imbecile, in case you forgot. 

You say "Are you deranged?", implying there IS proof of bodies ... but don't offer any.  You go on to only attack me again, and this time even threaten me with your ill-begotten laws!

So where are the 6 million bodies hiding that you claim were killed? As I truly said, they don't exist and never existed.

P.S. You can't even spell your name consistently. Yitzhak and Yithzak, lol.

You changed the spelling to bully me, and then you claimed that I had a different spelling. Typical of a liar such as yourself. No surprise whatsoever here.

I have no capability whatsoever of changing the name of a commenter, or any other information associated with them. Comment systems don't work that way and you probably know it. So, as always, you are the "liar" whose game is to make himself appear a victim.

You prove by this that your "game" is "turn-around", to always accuse your target of what you are guilty of. It's common practice of those where you come from. For this reason, I won't be accepting any more of your disingenuous comments. You've struck out.

Carolyn: "they don't exist and never existed.". This quote from you is the essence of your malicious and deranged propaganda, in which you claim that Jewish people did not die in the Holocaust. I hope you will be held legally accountable for your imbecile instigation to racial hatred. You are a venomous, deceptive, and disgustingly perverted bully. I am curious if you were BORN this vicious, if your parents EDUCATED you in this spirit, or if you voluntarily CHANGED into having these monstruous views, as part of which, you think it is acceptable to disseminate Nazi propaganda in a society that wants to be civilized and defend itself from garbage such as yourself and your writings.

I never said "Jewish people did not die in the Holocaust." I said 6 million did not die, and it has never been proven, not even close. One million has not been proven, and can not be demonstrated via bodies or mass graves. Bodies don't disappear like smoke, as you hope people will believe.

I post this last comment from you as a textbook example of how low Jews will go in their defense of their mythical "Holocaust." Of how bereft they are of real arguments. Just as Robert Faurisson said.

A very good article that follows in a similar path as Dalton's book is in the current issue of Inconvenient History Quarterly Journal.

It's by Robert Faurisson, "Foreword to the 2nd Edition of Ecrits revisionnistes (Writings of the Revisionists) - 1974-1998"

A more clear exposition of the Revisionist victories you won't find anywhere. RF is a master of the English language -- quite an accomplishment for a Frenchman.

Obviously "Yitzhak" has never heard about the idea of FORENSIC EVIDENCE. As a typical Jew he only believes in "verbal evidence" and if that doesn't work he resorts to name calling. That too is typically Jewish.

"verbal evidence", I like that.

Yes Franklin, what you say is a typical Jewish tactic; as is suggesting that Carolyn should seek "help" - what they mean is Jew invented psychotherapy.

This whole holo-caust only continues as a way to squeeze money out of Europeans. Now $60 million more in reparations from France are being paid out to Jews now living in the U.S. [or their heirs!] who were put on French trains when deported to German camps in the East.

It’s also the first World War II reparations program to include heirs considered to be “standing in the shoes” of people who died before receiving compensation [...]

So far, Eizenstat [a Jew] said, 29 Holocaust deportees have received $204,000 each ... [...]

... most of the claims received in the first round between November 2015 and May came from heirs. [...]

Eizenstat said a team of nine State Department staffers [on US taxpayer's dime] is reviewing an additional 600 or so claims and on Thursday opened a second round of applications due Jan. 20.

Greedy, greedy, greedy. If you read the article, realize it's lying about the conditions of travel.

Many thanks, again.  I ordered the Thomas book, too.  I know the future of mankind is in the balance on this issue.  Yet, I must confess that I am a little intimidated by the power of the Holocausters.  I teach introductions to religion and philosophy at a junior college.  Both text books bring up the 'holocaust' to make a moral point condemning Hitler.   I use that as an inroad to talk about the holocaust in general.  But I have been reluctant to really challenge the students because of what I have seen happen to people who speak up.  You give me courage to keep up the struggle.  After reading this Yitzhak comment I see the evil once again we are up against.  What could be more evil than for those who are racist and elitists to call others racist and elitists?  Yitzhak is like the Devil in Paradise Lost saying, “Evil, be thou my good.”   What does evil do when it has no argument?  It calls good people names. Truly this is taking the Lord’s name in vain and it is shameful.      

Al - your rambling lack coherence and substance.
Also, teaching that racist antisemitic garbage to college students is unprofessional and you should be ashamed of yourself. They have the right to learn about the horrors that Jews and others were subject to, during WWII. You are most likely engaging in professional misconduct and I hope somebody will raise that issue within your school. 

Watch out Al - this guy will try to get you fired. You know that Ray Goodwin was "let go" from his teaching position in a community college because of Jewish sneaks like Yithzak. Ray was trying to open his students' minds a little about history.

To Yitzhak - Al didn't say he DID NOT cover the Jewish 'horror tale' but only that he tried to help his students be more objective. You, on the other hand, are a complete despot. And no doubt coming to us from Israel.

Yithzak, a nasty, arrogant, venomous, HasbaRat troll, as is typical of such creatures, or possibly not even a Jew at all (based on how he incorrectly spells his name*) but instead a philo-semitic blockhead who believes in the "Jews are the Chosen People" religious nonsense, and as such, is impelled to defend them, said:
"They have the right to learn about the horrors that Jews and others were subject to, during WWII."
Let's learn about "the horrors" that millions of non-Jews were subject to before, during and after WWII, in that Jewish-created "workers paradise", that absolutely DWARFS your numbers--especially that fictitious, symbolic "six-million" figure.
Let's learn about the "horrors" and suffering that tens of millions of ethnic Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, and other hapless people under the mega-tyrannical rule of JEWISH COMMUNISM, that so-called "workers paradise" that Jews the world over almost to the last man supported and promoted, that in practice was responsible for untold pain, misery, suffering and 60-plus million dead in the Soviet Union--and 100 million dead overall worldwide when you include China and other communist countries--and even more than that number that suffered repression, persecution and imprisoned for being so-called "enemies of the state" by paranoid Soviet dictators and lesser entities.
Let's learn about the seven to ten millions of Ukrainians that perished in an artificial famine in Ukraine during the Holodomor presided over by Jew Lazar Kaganavich.
Let's learn about all those political prisoners and so-called "enemies of the state" worked to death in bitter, brutal, inhuman conditions in Siberian gulags run by JEWS that make the so-called "death camps" (work camps in reality) seem like summer camp in comparison!
Your Jewish "suffering" is over-rated, over-dramatized, over-embellished and over-emphasized, and a mere drop in the ocean when you examine the historical record and compare it to non-Jewish suffering. The people of the world are sick and tired of hearing about it!
All you Jews concern yourself with and all that matter to you people is "what's good for the Jews" and not that of the non-Jews.
All the pain, misery, death and suffering due to the policies of your Jewish leaders, i.e., bankers, businessmen, politicians, etc. that are responsible (from behind the scenes) for causing so much turmoil and suffering and death via wars, revolutions, etc. these past couple of hundred years beginning with the rise of Jewish money power via the Rothschilds and the emancipation of the Jews by Napoleon, matters not one bit!
The historical record is out there and you Jews cannot escape it. All you do is deny it and call us "anti-semites" and "haters" and other Jewish-created smear terms and get us fired, blacklisted, and other dirty tricks you Jews are notorious for.
There would have been no WWII if not for the insistence of your top Jewish rabbis, politicians, bankers and businessmen (1), so blame any real suffering and loss of life (that once again, is dwarfed by the suffering and loss of life of non-Jews) your tribe had to endure on THEM and not on Adolf Hitler, a kind-hearted and very good man and great leader, and the National Socialists who were spot-on in their analysis of your treacherous, subversive, contentious, domineering, pestiferous tribe and were more than justified in their policies dealing with your people.
Let's learn about all the pain, misery, suffering and bloodshed in the Middle East and genocide and dispossession of the indigenous Palestinian people all because of this GREAT, BIG, HUMONGOUS JEWISH HOLOCAUST LIE that continues down to this very day
Let's learn and never forget the treachery and betrayal by the Jewish supremacist Zionist devils on 09-11-01 against its number one benefactor via the false-flag terror attacks that took place that day and immediately blamed on the Muslims, that sparked off more unneccessary wars and bloodshood in that part of the world in behalf of Jewish interests. (2)
P.S. I've never read or heard any so-called "racist antisemitic garbage" that wasn't true--and believe me, I've read a lot. 
P.P.S. Hitler was right.
* Real Jews spell it Yitzhak.
Why did the Germans begin rounding up the Jews and interning them in the concentration camps to begin with? Contrary to popular myth, the Jews remained "free" inside Germany - albeit subject to laws which did restrict certain of their privileges - prior to the outbreak of World War II.
Yet, the other little-known fact is that just before the war began, the leadership of the world Jewish community formally declared war on Germany - above and beyond the ongoing six-year- long economic boycott launched by the worldwide Jewish community when the Nazi Party came to power in 1933.
As a consequence of the formal declaration of war, the German authorities thus deemed Jews to be potential enemy agents.
Here's the story behind the story: Chaim Weizmann, president of both the international "Jewish Agency" and of the World Zionist Organization (and later Israel's first president), told British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in a letter published in The London Times on September 6, 1939 that:
I wish to confirm, in the most explicit manner, the declarations which I and my colleagues have made during the last month, and especially in the last week, that the Jews stand by Great Britain and will fight on the side of the democracies. Our urgent desire is to give effect to these declarations [against Germany].
We wish to do so in a way entirely consonant with the general scheme of British action, and therefore would place ourselves, in matters big and small, under the coordinating direction of His Majesty's Government. The Jewish Agency is ready to enter into immediate arrangements for utilizing Jewish manpower, technical ability, resources, etc.
That his allegations against Germany were made long before even Jewish historians today claim there were any gas chambers or even a plan to "exterminate" the Jews, displays the nature of the propaganda campaign confronting Germany.

I know. Thanks Carolyn for your concern.  I never mention the Holocaust but that the texts mention it first and then I can tell them that not everyone accepts the same narrative.  I let them draw their own conclusions.  
As for engaging in professional misconduct I am always aware of my institution's guidelines.  Fortunately, in Philosophy we look at the ways and means of knowledge and verifying the truth.  
Yithzak's threats are the beginning of closing down all free inquiry.  It is amazing that he doesn't see that he is the 'nazi' mentality as it is projected in his history.  
My life is in God's hands and I will speak the truth or die.  The truth shall set you free.  So if I don't speak the truth I can not be free, either.   Neither can Yithzak.  In an ironic way it is him I am trying to save.  Like MLK would say these are damaged people.  

The very students you are attempting to help think for themselves will turn on you.  Some of the young men might very well listen and research what you might refer them to.
More than likely it will be the young ladies (all it takes is one) who will try to get you run off.  They are so mind controlled by what they have seen via the Jewish film industry that it is near impossible to reach them.
Their response after being guided to do some research for themselves will likely be to ask if you have see some movie like "The Boy In Striped Pajamas."  The film industry is where brainwashed Americans "learn" their history.
I know this from years of experience Al.  I have been there and gone through the fallout.

It starts where people will start thinking for them selves. Those who seek truth wherever it leads will winn.

The Talmudic Jewish mindset demands the absolute enemy. They found it in the invented story of the gaschambers. If they just could accept that due to the war a huge human tragedy happened, and that they are not choosen or special, than thet can start to be humans among other humans. Then they are no Jews anymore, because their specialness is the core of their identity.

I'm reading it now....a must for people who have a neutral opinion about the Jews because this one will set the facts straight.  So many quotes and truisms, you'll enjoy the straight facts that have been accumulated through the ages.
Definitely another book for our war arseanl against the people the most responsible for the world problems today.