Two Sides of the Dresden Memorial March

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2012-02-14 15:43

Whom would you rather live among?

The serious, respectful "Neo-Nazis" (Vid #1) or the loud, brainwashed "Commie-Anarchists" (Vid #2) ? You know, the ones with the pink-and-blue hair and the cool dance moves.


The banners of the "neo-nazis" say "Do not forgive - do not forget"  and "Honor to whom honor is due."

The marchers carrying the torches in the 2nd video are the "right-extremists." The ones running around and partying on the anniversary of the terror-bombing when over 100,000 of their recent ancestors (mostly women, children and infants, and old men) were murdered, are the "anti-fascists."

Below, they carry their "tour" box in front of the Dresden Synagogue which has written on it: "Search for the traces of the perpetrators instead of fostering vicitm-myths! " Finding "traces" that the National Socialists or SS exterminated Jews is what "Holocaust" historians put forth instead of real evidence. So they are saying Germans should be looking for more reasons for German guilt rather than making Germans the victims. Isn't that lovely. Not.



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