A Two-Year Anniversary Poem

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2012-03-29 22:15

On the Monday, March 26th Heretics' Hour program, I announced that it was the two-year anniversary of the show. The next day a thoughtful person sent me a poem in honor of my work hosting the The Heretics' Hour. It is such a lovely gesture, and also pretty good word-craft on the author's part, that I don't feel right keeping it hidden just for myself ... so here it is.

With a smile that beguiles,
She’s elegant and slight,
With her confidence and bravery,
She’s a beacon of light.
Some white men admire her
For them her voice speaks,
While others deride her,
And timidly squeak. 
Whether  love her or hate her,
Or couldn't care less, 
She's a strong willed woman,
Who can be ruthless.
Well known and well thought of,
A celebrity...sort of,
No one can dissuade her,
She's Carolyn Yeager
 EmbarassedAin't that nice. Thanks to the poet and to all my loyal listeners!





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