Renowned German psychiatrist warns: Merkel's "narcissistic problem" dangerous for Germany

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-01-30 11:32

Hans-Joachim Maaz, (right) well-known psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, sees Merkel as a threat to the country. Her behavior shows a "basic narcissistic problem", which will become a growing danger to the nation.

Maaz has attested to Chancellor Angela Merkel's questionable traits in an interview with the "Huffington Post". He called her behavior "completely irrational".

The expert fears that Merkel has lost touch with reality. Merkel is not acknowledging "the real difficulties in connection with the refugee crisis" and shows a stubborn attitude toward criticism.

Maaz sees no leadership in Merkel. He says: "She was never a leader, she always reacts and does not act." The psychiatrist observed in Merkel even a "basic narcissistic problem". Narcissists can not say that they were wrong.

This behavior is dangerous because it will contribute to ensuring splits in society. Merkel insists on positions that are no longer accepted by an increasing number of citizens. If Merkel continues to maintain a power struggle, then a psychological or psychosomatic breakdown will occur, said Maaz.




I do not know much about modern Germany,but how could the Germans elect such an obvious traitor of Germany to the highest leadership position in the country?
  The psychological destruction of Germany after the war must have been even greater than the physical destruction. Are there so few men left in the country?

Merkel's behavior only seems irrational if you are ignorant enough to believe that she is acting on her own.  When in fact, she is obyeing her jew owners. In that light, she is not behaving irrationally at all, but is taking the brunt of the outrage against the policies she is ordered to push through. 

It's still good for the general population to hear something like this. It breaks the attachment to the idea that she really has German interests at heart. Of course, her loyalty is the "European Idea" as put forth in the European Union.

You know that in Germany they cannot talk about Jews in the way you are.

Miss Carolyn,
Can Jews be condemned for religious reasons in Germany? Some of the writings/statements/beliefs of the traditional Catholic Church condemns them in language quite strong. Comparable to National Socialist Germany or even stronger.

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