The pendulum swings—it's our turn now

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-06-29 21:33

The Democrats were anticipating what can happen to their "great society" with the retirement of just one Supreme Courts justice, Anthony Kennedy (pictured), while Trump is president. It just happened.

By Carolyn Yeager

EARLY IN MY LIFE, I experienced the cultural takeover of the U.S. by the Left with the Warren Supreme Court and all that it entailed. Now I have lived to see the pendulum begin to swing back in the opposite direction … as it always does.

My good friend Ray Goodwin likes to bring up that pendulum imagery, saying “Never fear, it will come back our way eventually. It has to.

There is no better sign that the political/cultural pendulum is moving back toward the conservative right than the opportunity US President Donald Trump has just gotten to appoint another Supreme Court Justice this year. We all know he will appoint a still young, constitutionalist-oriented jurist who will keep the Court conservative for many years to come. And he may have yet another opportunity to appoint a third SCOTUS justice during an eight-year term. After all, how long can the 85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg continue to sit upright on her bench?

The makeup of the Supreme Court has been key to the disastrous cultural shift that has taken place in the US for the past 60 years. Of course, the liberals and communists thought the changes they were making would be permanent, and are now in shock as President Donald Trump, after his upset victory in 2016, has not only already undone most of Barack Obama's legislative agenda, but is now being afforded the opportunity to undo much of the judicial “progress” that was made in those 60 years. And he is up to the job!

Trump is proving his promise as the “Magical Man” from his campaign days. He never stops surprising us. And I believe it is with his term in office that the pendulum has begun it's swing back to the right and will continue in that direction for a long time to come. We will be in the driver's seat for a change, but need to beware that the obstacles and pitfalls strewn in the road ahead will be vicious and deadly, so we can't go to sleep at the wheel.

More evidence of the permanent change of direction

Another example of Trump's winning is this story that just broke today. CNN reports that a State Department deputy assistant secretary for refugees and migration did some extreme editing of United Nations documents under consideration that “condemn racism as a threat to democracy.”

Andrew Veprek (can't find a picture), a foreign service officer who was promoted by the White House to the senior position he currently holds, “disputed the idea that leaders have a "duty" to condemn hate speech and incitement, and repeatedly rejected use of the words nationalism, populism, and xenophobia.” Veprek commented about the UN documents:

"The drafters say 'populism and nationalism' as if these are dirty words. There are millions of Americans who likely would describe themselves as adhering to these concepts. (Maybe even the President.). So are we looking to here condemn our fellow-citizens, those who pay our salaries?"

Veprek also pushed to soften language about fighting racism and about racism in politics in his proposed amendments to a UN Human Rights Council resolution titled "The Incompatibility between Democracy and Racism" that is adopted without a vote, with much of the same language, every few years. Veprek wrote, “Our duty to condemn [hate speech] goes too far. Our public figures can't be obliged to police every intolerant thought … at the risk of being condemned for intolerance themselves.” He also wrote that he has concerns over the use of the word “xenophobia” because of “the malleability of the term now and in the future. What real or perceived offense is next to be considered 'xenophobic?'. How does that square with our historic respect for the right of free expression? The drafters need to focus on behavior and actions - which states can control - rather than attitudes and states of mind."

Shortly after the edits were suggested, the US announced it was leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

CNN also reports that Veprek appears to have struck out an entire section that links fighting racism with building a diverse democracy, crossing out the language, "acknowledging the linkage and complementarity of the combat against racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia with the long-term construction of a democratic, non-discriminatory and multicultural society, based on the recognition, respect and promotion of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity."

Instead, Veprek questions multiculturalism in his comments, writing: "What's the evidence for such 'complementarity?' Some commentators assert that a unifying culture is the best way to promote social trust and combat racism." He crossed out concern over "the rise of extremist political parties, movements and groups that seek to normalize racism," as well as "xenophobia" and incitement of hatred and violence, saying the phrase “normalize racism” is vague and has no legal definition.”

CNN says that Veprek started out as a consular officer in 2002 and worked for the House Foreign Affairs Committee before becoming an immigration adviser at the White House Domestic Policy Council, where he was close to senior policy advisor Stephen Miller.

Another incident that speaks of this trend is the comment by President Trump's new ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, that he “wants to empower conservatives in Europe.” He explained that comment by saying, “we are experiencing an awakening from the silent majority — those who reject the elites & their bubble. Led by Trump.” In further explanation, he said: “I think there is a groundswell of conservative policies that are taking hold because of the failed policies of the left,.” And, “I think Sebastian Kurz is a rock star. I’m a big fan,” referring to the leader of Austria’s conservatives who has formed a government with the far right.


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Trump is igniting a revolution; e.g. he's the first western leader who's taking on China's destructive trade practices. Too many, too obvious benefits on the wake of Trump's presidency.
Now why people don't go to the streets to support  Trump who is now trying to crack down on illegals while his enemies are all over the place protesting,  as they did this week in Washington?
In the recent past there was the so called Altright 'movement' (a movement that moves nothing) who got their 5 min of fame on the back of Trump - now that people are nowhere to be seen. In fact the guy associated with the Altright, the mommie's son Richard Spencer, is a race-mixer married to a non-white woman. The Altright was just one more of those trendy 'ideas' that's now gone. 

People that read the ratified 1788 U.S. Constitution with comprehension are Americans. People that read the Holy Bible with comprehension are Atheist.

The Left has gone to Defcon 1. Breyer is nearly 80 and Sotyomayor is not in good health, recently having had a diabetic episode and an unexplained fall resulting in a broken left shoulder. As Hillary Clinton reportedly said after one of the Trump debates that went badly "If I go down we all go down." She may have finally spoken the truth. The deep divisions in the Democrat party recently exposed in the NY primary are but another symptom of the changing times. An aging feminist colleague of mine left her office early on wednesday, shaken and in tears, she knew.

Obongo recently admitted that he "came too soon" and "tried to do too much" which was a rare moment of lucidity and honesty. He should have let Hillary go first---but he got greedy. However, his eight years of hope and change brought the Anti-White agenda and the race-replacement plan into full public view, to the point it can be said Obongo created a type of White Unity that never existed before.
The Democratic Party will be purged of its Feinsteins, Fauxcohantases, Crowleys and Pelosis. The far, loony left will drive that bus. Are the Jews going to pay the shekels when Ellison and Harris demand Palestinian statehood?
The Republican Party of the Neo-Cohens is going as well. It will become the default White Party and it will be Nationalist-Populist. The Jewish, Israel First, UniParty is gone.
Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg is said to be in excellent health, so she will remain like a barnacle on the bench. The wise latina has sugar real bad and possibly other health concerns---but who knows? I'm hoping President Trump will nominate William Pryor (Lol ain't gonna happen).

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