No tolerance, no democracy for nationalist party

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2015-11-21 20:23

Who are these people and why do they have so much hate? They look like they come from hell. Notice the guy in profile on the far left (pun not intended) - you wouldn't want to run into him on a dark night. enlarge

Rock-throwing demonstrators in Weinheim* today attacked police who were protecting the National Party Conference of the NPD [National Democratic Party of Germany or Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands].

It was described as “massive riots” in which leftist demonstrators tried to break up police barricades and threw stones at police, two of whom were injured. In all, 125 demonstrators were detained by police who used pepper spray and batons against the violent crowd of about 400. Many remained in custody later in the day.

The clashes had already begun at 8 am. In recent days, various left groups and alliances used social networks to reach other leftists to join the protest against the NPD. They even announced they had plans for blockades of the conference location.

The nationalist party was formed in 1964 from the break-up of Reich Party and identifies itself as Germany's “only significant patriotic force.” It is considered by the Left Establishment as neo-Nazi and is described by German media as a far-right political party that critics accuse of xenophobia. These leftists consider xenophobe a dirty word and try to stop "xenophbes" from gathering together through any means possible – beatings, jailings, murder and/or chased out of the country. They don't want the country to stay only German, but to be “colorful,” as they say it. Funny that “colorful” means being filled with brown and black people.

In December 2014, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled in favor of German President Joachim Gauck over comments he made about anti-refugee protestors, calling them “lunatics” right before parliamentary elections in 2013. The Court ruled that “the head of state had to make value judgments on political parties, and did not necessarily have to remain neutral.” Ha! So we see how biased the courts are. Even though the NPD is allowed to be disrespected like that, they still have the right to meet together without being invaded and attacked by leftist thugs. Since the population in Germany is disarmed, it is the duty of the police to protect everyone. What a huge expense that is!

Still, it is very difficult for the NPD to operate normally. They are constantly threatened with being banned … for what? . All the other parties gang up against them. Opposition parties on the right are not tolerated in Germany - even less so now than they used to be. It's the onerous influence of the consensus-loving European Union.

This is the third time the NPD has held it's conference in Weinheim, a town of about 44,000 people in Baden-Wurttemburg. The local government has in the past tried unsuccessfully to prevent the party from holding its party conference there.

Consider the media-friendly treatment given to the CSU Party Conference just days ago with the treatment given to the NPD. Current Party Chairman, Frank Franz (right) spoke to the Party Congress at length and in a press conference about the "pacification of the party." I think that means to appear more peaceful to the electorate.

[*I was in Weinheim in 2008, a charmingly attractive town – it was my first stop after landing in Frankfurt. I met Günter Deckert at the train station around 10 am and we spent the day sightseeing the very historic area, ending in Heidelberg. Had a marvelous lunch. I did not know at the time that only a few miles south lay my ancestral homeland.]

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Good article with quotes from the speakers at the meeting.

Germany’s NPD Continues Political Makeover

The National Democratic Party of Germany has continued with its political makeover, completing a highly successful conference so far removed from its previous image that a local leftist journalist announced that “vast segments of the population should be able to identify with the party’s new policies.” 


We are not a “normal party; we are the only party of normality. We are the last remaining bastion that is still fighting for the welfare of the German people,” Franz told the 200 delegates.


The AFD is too western-bound, pro-US, and not system-critical enough. That is why cooperation is not an option. We want to take Germany out of NATO and start proper relations with Russia.”