Russians and other Slavs world's heaviest and riskiest drinkers

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2015-01-04 23:43

I would think the high level in Canada is due to the large indigenous Amerindian population, but I don't have any data. The Islamic countries consume the least alcohol. Enlarge

The map below shows the least to most risky drinking patterns. WHO determines this by: the usual quantity of alcohol consumed per occasion, proportion of drinking events when drinkers get drunk, proportion of drinkers who drink daily or nearly daily, festive drinking, drinking with meals, and drinking in public places.

Once again Russia and Ukraine lead the way. Enlarge


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Also regarding Canada...could be due to Quebec. The French Canadians have a high incidence of alcoholism. Madison Grant said the French in Canada are mostly racially different from the original Nordic Franks (French).

Maybe, possibly this can be added to those ruthless white men who pander to that viral infection, the jews... Check out the video and listen to the 'speak'!