Polanski off the hook in Poland

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-11-27 12:28

Film Director Roman Polanski in October after his trial at the regional court in Krakow, Poland.

Polish Court voids US extradition request for Jewish child-molester Roman Polanski

What value is put on young White girls' sexual innocence in Catholic Poland? None, if the molester is a Polish Jew who wants to make a movie in Poland. The Polish film board even offers to co-finance the movie about the 100-year old Dreyfus Affair, which will present the French Jew as a victim of antisemitism.

What Poland cares most about is that it will be a Polish film and might win some international awards that will boost Poland's reputation as a center of culture. Well, good luck with that!

Prosecutors in Krakow, who had sought the extradition on behalf of the U.S., said Friday they were now persuaded that it was “right” to refuse the extradition of Polanski. He had already been convicted in 1977 for having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old model during a photo shoot. At the time, he had served 42 days of a 90-day sentence under a plea bargain. After his release, he fled to France, and has lived there ever since.

The 83-year-old Jewish film director holds French and Polish citizenship (he was born in France, grew up in Poland and was unharmed during the so-called “Holocaust”), and French law forbids the extradition of its citizens.

Poland's right-wing Law and Justice party (PiS), which won a parliamentary majority during the country's recent elections, condemned Polanski during its campaign: "There was open talk that he should not be made responsible for his deeds because he is an outstanding, world-famous filmmaker," Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the party, told the Associated Press. He insisted that his party would totally reject this attitude if it came to power. (They are now in power, so I guess a higher power prevailed?)




According to the Wikipedia article Jewish Population by Country the Jewish population of Poland is estimated at 3,200-25,000 for its core group and at 7,500-100,000 for its "enlarged" group (i.e. partial Jews) on a total population of 38,5 million (the fact that these numbers vary so much indicates that there must be a lot of crypto-Jews in Poland). Either the local Jews have pressured the Polish authorities or NATO-member Poland has been forced by the American government on instigation of the powerful American Jews.
Anyway, Jews always try to protect their criminals, as can be seen in the cases of master spy Jonathan Pollard in the US or of paedophile "Lord" Janner in the UK. The ADL itself was created as a reaction to the case of child rapist and murderer Leo Frank. This is typical ethnic Mafia behavior, in which the whole ethnic group, or at least its leadership, protects its own criminals. The more prominent its criminal, the more protection he gets. Roman Polanski makes films about "anti-Semitism", therefore he is a "great Jew" who deserves protection.
It would be naive to believe that this was the only case of paedophilia in Polanski's life. Once a paedophile, always a paedophile. Polanski must have been engaging in such despicable behavior during his whole life, but taking better care not to be caught.

All I can say is it's too bad Mr. Polanski wasn't home 46 years ago when the Manson family paid a visit to his home in LA.  The inevitable result of his presence would have been the only justifiable part of the horrid crimes commited.

This is a story that those who like to paint Poland as the land of the  "White Fighting Spirit" as opposed to the effete, Jew-controlled West are not covering. For example, it has not shown up at the Daily Stormer, where Andrew Anglin never misses an opportunity to make a big fuss over any anti-refugee demonstration going on in Poland as evidence of the strong character of the Slavic people. Hail the Slav! he writes. If the White Race survives, it will be in Eastern Europe. On this story, however, and many others like it that he can't spin his way, he is silent.

But Poland's collaboration with confessed pedophile Roman Polanski in making a film heroizing the guilty Jew Alfred Dreyfus tells a different story ... a story about economic interests taking precedence over moral and racial interests. Poland has always been a dishonest and opportunist nation. Those who want to pretend this isn't so don't want to talk about this story. But we can never win without addressing this weakness of putting jew-economics ahead of upholding our own values. Empty talk and grandstanding doesn't get us anywhere.

The Poles and Jews collaborate in this farce. The Jewish press distorts the truth by writing this:

The girl, Samantha Geimer [German name], was in ninth grade [can't be correct - it's confirmed in court documents that she was 13 and thus must have been in seventh grade ... a purposeful error] back in 1977 when Polanski told her mom he wanted to shoot pictures of her for a French magazine.

He was arrested for plying the teen model [instead of giving her age as 13, they use the euphemism "teen" combined with the error of "ninth grade",  plus calling her a "model" when she was just a schoolgirl ... all to make her seem less innocent and more responsible for what happened to her] with a Quaalude and champagne, taking her into a hot tub at actor Jack Nicholson's house and having sex with her.


There is no way giving a Quaalude and alcohol to a 13-year-old girl in order to force sex on her and steal her virginity is anything but despicable, low-life and unworthy of any man. Anyone excusing or ignoring this is just as low-life.

Roman Polanski got away wth child-rape, but actress Merryl Streep was sorry that he was in jail!! Wow - how anyone can condone rape, let alone, child-rape, is beyond me!! The tribe members use semantics to justify their crimes, and this seems to never change!! Thank you for the article, Carolyn.

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