Putin meets with world rabbis to denounce Hitler and anti-Semitism for the umpteenth time

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Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) meets with a delegation of Rabbis from several countries at the Kremlin in Moscow, July 9, 2014. REUTERS (click to enlarge)

While he reportedly admitted during this meeting that Dr. Josef Goebbels was a "talented man" and maybe even that Goebbels had 'achieved some of his goals' (this has not been reported everywhere), these words were later removed from the published statement on the ITAR-TASS website.

ITAR-TASS also represented Putin as meeting with "representatives of international public and religious organizations" rather than with the black-hatted Orthodox rabbis we see in the photos taken. Pro-Putin websites have substituted a older picture of Putin alone with Russian flags behind him when running this story.

Kremlin.ru reported Putin discussed the fight of Jewish people during WWII and the struggle that still exists today regarding anti-Semitism. He recalled his visit to Yad Vashem in Israel – a "Holocaust" museum – and also mentioned the Museum of Tolerance in Moscow (which he was instrumental in having had built, even personally donating a month's salary to the cause).

According to Jewish sources, Putin also praised all who “continue to wage an uncompromising struggle against all manifestations and any attempts to (legitimize) Nazi ideology.”

They said Putin’s words came during a meeting with European Jewish leaders that was attended by Israeli Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, a "Holocaust" survivor. The meeting was arranged by Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar.

The Chief Rabbi Yosef said that Putin asked him to convey a message of support to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, professing his friendship with the Jewish state and expressing his “support for its struggle to protect the safety of its citizens.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) welcomes a delegation of Rabbis from several countries, in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, 09 July 2014.  EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKOV / POOL (click to enlarge)


In this video of the meeting, Putin says:

"We're very concerned about those Nazi ideas springing up here and there. I would like to thank social organizations that, considering current situations in the world, continue to act and bravely fight any attempts to revive the Nazi ideology.

"I would like to say that we consider you [the rabbis] to be the closest allies in this regard, and I ask you to consider us the same."

Israel's Chief Rabbi says: "This is our fight and we are very happy to know that you are in the front line with us to fight hatred and antisemitism."

Does Putin call a conference to condemn the killing and bombing of Gaza by Israel? No. Does he mention it to these rabbis who are supposed to be "men of G-d?" No.

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 Speaking today at the Government Presidium session, Putin said that in some countries, attempts to distort the outcome of the Second World War and equate victims with the aggressor have lately become more frequent.
"There is no need to explain why all attempts to falsify the history of World War II and of the Great Patriotic War, as well as the profanation of the memory of the victors, cause profound concern among the Russian public," the Prime Minister noted, as cited by Interfax. He stressed that “the truth about the war, about the priceless experience of allied relations, about how true heroes” must be cherished and defended.
He stressed that it is important to realize that attempts to misinterpret history can lead to very serious, unpredictable consequences. “In fact, it may cast doubts on the key principles of the modern world order,” Putin pointed out.
http://rt.com/politics/israel-putin-nazism-monument-664/“We must do the utmost to keep the criminal Nazi doctrines a thing of the past – no matter how they may be disguised – and to make the Nuremberg Trials’ judgments inviolable,” Putin stated.
It is necessary “to oppose any attempts to justify Nazi collaborators,” Putin said. “We will never allow executors and their victims to be made equals; the misinterpretation of the truth and its replacement with various falsifications and conjectures."
The president noted that in Russia, the memory of WWII is “sacred,” adding that “we highly appreciate that our sincere feelings are shared in Israel.”
“The Holocaust is one of the darkest, most tragic and shameful pages in the history of humanity,” Putin observed. “It is still impossible to stomach the Nazi atrocities. And it was the Soviet Army that put an end to that; it saved from extermination not only the Jewish, but many other peoples,” he underlined.
All Russian parties agree that the Soviets are never guilty of anything:
Russia’s lower house has harshly condemned Europe’s Court on Human Rights verdict to uphold Latvia’s war crimes conviction of Soviet WWII veteran Vasily Kononov. The State Duma dubbed the case “purely political”.
According to the statement issued by the State Duma on Friday, the Strasbourg court’s ruling “is not based on the recognized principles and rules of the international law.”
The lawmakers have called on the international community to give the ruling on the Kononov case an impartial assessment. The statement was approved unanimously by 443 deputies.
The discussion of the document, however, was rather heated, with some Duma factions suggesting even further steps be taken. The Liberal-Democrats voiced an opinion that Russia should temporarily suspend its membership on the Council of Europe, and also “recall the Russian judge from the European Court, if he does not admit that the ruling was mistaken.”
The majority party, United Russia, deputy, Sergey Zheleznyak, according to Interfax, named the Strasbourg decision “not only biased, but also immoral.”
”The statement that [Kononov] eliminated civilians is false,” he stated. “Why should we co-operate with a body that turns into an instrument of frenzied fight against Russia?” he wondered.
The Communists said that they support the Duma statement, but believe it is not enough. The faction deputy, Nikolay Kolomeytsev, noted that it is likely that some Western countries, in particular the Baltic states, are about to raise financial claims against Russia demanding the revision of the assessment of the victory in WWII.The Fair Russia party suggested that propaganda work should be stepped up in order to tell the truth about the events that took place during the war.
http://rt.com/politics/nuremberg-trials-ww2-russia/"Deputies of the State Duma call on international organizations and the parliaments of states around the world to resolutely condemn and to suppress any attempts to revive fascist, ultra-right, racist and nationalistic ideologies in their countries and anywhere else inthe world, acting in compliance with the unambiguous and universal decisions adopted at the Nuremberg Trials," the statement reads, as cited by Interfax news agency.
 The MPs stressed that the verdicts of the trials are still relevant today.They said that any attempts “to review, deny or distort them must be denounced as violations of the generally accepted principles and norms of international law and as evident resistance to the will of the United Nations".
Today, some countries are trying to equate Nazi Germany with the Soviet Union. According to Russian parliamentarians, such attempts are "blasphemous towards all of the anti-fascist movement veterans, Holocaust victims, concentration camp prisoners and tens of millions of people …who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the fight against the Nazis' anti-human racial theory," the State Duma said.
It is not uncommon for monuments to the victors to be defaced, while memorials are erected to those who fought on the Nazi side. The aggressors’ accomplices are praised, while Anti-Nazi coalition warriors are being prosecuted. Russian parliamentarians noted that it is a matter of serious concern.
 The Federation Council senators underlined that the results of the Nuremberg Trials cannot be reviewed. They urged the necessity “to stay loyal to the Nuremberg principles, which means preserving and developing the spiritof cooperation, goodwill and showing vigilance and intolerance towards any attempts to break international law."
During a dedication ceremony for the opening of the Nuremburg Trials Museum on Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was a global obligation to fight against manifestations of neo-Nazism.
"The duty of the entire global community is to fight without compromise against manifestations of neo-Nazism, racial hatred, xenophobia and extremism," Lavrov said in Nuremburg, which had been chosen as the site of the Nuremburg Trials because it was thought to be the “birthplace” of the Nazi movement.
The Russian foreign minister then compared the fight against Nazism to the modern scourge of terrorism, which also demands international cooperation.
Yesterday, April 29, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov attended the 61st Spring PACE Session as special guest.
During the session, the Minister attended the opening ceremony prepared with the participation of the National Council of Russian Children and Youth Associations for the exhibition “The Young Multiethnic Russia,” which was held at the Palais de l'Europe (CoE headquarters) from April 26 to 29.
Moscow again insists that the false narrative be imposed outside its borders:
 Moscow has urged Bulgarian authorities to take measures against vandals repeatedly desecrating the Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia.
Russia wants the authorities in Bulgaria to stop “ceaseless acts of vandalism” against the monument, the Foreign Ministry said in a comment on Wednesday. Another incident regarding the monument in the Bulgarian capital occurred on June 17, when vandals desecrated the bas-relief with paint.
Any attempts to desecrate the memory of Russian soldiers who fell for the sake of liberating Bulgaria and Europe from fascism should be stopped and those guilty should be punished, the ministry said.
Putin's media arm does everything it can to propagate the WWII falsehoods:
RT calls Ukraine a country that suffered under "brutal Nazi occupation":

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Seems to me what is going on here is a total convergence of interests between Putin's United Russia Party and Israel/Zionists on the WWII narrative, including the Holohoax.

Therefore, a close alliance and interdependence between them is not going away. Putin says as much all the time but some Slavs and pro-Slavs don't want to believe him. I think that's changing though.

It should be noted that Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef - mentioned in the text - is the son of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who also was Chief Rabbi, and who stated that Gentiles exist only to serve Jews. Presumably, his son Yosef shares this hateful view, since, to my knowledge, he as Ovadia's son and a part of that environment never condemned that statement. This is the kind of people Putin is meeting with and describing as "allies".