Poll shows more German women than men worried about the refugee influx

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-11-29 13:11

An Emnid poll conducted for the "Bild am Sonntag"  released today shows that 48 percent of respondents were against a fourth term for Angela Merkel; only 44 percent want another Merkel candidacy in the general election of 2017. The rest have no opinion.

Because of the influx of a million refugees this year alone, it is surprising to me that only 52 percent of respondents to the survey expressed that they worried about the country's future. And that as many as 44 percent of respondents said they were not alarmed.

Among the worried are more East Germans (59 percent) than West Germans (51 percent) and more women (59 percent) than men (45 percent). 48 percent of respondents believe that Germany will change for the worse due to immigration

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This result goes against what the Daily Stormer website likes to portray about Germans: that they are unresisting to the refugee influx, especially German women who, according to DS, LOVE dark-skinned men and invite them into their country. 

In my opinion, Merkel is simply a representative of those who deny the primacy of race because the "great enemy of mankind" Adolf Hitler declared the primacy of race in human affairs. Therefore, it's at the behest of the Jews and their "holocaust" that the leadership goes along with breaking down racial distinctions between Whites and non-Whites.

Merkel's “ vision “ is simply to show that German ingenuity and orderliness can integrate third-world Arab-Asian foreigners into a Western society. This is something that Germans can contribute to the world by virture of their unique abilities, but it will also "atone for the sins of the past," which is an ongoing, never-ending task for Germans.

"We can do it" (Wir schaffen das) is meant to flatter Germans that they are capable of impossible tasks that will bring them the admiration and respect of the rest of the world. But will destroying the German gene pool bring respect to Germany? Of course not. Germany has been respected for its national character, but will not be once that character is destroyed through mixture with non-Germans. This is as plain as the nose on one's face, despite denials from the establishment that Merkel serves.


Another poll shows that immigrants want fewer refugees in Germany too. They see what they have gained for themselves as jeopardized by so many new arrivals.

According to a survey by the polling institute YouGov on behalf of the "Welt am Sonntag," 40 percent of Germans with a migrant background thought Germany should accept fewer refugees than at present. For Germans without an immigrant background it was 45 per cent.

Even 24 percent of immigrants say there should be no more refugees coming into the country. The numbers between the German population with and without an immigrant background do not differ significantly from each other.


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Interesting that it was women who were more worried about this invasion. Regardless of numbers though, it's men's job to defend the nation and it's borders and to overthrow traitorous governments. It's pathetic to blame women for all this and it amazes how supposedly intelligent people can somehow reason themselves around this obvious fact.
It's clear from reading DS comments section that "waking up to the Jew and racial issues" doesn't exactly turn one into a SS-soldier. So much retarded stuff gets posted there.

Thanks for posting this, Carolyn. For all his National Socialist talk, Andrew really is weak with the "we're doing it to ourselves" line - and the repulsive, borderline pornographic article that he recently published sounds like it came straight from the mind of a Jew. Anyways, there are clearly people who agree with him, so it is necessary to counter this garbage.

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