Trump is ahead because he tells the truth

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-12-15 18:15

The secret of Donald Trump's success is pretty clear to me. He tells the truth about important events and issues in American life, and then people recognize it and say, 'Hey, he's right.'

It brings to mind the timeless story "The Emperor's New Clothes." In a certain empire where Political Correctness ruled, when the Emperor came out amidst his people in a new set of clothes that were made to be invisible except to elites of the kingdom, the common folk were very embarrassed to see their Emperor naked. So they pretended to themselves that they could see the elegant and expensive garments they were told he was wearing.

But one little boy just couldn't play the game, and spontaneously called out, "Hey, he ain't wearing no clothes!" Surprised, the people were first stunned and disapproving, but they soon acknowledged the truth of what the little boy said. It's the same with Donald Trump.


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Indeed, Trump's success can be ascribed to the "emperor-is-naked" effect of his statements. The Jews, those inveterate liars, have no answer to that. Trump has only spend $250,000 on his campaign, his competitors have spend millions. Pathetic Jeb (Jeb!) Bush has spend $ 32 million. All in vain. Sometimes truth is the best propaganda.
However Trump still believes, or pretends to believe, in the official story of 9/11 and he is a "friend of Israel" and admires Netanyahu ("terrific guy"). He is not the perfect candidate, but at this stage certainly the best.
The Jews in the GOP will try to block his nomination and Trump has signed a contract not to found a third party in that case. So sadly all his success might be in vain.

Trump is representing conservative populist positions that have been suppressed for decades.
The two positions that Trump declared initially, against illegal immigration and for bringing jobs back, were represented by Pat Buchanan repeatedly in the 1990s. These were positions that the majority of Americans supported, but Buchanan was practically forced out of the Republican Party for these positions, because they contradicted the plutocratic agenda.
What Trump has said about Muslim immigration represents the common sense of ordinary Americans after 9-11. Ordinary Americans were finally asking, why do we need all these strangers in this country? The establishment's reaction was to run a publicity-campaign attacking xenophobia, including a TV-spot featuring a menagerie of human types saying, Me American! 
What is really embarrassing for Republicans is that it was George H.W. Bush who signed into law the "Diversity Lottery" that has deliberately increased the number of such exotic types in the country.
E. Michael Jones likes to use Freud's expression, "the return of the repressed." In some ways that is what Trump represents. It's the interests and perspectives of ordinary Americans that have been repressed.

Ross perot, Ron Paul, et al.

Ross Perot was running as an Independent; it's almost impossible to win an election that way. Ron Paul didn't believe he would ever be President -- he was mostly standing for Principles. I remember how he pulled back during the campaign for the nomination and didn't even spend a lot of the money people sent him! Another problem is that the media ignored him. They can't ignore Trump.

Perot demonstrated that a credible third-party campaign can be put on if the third party represents an issue that the two main parties are trying to suppress, and if fundraising is not an obstacle.
Perot might have won if he hadn't temporarily withdrawn from the race.

Some say Perot was run to stop Bush I who, along with James Baker, evinced a loyalty to American interests at times that was not wanted.  Bush laid out the reasons he left Saddam in power in his autobiography.
I voted for Perot but think it's likely that he was Bull Rocky to TR's Bullwinkle.

Whether you like him, trust him, are a voter or not, Trump continues to introduce the big topics:
- immigration and deportation
- 9/11 dancing and neocon "incomptence"
- ISIS - who's funding them, why not let Russia clean them out
- the idiocy of overthrowing ME governments
- the worthless JSM ("look at the media in the back...they're scum")
He's doing us all a huge favor and if he's a "steam valve" then the powers are really sweating.

In last night's debate, I didn't care for Ted Cruz at all. When he "turns up his power" he gets wierd. It happens that Trump was right (once again!) when he said Cruz goes into the Senate like a kind of maniac. Obviously trying to show off how strong he is last night, Cruz did appear sort of maniacal to me in the way he talked about bombing places into oblivion. I don't like his Christian fundamentalism and super-Republicanism. Trump decided to make nice to him last night over the "maniac" comment, but I no longer think Cruz would make a good running mate -- except unless the Cruz votes are really needed. Trump needs a VP to help him beat Hillary ... not a copy of himself.

Trump is 100% right about Muslim entry to America—German society is already being called to change. The Greens seem to be the most supportive of the Middle Eastern invasion into Europe.

Volker Beck, Expert for the Interior of the parliamentary group of the Green Party, calls for "respect of the majority society towards the religious ideas and rules of minority religions.” For Beck, this includes the acceptance of the Muslim headscarf, the slaughter without stunning of animals, and the circumcision of children.

Beck further said that people on the other side who want to stay in Germany should accept equality between men and women and the peaceful confrontation with different opinions. [This, of course, would never be accepted by Muslims—we're talking about centuries-long traditions! So it's “we allow on our part” and then accept excuses for why they don't allow.]

What this means in relation to the animal slaughter is shown in the following video. Please watch, because we have to ask: What is hate? (Warning: gruesome images)

The Jew Left and Right claim that if you lock a rapist out of your house, the rapist wins, and you’ll make more rapists.
Common sense teaches, that YOU WIN when the rapist(s) is locked out. Deterrence and vigilance work. 
It’s incredible that what is allowed to be claimed. If we ban Muslims they will really get angry and want to kill us. So, we have to let 1 billion in because we can’t discriminate against a billion Muslims who aim to cut off our heads!
Everything is argued as if Muslims all have a right to come and we must retreat and concede.
This is the West's death spiral born of post-WWII propaganda.

Greetings from finland! That trump guy is cheating ones again usa people!!