Norbert Hofer should win, but all votes not counted yet

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2016-05-22 19:20

Preliminary final vote results from the Austrian Interior Ministry

I've been following this election news all day, but don't want to celebrate before the winner is officially announced, expected around 3 a.m. my time at the earliest. All FPOe supporters are feeling cautious about what the Left might be up to with the mail-in vote counting, called the postal vote in Austria.

While we wait, please read the excellent detailed coverage at The New Observer, which follows European right-wing parties closely. I was thrilled as usual to read these lines:

In the state of Kärnten, Hofer took 60.1 percent of the vote, to Van der Bellen’s 39.9 percent. [the home state of the late Willi Kriessmann]

In the state of Steiermark, Hofer took 60.1 percent of the vote, to Van der Bellen’s 41.3 percent. [The home state of Willy Wenger]


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That is great news.  Hopefully Germany's AFD can do the same before it's too late. 
A friend sent me a video of this idiot, surrounded by bigger idiots.  I don't know if this woman is hateful towards Germans, or just an idiot.  I suspect the latter.  Of course it appeals to her, but the brainless boob doesn't seem to realize she's calling for the genocide of Germans.  She's just basking in the adulation of others for her while she calls for their extinction.
I like this more, although I don't understand it.

Hello Carolyn, I could hardly sleep last night! I hope they don't try and screw Hofer with the postal votes. Hofer swept every federal district, except Vienna. I'm glad to say that Branau Am Inn voted by a landslide for Hofer and the FPO!
I'm on tenterhooks here, can someone put me out of my misery! Lol!

I am the same, Pierre. Here it is, 3:30 pm in Vienna already and still no report. One can only think they can't bring themselves to announce Hofer's victory. According to the numbers, it doesn't seem it could go any other way. Communists and the Left are terrible people, is all I can say. They know that when Hofer actually gets into office, he will become very popular.

Good for Braunau, but Linz and Leonding went for van der bellen. The announcement should come very soon now.

P.S. Hofer sent a message to PEGIDA with this info:

The Orf predicted by the voting cards [postal votes] a slight overhang (2.888 votes) for van der Bellen, ATV predicts a overhang (19.800) for me. 

Can't imagine, from the results of yesterday's voting, how ORF can sincerely predict such a big a win for van der B in the mail-in votes. It's politics ... and wishful thinking.

The BBC are reporting that  Van der Bellen has won, very disappointed...

DW, representing the establishment, has on it's site now:

The direct votes gave right-winger Norbert Hofer 51.9 percent to 48.1 percent for Alexander Van der Bellen, a Greens politician running as an independent. 

Nearly 700,000 absentee ballots are still to be counted Monday, making them the likely decider following the 4.48 million people who voted directly on Sunday.

Final projections that included the still-to-be-counted absentee ballots put each candidate at 50 percent, with Van der Bellen narrowly ahead. Bullshit!

While the presidential role is mainly ceremonial, there are key powers within the constitution which give the president the right to sack the government and to dissolve parliamentWhat they are afraid of.

The final results are due at the earliest on Monday evening. The first time they said it was mid-morning, then changed to mid-afternoon, now it's evening. It's clear they are trying to figure out how to change the result!!!!! I mean, it's only 700,000 votes to count. Shades of the Geo. W. Bush Florida debacle.