No visits for Günter!

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2013-01-19 15:49

Unbelievably, the Mannheim prison  (at right) seems to be denying Günter Deckert his mail and visitor privileges. Gunter entered the prison on Jan. 3rd to serve a 5-month sentence for "disturbing the peace of the people" many years ago by doing a small bit of translation in a holocaust revisionist book.

A friend, Matthias, just sent this email:

last week I tried to sign up for a visit to Günter. A female employee of the prison told me that Günter had not put me on his list of visitors. So I wrote a letter to Günter asking him to put me on the list of visitors. Since I did not get an answer, I called Günter's wife who told me that my name actually can be found on the list but, with the exception of his closest family, nobody got permission for a visit to Günter.

Obviously the prison employee was lying to me.

Grüße, regards,


Seems to me they have decided that any visitors Günter would get would be from "neo-nazis" and they would be bad for his "rehabilitation." Once I sent a letter to Germar Rudolf when he was still in prison in Germany. They informed him he could not receive this letter because it contained words and thoughts they deemed to be harmful to their program for change and improvement of his mental state. Germar asked me so nicely to be more careful of what I wrote in the future. Embarassed My previous letters had gotten through alright, so I became a little bolder. They really take seriously that you are there to be made safe for society.

Matthias is obviously a marked man, as would, no doubt, any friend and associate of Gunter be considered. Has anyone in the United States heard back from Günter yet?