Saturday Afternoon: Eric Hunt discusses his latest film on Majdanek myths

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-12-06 19:01

Dec. 6, 2014

Video maker Eric Hunt discusses his latest film creation, "The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth" with Carolyn. It has been made available for viewing - for free! - at his website Holocaust Hoax Museum beginning right after the end of this program. Included in the many topics he covers:

  • This is his fourth major video since his first one "Last Days of the Big Lie";
  • The importance of reaching the youth and 20-somethings who are mercilessly targeted by the billion-dollar Holocaust Industry;
  • The embarrassing (for them) back-tracking that the Majdanek Museum has been forced to do, particularly as to numbers "killed", because of revisionist findings;
  • Eric's discovery of the real path of the arrivals at Majdanek from undressing to showers to out into the camp (scroll down) - and how he clearly depicts it in his video;
  • The openness and visibility of the Majdanek camp to Lublin and other settled areas and roads meant "no hiding anything";
  • Some discussion of poor hygiene conditions in the camp as the reason for a higher than usual number of actual deaths: officially 78,000 in 3.5 years;
  • Eric's operation requires more funding - there is an immediate need for $10,000 to assure ongoing products and product improvement. Chip in! And circulate the film. [1hr56min]


With the revealing of the hoax of the 20th century, jews now exposed will be so embarrased and shamed, will probably do the honorable thing and kill themselves.
Then again, jews are never embarrased nor shamed when caught lying, they created chutzpah.
In that case, oh never mind.

Hi Northpal,

How about coming up with some creative activity idea to enhance the upcoming Jan 27th Commemoration -- honoring Revisionists, NOT Holohoax Survivors. We could use some good workable ideas - and the workers to go along with them. :-)

So, I'll do it here. I fully agree about what you two said about Jews for Germans. If they are indeed "Good Jews", they should "evangalize" their fellow Jews. Same is true for Brother Nathaniel. "Good Jews" often only think about the possible blow-back against Jews if their lies get exposed. Although I respect their efforts, they are not of us and should stop pretending they were. There is a lot of work to do in their own community/nation and they should focus on that mainly.