OMG! Hoaxter Joshua Kaufman appears as Trump's guest at SOTU

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2019-02-06 13:54

Joshua Kaufman in his Commie worker's costume, and Herman Zietchik wave from the balcony of the House of Representatives chamber after being introduced by President Donald Trump.

By Carolyn Yeager

GUESS WHO WAS THE PRESIDENT'S GUEST AT THE SOTU LAST NIGHT? The lying hoaxter Joshua Kaufman who got himself in the news in 2015 and again in 2016, at which time I wrote several articles about him and did some investigative research. Find three of my articles here, here and here. He was dressed for the occasion, seated near the First Lady and with everyone in their best attire, in the very same work-type clothes he was always wearing in 2015-16!

It's like a kind of costume for him—the brown jacket with fake furry collar, the jeans, the white shirt and billed cap tilted a little to the side on his head. One of his three daughters was there with him, dressed in all white—possibly to be in sync with the radical socialist women legislators in the chamber.

This guy is a buffoon and a huckster, so it was very disappointing to see him being introduced by the President of the United States—a president I happen to like and support—and watch him receive the applause of the entire US governing bodies. For someone who knows the score like I do, it's like the final shovelful of dirt proving the insanity this country is sunk in. And to see this man dressed in those exact same clothes! Refusing to remove his hat; he has never been photographed without it!

So what has Kaufman, who lives in Los Angeles, California, lied about, you will ask? Clearly, clearly he lies about his experiences during his one year (spring 1944 to spring 1945) as a concentration camp inmate. He says he was sent to Auschwitz with his family from the Debercen ghetto in Hungary, which was in existence only one month from mid-May to mid-June in 1944. Probably true. He was 16 years of age but says he was 15. He didn't remain at Auschwitz (though he has repeatedly claimed he worked in a gas chamber there removing bodies, at age 15!!) and says he was sent to 5 different camps in that one year, ending up at Dachau, near Munich, Germany. He claims that there he had to carry around 50 lb bags of cement 12 hours a day, and even had to throw fellow prisoners into the cement mixer, which he did. All this as a starving teenager! Would you be dumb enough to believe him?

But what does the President know ... he just goes along with the program. He read his speech: “A second holocaust survivor who is here tonight, Joshua Kaufman, was a prisoner at Dachau. He remembers watching through a hole in the wall of a cattle car as American soldiers rolled in with tanks. [A cattle car? Last time I heard him tell it, he was hiding in the latrine when the Americans liberated him. God's truth.] 'To me,' Joshua recalls, 'the American soldiers were proof that God exists, and they came down from the sky.' They came down from heaven.”

Then Trump said, “Herman Zietchik was one of the Americans who helped rescue Joshua from that hell on earth. Almost 75 years later, Herman and Joshua are both together in the gallery tonight — seated side-by-side, here in the home of American freedom. Herman and Joshua, your presence this evening is very much appreciated.”

But, before he died, Daniel Gillespie was the American soldier responsible for saving Kaufman ... in the 2015 History Channel production of their "reunion" acted out for TV (read my previous articles). However, Gillespie was a goy, so the choreographers of the SOTU came up with a Jewish soldier to give more credit to Jews.

FYI, Dachau was never “hell on earth” as the Jews like to call every detention camp the Germans ran. It is disgraceful that nothing a Jew says about their experience in the camps, no matter how far-fetched and in contradiction with known facts, is ever questioned. This encourages Jews to lie with abandon and makes fools of those who believe them. I noticed that the top military brass who were in attendance stood up and applauded Zietchik and Kaufman, something they did not do often during Trump's speech.

The question I ask is who suggested that Joshua Kaufman, a “holocaust survivor,” be in attendance at the speech. Was it Jared Kushner, along with Ivanka? Did they suggest it would help with the Jewish vote? I don't think it will help at all but it could tone down criticism that Trump doesn't give enough attention to Jewish issues such as anti-Semitism, etc. Also, if the plan was to honor some WWII vets [I can't think why but maybe there was a reason], then it was thought necessary to include holocaust survivors in that so as not to leave Jews feeling left out. Joshua Kaufman seems to be a favorite of the media; he was in fact a media creation beginning with the 70th anniversary of the so-called liberation of Auschwitz when the media was looking for survivor stories to run. It's all part of the Holocaust Industry, which needs to keep churning stuff out.

It's sad that the White House and the upper eschelons of our government are not above such demeaning kow-towing to special interests and monied interests in the name of upholding our national wartime mythologies. Very sad.


This is just from memory, but didn't the American troops filled with rage, propaganda and hate, machine gun the SS guards at Dachau without any trial after they had already surrendered with their hands up ? Impossible to find anything truthful now using search engines.
Disgusted at the POTUS's lack of historical knowledge. His eldest daughter denies Christ in order to marry Jared Kushner, and he is absolutely surrounded by Jews. Go to the 10 minute mark onwards in the following video. (Horrific !)
After Trump has drained the Swamp, then what ? He is for LEGAL immigration and that will be just about 100% NON White to fill jobs for a so-called thriving economy. He lacks Racial Savvy and that may get you through for now, but there will be a heavy price to pay later on.

Yes, you are right about the massacre of the Dachau guards by the Americans. Here is one account of it:

The regular guards had run away a day or two earlier, so the camp authorities had to recruit young, local men to take their place. So most of those who were murdered by the American 'liberators' were not even the regular SS men. It was a war crime perpetrated by the U.S. troops.

Our Kameraden over at Renegade have been and continue to be correct in their assesment of Trump Carolyn. 
I too had some initial hope concerning him, but could not shake the doubt going all the way back to Trump's very early Roy Cohn association.  
Perhaps he truly intended to MAGAfy America which becomes more degenerate by the day, but no way in hell was he going to do it being up to his eyeballs in wicked Jews and a Chabad Lubabitcher son-in-law who serves as the Hofjude/"Bibi's mole to the President.
There is far too much Talmudic stench surrounding this man to not see the obvious by now. 

We've pretty much always seen eye to eye, Kurt. But what I can't go along with is that Donald Trump is "owned" by the Jews and is willingly doing their bidding. Congress is filled with Jew yes-men; almost 100%. We are at the point that we can only hope to keep the first and second amendments, and slow down immigration. Trump is doing that.

I have one question for you ... and for Joshuaf and for Renegade: What is your alternative?

If Trump wouldn't run in 2020, who would be better? Or how will anything get better from here? All you people have NO answers, as far as I know.

I agree with you, Carolyn. The fact that Trump kowtows to the Jews does not mean he loves them. If he had not kowtowed he would not now be president, and if he does not continue to kowtow he will not be able to accomplish any of his mission.
People in this very common position more often hate Jews than love them. Don't know if Trump does, but in his position I'd probably hate them even more than I do as a private citizen!

Idon't want to offend the hostess, but...
The only time that orange turd raised his chin above parallel with the floor was when exhaulting on the jews. The gloating was nauseating. His body language was a true indicator. At that moment all I could think was ...all hope is lost.
No mention of global warming, which will kill us all, or the 20+ trillion debt, but plenty of time and effort for the jews.

Many years ago I read "Day of the Americans," the writer as I remember was named Gunn. It is a great example of who were really the "bad guys" in WW2. Made any thinking person feel ashamed of being an American, and ashamed of the flag. As I have mentioned before, if the flag is used to reflect the nation, the colors must be changed from red, white, and blue. The stripes should be alternately brown and black. The field should be (Israeli) powder blue, and every star on it should be six-pointed, and red. Or, changed to one huge red six-pointed star. There should be NO white on it, for it in no way represents anything WHITE, especially, people!!
A case that Trump is in the pocket of the Jews can be easily made, if considering only the SURFACE appearance. But he has to assume the mantle of "when in Rome," or be removed from the scene immediately. The only way he can effectively gain even an inch against the eternal enemy is to play the game THEIR way until he has the wherewithall to strike a blow for the "good guys." I do not envy his position - not at all. But, I think I understand it. And if YOU do, you KNOW he cannot oppose the enemy with a frontal assault because he does NOT have the TROOPS in place to fight such a battle. A shame, but we have to accept the current situation, until our OWN "Pearl Harbor" can be executed. Tough to be that patient and accepting. But we must.

Brilliant comment, Ray. I'm especially impressed with this idea:

[Trump] cannot oppose the enemy with a frontal assault because he does NOT have the TROOPS in place to fight such a battle.

We are the troops! And so many abandoned ship or went AWOL as soon as organized Jewish interests got their way about something or other. It's alright to criticize Trump, but to wholly write him off as 'the enemy' makes no sense. We won't find a better friend in Washington today. I notice that when I ask Kurt "What is your alternative?", he does not answer.

I'd like to say to Kurt and Joshuaf and Matthew and Renegade: When that nut-job truck driver in Pittsburgh walked into that synagogue with his guns and started shooting it up, he did more damage to White political power and influence than Jared Kushner could ever do. So much of what was said at the SOTU that you don't like was forced by the need to respond to that synagogue shooting. Everytime one of these disturbed, lonely Whites decides to "make a statement" with his guns, it only strengthens our enemies and weakens our own position. They all mistakenly believe that if they take such an action and sacrfice themselves, they will start a stampede of other gun-toting Whites. It never happens though and never will.

Face it, we have to work with the ballot box and take power legally.

Someone at Renegade Tribune spotted a swastika over Kaufman's shoulder:
Subliminal Message?

You mean "Big Brother is arranging every detail in our world" or "Everything you see on TV was set up and filmed in a studio."

It is impressive that someone noticed that fabric pattern and saw the swastika in it, but since it's on every chair in the gallery, it's just coincidental. But now that it's been pointed out, someone will demand that all the seating be reupholstered in a different fabric! You wait.

Yes. Politically incorrect upholstery is one of society's major social ills at the moment. It musn't be tolerated. We've got to do something about it!

How about Trump's plan now to bring in more "immigrants" than ever thorugh a  H1-B visa plan on steroids?  He caves and sell his base out at every turn, and that is you Carolyn.  
You obviously are having a very difficult time dealing with the betrayal and have taken up Jewish censorship practices to shut down facts which prove what a sell-out and user this guy really is. 
"I want people to come into this country is the largest numbers ever, but they have to come legally," he said in his State of the Jewunion address. 
Yes indeed it is sad as you say about the Jew scripted SOTU carny show.  What is even more sad and pathetic is your refusal to see this clown for the puppet he really is while deleting comments which prove it. 
Two polar opposites, the pagans at Renegade and the Christian Nathanael Kapner leave you in the dust when it comes to dealing with reality and truth concerning your boy Donald. 

What censorship practices am I using? None. You are mouthing things you've heard other people say. I use the same discrimination with comments I have always used - I reject assholes and personal attackers.

In any case, on my own personal site WHICH I PAY FOR (approx. $100 per month), I don't need to defend myself.

You are the one 'having a difficult time' dealing with the decline of the White man, which is largely the fault of White men who are/were stupid enough to join with the anti-Hitler/National-Socialist and general anti-German mentality which the vast majority of White men ascribe to today!!!! Reap what you sow. You cannot blame Donald Trump for that!

You still have not enlightened me, nor has anyone else, what will or can happen when that horrid "orange turd" is gotten rid of. How will we then set things right? I know you have zero answers because there are zero answers. You all hoped Trump could do something for you he has not been able to do. That's where it's at.

Trump has brought out the real face of the Left in this country as most have never seen it before. That in itself is a good thing, a positive thing. But if we don't have the strength to answer it, that is not his fault.

Now what you say about Renegade and Kapner ... hmm. I'll just say that they are hardly polar opposites. They share the criticism I wrote above about German history. Renegade has podcast hosts all over the political spectrum. And all over the intelligence spectrum too!

I provided you evidence as to why there is not a viable atternative in this judeo-democracy yesterday but you refused to post it.  Does that answer your question?
I even mentioned the enormous role of the non-Jewish lackeys current and historic.  
There apparently was too much truth and logic in what I wrote which demonstrated that Trump is just another kosher controlled President and why it simply cannot be any other way under a system of Jewish debt slavery. 
Keep overlooking everything he does to sell us out.  It is starting to sound like Anglin around here in that department. 
Kaper is a devout Christian while Renegade despises Christianity.  That is diametric opposition, yet they do both see the rope-a-dope of the Trump Presidency. 

...provide me with anything. I don't know what you did or didn't do, but no such comment came to me. And this website is not in the habit of losing comments.

So try again. But I can tell you now that "there is no viable alternative" for whatever reason is not an alternative. Because something much worse will take place and you know it. So take the responsibility rather than becoming like the purveyers on the Internet who want too much to keep their ratings up ... and in the Jew Kapner's case especially,  their donation flow.

I have to agree with you Carolyn. The job that has to be done now can only be done by a man who is not "Racist". The moment he appeared the slightest racist his work would be stopped in its tracks. Whites are not "allowed" to be racist, although all other races can be as racist as they like and get away with it. Eventually we have to wake up to the fact that not only is Racism healthy, it is essential to our survival.

Exactly, exactly, Joshuaf. Nothing wrong with racisim except the connotation that's been put on it. That it means you HATE other people and want to get rid of them off the planet.

Our own misguided white people are responsible for using the term 'racist' against Israel and Jews, thinking they were turning the tables on them. Same as in calling Israeli's Nazis and Zionazis. I said that was wrong from the beginning, but did anyone listen or agree? Not hardly. WE've made these concepts bad and reprehensible ourselves! White Nationalists are the dumbest of all, I'm sorry to say.