Remember Günter Deckert in prison, but don't mail anything there!

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2013-02-04 05:51

This morning I received a response to the query that I voiced on a recent radio program as to whether Günter Deckert could receive mail from non-family friends. Here it is:

Hi Carolyn:

I got a link to one of your podcasts today and noted your comments
about Herr Deckert.

First let me compliment you on publicizing Gϋnter's railroading
into the ZOG Gulag for the horrible crime of translating a piece
of Carlo Mattogno's "AUSCHWITZ: The First Gassing" and updating
and improving the German and English translations of the same.

However, true to form,  the Puppet ZOG in Germany and their
minions seem to be interpreting Gϋnter's terms of confinement in
any way they choose  and to that end it would appear that Gϋnter
is not getting any inbound mail; nor are visitors who are on the
Official Visitors list being permitted to see him.

So I would respectfully suggest that you do not send Gϋnter any
mail to the Gulag address.

Conditions are often imposed which are not publicly disclosed,
even to the incarcerated one, and even unintentional violations can
affect an internee's release date.

Should you decide that you do in fact want to send mail whether it
will be delivered or not, I am reasonably certain that you know
the rules, but, perhaps please bear in mind that you must write in
German, not mention money, not mention the "crime" for which he was railroaded, don't send books or newpapers and fully Identify yourself with full return address

I'm in contact with Frau Deckert and if you would like, I could
keep you updated on any significant changes in the situation and
with your permission, via Frau Deckert, pass  along your Best
Wishes to  Gϋnter.

  Left: Mannheim prison cell as drawn by Ernst Zündel. This should be similar to what Günter has.

Of course, I replied Yes to that. From this it could be said that Günter is being held somewhat incommunicado. I have to say I'm surprised at this as I thought it was recognized that his incarceration was sort of a following of form for the authorities, based on little substance. I thought he would be having an easier time. Obviously, as I said in an earlier post, the prison staff are required to take their job as "rehabilitators" seriously.

Günter is 73 years old but they still must act as if they can reform him, and turn him into a more cooperative citizen of their Jew-pleasing, guilty state.

While you should not mail anything to Günter in prison, you can write to his wife and send a gift of cash. Send by  Registered mail to Pf. 100 245 (G.D.);  D 69442 Weinheim/B. Frau Deckert will receive it and reply with a card or letter.

To send a wire transfer:  Günter Deckert; IBAN: DE77 6601 0134 3457 54; BIC: PBNKDEFF;  Postbank Karlsruhe.

We should never forget the real sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters living in our captive homelands, where it takes a lot of courage to stand up for the truth.