In Saxony, thousands demonstrate against refugees

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While Mutti Merkel is in India ...

Thousands of people took to the streets in several Saxon cities over the weekend to protest against refugees. In Sebnitz alone about 2500 demonstrators formed a "living border."

According to Der Spiegel, thousands of people have participated over the weekend in Saxony in demonstrations against refugees in the country. In Sebnitz, on the border with the Czech Republic, 2500 people gathered on Sunday afternoon by dpa-estimates: They wanted to form a "living border". The police did not have estimates of the number of participants

Mike Ruckh, mayor of Sebnitz, criticized the rally. "One may disagree on what is not working," he told the MDR. "But simple answers to difficult questions do not exist."

A similar event took place in the district Einsiedel in Chemnitz. Around a thousand people had gathered on Saturday night, according to police, for a "silent march". They objected to a planned Flüchtlingsnotunterkunft [emergency accomodation for refugees] in a former GDR pioneer camp.

Also in eastern Saxony, there was a demonstration in Görlitz late on Saturday under the motto "Görlitz defends itself". Thousands of people came together, according to estimates by observers. A
counter-demonstration under the motto "Görlitz Cosmopolitan" had around 500 participants.

The Good Germans will not be shamed or silenced by the bad ones.


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Police now refuse to give estimates of the number of participants. In this case, it was several thousand.

The crowd cheered on Lutz Bachmann, original founder of PEGIDA who is now being legally harrassed by the German govt.

"It won’t stop with 1.5 or two million" arrivals, he said.

"They will have their wives come, and one, two, three children. It is an impossible task to integrate these people."

They chanted: "Merkel has to go -- we can do it!" And also "High treason is an offense!"

At least some of the people are really angry, thank goodness. But only East Germans seem willing to express it publicly.

Nice photo. Keep it going Deutsche folk! There is a high penalty for high treason.

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