PEGIDA-Fortress Europe coordinated rally at the Königsufer in Dresden

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Demonstrators estimated by  police to number around 15,000 gather at the Konigsurfer in Dresden on Feb. 6, 2016 to hear speakers.

Livestream video of the event:

More pictures and info:

It's nice to see the huge crowd in the daylight.

How the government responds (with threats and lies): Here and here.

Lutz Bachmann is absent; he is "lying flat" recovering from some illness, perhaps physical exhaustion, I would guess.

Pegida UKPaul Weston who heads PegidaUK says Muslims should “not hold political power” in Britain. Brietbart reports.

Pegida Ireland

Pegida Amsterdam

From Sputnik News

From I-24 News  5000 join the rally in Prague! Only a few hundred counter protesters.

Dresden timeline from The Epoch Times, Feb. 6, 2016:

11:30 First impression of Dresden today. At the Hauptbahnhof are dozens of police vans. At least one hundred guard the station in full uniform. The mood is still allowed: "Dresden shows how it's done".

Officials have eleven squadrons - inter alia from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg, Bremen, Saxony-Anhalt and the Federal Police - in use, reports the Leipziger Volkszeitung.

2:30 Theatre Square with the Pegida counter-demo is surrounded by police. Two water cannons are available. One of them is aligned to the amount. Nine dog handlers with Dobermans and German shepherds and other armored cars are waiting. Nevertheless, the police makes a relaxed impression.

With posters, several cars and a Kundegebungsbühne are approximately 3,000 people against the demo scattered on the Theatre Square. 20 -50 dark-skinned people, recognizable Africans and a few older people make up a minority of demonstrators. The majority are German youth, many in Kaputzenpullis.

From a kennel, Police in full protective gear tightly enclosed approximately 1,300 counter-demonstrators hooting and whistling and moved them to Theater Square. They carry placards with slogans such as: "No one is illegal", "Refugees welcome", "Against Fortress Europe", "Solidarity without limit", "Fortress Europe smashed" and "Dresden defend - prohibit Pegida".

An anti-Pegida gallows comes into view: "No to something", "Reserved for mud pack, Viehzeug and Gelumpe" can be read on the "gallows".

The press is well represented, among them MOPO and Saxon newspapers recognizable.

On cardboard can be seen the inscription: "Dresden for all". Someone holding "Fashion Week held Fashoweek" high, a European (EU) flag flies. Even Amnesty is on site. Their poster: "Stop Racism -protect human rights."

3:00 The rally is going. The stairs at Königsufer are full of people and flags. The sun is shining. At a table near the tribune there is a petition to sign against the GEZ. A police helicopter is circling above the Demo.

3:02 Besides the Pegida banner "Against religious wars on German soil" there is a banner of civil protest Ostthüringen registered prior to the Tribune. It says "We demand immediate hiring freeze for asylum seekers - Immediate closure of borders"

3:08 Siegfried Däbritz opens the rally as chairman – reads out a speech: "We must create it, so that the EU's external borders are again guarded and controlled, there is no other choice."

Now Däbritz asks for patience ... because there is a 30 second delay in the live circuit to Prague.

Above: Demo in front of Prague Castle in conjunction with PEGIDA on Feb. 6, 2016, said to have drawn 5000 participants.

He directed greetings for a speedy recovery to Lutz Bachmann, who "lies flat" and has to recover for now.

Millions of emigrants are currently waiting in Africa and the Middle East for the spring. To survive as a site of cultural nations in their existing form, there is no other way: We must create a fortress Europe.

"We are not important, because you are all Pegida, whether you are a party or another civil movement," he says to participants in other countries.

"All of you feel that difficult and troubled times come to your country". A Czech speaker translates his words into Czech.

"Every country, every people and every government should first be there for himself, for his people and for his community of values." Unfortunately, this maxim is currently sidelined, said Däbritz.

This maxim is present most in the four Visegrad countries of Eastern Europe, where they have centuries of experience with Islamic occupation.

"With the example of our country, we realize that the opening of Germany has become the top priority for the government". Pegida is the only dissenting vote. The turncoats appeared faster "than we would have thought possible."

Däbritz reads off a long list of activist European cities, including 3 French. He says they go into the street "for our culture ... and the future of our children".

"Prague is hearing us and we have even seen them live," says Däbritz.

3:31 Because the circuit with Bratislava [Slovakia] does not work, Birgitt of Pegida Munich now speaks and thanks the people of Dresden: "The East has led the way, because the East had to fight for its freedom", the West had cradled in safety, in the thought that politicians would have to do the right thing. "However, we must always remain active and vigilant and can never let go or take it easy."

The task of a politician is to bundle the forces for good, not for their own advantage and self-enrichment. Politicians have a vocation, not a profession.

A "pushing" Chorus sounds when she says, "those who would form parallel societies" should do so in their home countries.

Bavaria, as well as the other federal states, should defend their culture, the customs, the idiosyncrasies, the villages, the woods, she says.

"Germany is a strong country, but we should not be arrogant, arrogance is not a virtue," she says.

3:39 Ernst Cran from Nuremberg, the theologian who spoke in December, says, "Christianity has failed and the churches do a miserable job", they were part of the big sell-off. Ernst denounces the "pastors" who are in the hands of the political elite.

He calls the reclassification of churches into mosques, treason. "Betrayal of all those who have felt at home there for centuries," all who built and filled them with art treasures.

The "shepherds" he accuses of driving their sheep straight into the arms of the wolves who "will eat them with a good appetite".

In dealing with "Quranic ethos offenders" it was not about charity, but about "loving our enemies". Naturally, one should love his enemies [??], citing Jesus. But Jesus had a personal ratio in mind, not a state with its citizens obeying with blind obedience. He shouts: "Mosques, no thanks, Islam, Adé!"

Ernst finds that people who seek temporary protection here, have no reason to build mosques thinking to stay longer.

3:43 A Slovakian spoke: "this is a wake-up call to all European countries" against the planned Islamization of Europe. "Shame on you, Chancellor Merkel," he says and continues: "Our values ​​are the best, we need no other And we refuse to submit to the barbarism of Islamic immigrants."

3:46 Next speaker is Ed on behalf of the Dutch. "Islam is an ideology that threatens our identity,” said Ed. "Let's get us back what belongs to us".

3:48 Estonia is represented by a woman. Estonia has experienced many wars, "we have survived in spite of everything, for one reason, because we have never given up." She says, especially the Estonian women have had it hard, yet always managed in the absence of their husbands. She also says that it is about the preservation of our civilization and our freedom.

3:54 Now comes Marek from the Czech Republic, an elected member of an anti-Islamisierungpartei. He is stirred by the huge sight of the demo participants. He speaks with an interpreter from Czech to German.

He describes his dialogue with EU Commissioner for Human Rights, which he led after the attacks of Cologne. The safety in Germany was not their problem, they told him.

Marek says: The EU-Mafia in Brussels want to transform your tax dollars to Europe in a multicultural state. And they want to put new, cheap labor on your jobs.

Critical and wise citizens are in their way of this project. People like Bachmann at Pegida they would criminalize. The cause needs many brave people to resist. It needs politicians like the Czech President Zeman who is not afraid.

The migration to Europe which is seen today is a repetition of the invasion that has been going on for centuries by Muslims.

"We are here today to protect what means something to us: Our freedom, our system of values and our families. We will always protect them (...) We are together Fortress Europe," concludes Marek's speech.

4:09 The next speaker is Jelena. She speaks admiringly of the Pegiden because of the way they come together to fight against Islamization. In Poland there are now demonstrations against this danger - "so that our country remains safe for our culture and our way of life".

"I hope our path ends victoriously and defeats the debilitating plans" of the elites of Europe, Jelena ends her speech.

Above: People of Warsaw, Poland join the demonstration against Islamization of Europe on Feb. 6, 2016 in conjunction with "Fortress Europe" Day.

4:05 Martha, an ex-Muslim from the Czech Republic, is the next speaker. She says it is a great honor to be here.

"I see in each of you a great willingness to fight against the powerful of the world, and against evil that controls us."

Martha says she was married for 10 years to a Muslim from Syria. As a woman and mother she says a clear 'no' to the practices of Islam and the Islamization of Europe. "We all want a life without murder and rape, a life without fear."

She is asking for unity and cohesion "because Europe is ours, and we will defend it."

4:13 Now a Viennese representatives of the identitarian movement talks. "Merkel invites them, Faymann waves them through!" The Identitarian movement in Austria haz done everything to delay the invasion. We have, for example, occupied a highway and even built fences at the green borders.

"Angela, we know what you did last summer. (...) We're going to nail you on every single lie."

He says his dream is to see Angela Merkel in disgrace and thrown out of Parliament, under boos and pelted with rotten tomatoes ... best if it happens this year. The Pegiden clap

To Dresden, "ye Merkel multicultural zone and the stuffy air of the Lying Press left behind you." He concludes his speech: "You have to stop saying something has to change We must begin to say:.. We have to do something."

4:18 From the other bank of the Elbe blaring loud music is played by the counter-demonstration to disrupt.

4:25 The next speaker is Heiko from Pegida in Sweden. In Sweden, the Patriots are to be found mainly in rural areas. Who dares in Sweden to resist the Red-Green Chaos government risks being punished.

The Swedes will communicate their opinion only anonymously at the ballot box. All hope for thinking men in Sweden lies currently with the Sweden Democrats and Pegida in Germany.

4:30 Bobina, a Czech is the last official speaker ... already known from two appearances. She was overwhelmed by the support that they have received by Pegiden who visited them in their restaurant on the Czech-German border.

First she bashed Mr Tillich, who has announced he wants to proceed with tightened rules against Pegida-speakers (for “hate-speech”).

Bobina's speech is always very natural. She talks about "her district" where they've made sure to accommodate refugees in all municipalities, except in their own, in which he [Tillich] lives. And this she even confirmed with the District Office, that there are "null" refugees in the community concerned.

The audience responded with applause and boos to the various stories and examples that enumerated the social injustice in Germany.

4:42 Siegfried Däbritz reads the Prague Declaration.

4:50 Däbritz: "One thing is clear, the images that we have produced today will go around the world this evening and provide hundreds of thousands and millions [of people] with hope," says Siegfried Däbritz who still reports that the Dutch event was canceled due to a bomb threat.

He asked the demonstrators to let people at home know, those who have no Internet. The next Pegida demo will take place in Dresden on 15 February. He declared the meeting closed.


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I read yesterday that Putin is now bombing those opposed to Assad and not ISIS. This is causing another,new flood of refugees on top of the 1.1 million Germany has already taken in.
Funny no mention by the MSM about it though. Also the President of Turkey is blackmailing the EU for more money to handle this new influx of refugees. Pay up or I'll just let them flood into Europe without any vetting of safety checks. Just let them flood into Europe with no checks what so ever.

Roger, I'm all for Putin helping Assad. We don't want the Assad regime to be brought down because what you'll get is the same as in Iraq, Libya, etc. The Assad "opposition" forces are the ones who let ISIS take hundreds of Humvee's and other equipment and weaponry they get for free from the US/Europe and are dragging out the war. Even Trump backs Assad and Putin, not John Kerry.

Germany and Europe have to have the balls to prevent these "refugees" from entering European territory. Trump calls for a Safe Zone in Syria for those fleeing their homes. What's holding everything up is the West's desire to depose Assad and put in their own man, with the blessing of the UN. This is all Jew-controlled.

And as far as Turkey goes, Europe simply has to defend itself, something the EU and Merkel won't do. Looks like its days are numbered.

Thanks Carolyn,
very interesting times we live in.
Have you ever heard of the " A Clean Break " Strategy for the Mid- East ?
That's what I believe is happening to an extent. A plan by two jewish White House advisors.