Update to previous post: Antisemitism is not a Jewish problem

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2018-03-22 18:41

By Carolyn Yeager

“ANTISEMITISM IS NOT A JEWISH PROBLEM," say the Jewish panelists at the sixth Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism in Jerusalem, just concluded. This is the opposite of what I wrote in my previous post, "Antisemitism is here to stay".

The Jewish leadership has always told the Jewish faithful: There is nothing Jews need to change because the cause of the historical and universal dislike of Jews is a “problem of the society in which it rises.”

So, of course, Jews are continually urged to change that society in which they live but which they did not originally form, nor were they originally a part of. Their job is to make other people's societies friendly to them by attacking the foundations of these societies in various ways. It's notable that the majority of speakers at this global forum are from Yad Vashem, Israel's official Holocost memorial and museum. The Holocost is the favorite hammer that Jews use to get their way.

[“Antisemitism is] a cancer which eats the societies in which it comes up,” Yehuda Bauer, prominent Holocost historian said. “The solution is not to “say how wonderful Jews are,” but “to attack antisemites as people who are destroying our society; they are continuing Nazi ideology...,”

Who's society? We are talking about Christian, gentile societies that Jews want to change to make them not only more agreeable for themselves, but under their control. In this endeavor, they don't care if they destroy the quality of life for the descendants of that society's original founding race.

Bauer's solution is to get more nations to adopt the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of antisemitism, which puts the burden for stamping out antisemitism on European governments via laws, fines and prison terms for convicted “antisemites”. This IHRA organization was formed specifically for the purpose of getting the  so-called democratic nations of the world to adopt a single definition of antisemitism.

Participant Prof. Dina Porat, Yad Vashem’s chief historian, agreed on the importance of creating alliances, saying that after Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky came up with a 3Ds test for [recognizing] antisemitism (delegitimization, demonization of Israel and double standards), she's come up with three 3Cs for Jews: cooperation among Jewish organizations and circles, coalitions with other minorities and persecuted and moderates [meaning Muslims], and combating antisemitism.

With the first two, the last will be much more possible, Porat said. Well, sure. To my fellow long-suffering antisemites: Would we not be much more successful if we had the cooperation of White folks and their “organizations and circles?” Indeed we would, and we should ask these very White organizations why we don't! The answer would be some variation on “fear of the Jews,” which goes back to the bible's New Testament, and why the illustration I've used for these posts is perfect for them.

Katharina von Schnurbein, the EU Commission Coordinator on Combating Antisemitism, had a very dishonest message – she pointed to a need to force more widespread acknowledgment of the issue. Here's how she frames it:

In Germany, eight out of 10 JEWS say that antisemitism is a rising and threatening problem, but eight out of 10 GERMANS say it’s not a problem. “This discrepancy is something we need to bridge. We need to raise awareness of different forms of antisemitism, so for instance, that a sports teacher and not only a history teacher will recognize antisemitism.”

In a population survey from 2014, there were from 100,000 to 250,000 Jews living in Germany, which amounted to one jew for about every 832 Germans. But this extremely small Jewish minority insists on forcing its interests on the overwhelming German majority who are living in their own homeland which the Jews, and now the 3rd world Muslims, have decided to reside in. This is reason enough for antisemitism. But further, Jews (and Muslims) are aided and abetted by the anti-German political establishment in Germany, kept in place by the global world order whose goal is to destroy national majorities.

Yossi Gevir, the director of government and external affairs at Yad Vashem, said that Israel should, some of the time, take a backseat in the fight against antisemitism.

“[Israel's] role in the process of combating antisemitism is ... a very major one,” he said, yet he added: “We clearly don’t want the fight against antisemitism to be only a Jewish or Israeli one. Antisemitism is an affront against humanity, has no place in civilization and is not a purely Jewish cause – we want various countries to consider it, [and] not first and foremost because Israel advocated it.

“We welcome the initiatives the IHRA [International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance] has taken upon itself.”

As though the IHRA is anything but a product of Jews and Israel. They think they fool people, and of course most people do not, in fact, pay attention to where any of this is coming from. They need to read websites like this one to keep ahead of it.

This Jewish alliance (IHRA) says it is working to get more countries to adopt its definition of antisemitism, in spite of the fact that the great majority of non-Jews don't see antisemitism as a problem. This is why they continue to publish stories daily in their media that warn about a rise in antisemitism, and why Jewish youths, some organized, some not, are encouraged to plant antisemitic graffiti and to fake attacks on Jewish cemeteries, so the police can be called and reports written up. It's a scam and we must stand up and say so more strongly than we have so far.

When they complain of antisemitic tropes, remind them that they are true. When they object to holocost denial, tell them to please prove their holocost claims. When they have the nerve to protest that a double-standard is applied to Israel, ask why they think a special standard should be applied to Israel.

We have every right to be antisemitic, I want to emphasize that. But that doesn't mean we accept their fakery as our own doing. Nor do we accept their definition of antisemitism as ours. They say they want to “ally” with Gentiles, as in forming an alliance, but their real work is only with governments who know how to bypass the will of the people. Don't let yourself be bypassed. Speak up for your freedom of speech while you can – or be forever silenced.


Great article Carolyn! "Anti-Semitism," as defined and used by Jews, essentially amounts to any honest, frank assessment of the organized Jewish community, recognizing the various anti-White, multicultural, nation-wrecking agendas they champion and promote, and stating basic facts about Jewish power and influence in our society, i.e., telling the truh about the Jews. Truths that are easily observable. Very Orwellian... 
"Anti-Semitism" and "anti-Semitic" are truly weaponized terms used by Jews to attack our minds and ability to honestly investigate and understand the world we live in and the nature of those operating in it. The question is, how do we "mainstream" our ideas - which are entirely legitimate perspectives we can thoroughly document and prove - and make them commonly accepted points of view, as they once were (especially under NS Germany!)? I hope at some point in my life "anti-Semitism" is a mainstream thing in American society. The future of our country depends upon it! 

It's amazing the total lack of self-criticism of the jews, the problem it's always on the others, so they will never change their behavior. Maybe it's the complex of "the chosen people", but the ugly truth is that they want to mold every nation they reside to their liking, and they have the power to try this while they control the media almost exclusively. On this conditions the antisemitism not only it's inevitable, it's a must.

By placing the blame on society, the Jews are essentially blaming people who make up the society. One hardly needs to point out how this is psychologically abortive. On a related note, the Church seeks to defend it's former actions by pinning the blame on the people. The Communists seek to defend their former actions by pinning the blame on people like Stalin. Both claim that their ideology has never been truly realized. But in each of these cases, it's obvious there is something fundamentally flawed about the ideology at it's core.